Zevo Bug Spray Reviews

When you search for the best insect killer product, you must have seen an overwhelming response from the search engines. All of them claim that they are best at killing insects and infestations. So it becomes hard to choose an effective solution. 

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Today we have picked Zevo Bug Spray for review. Zevo bug spray is one of the effective bug repellents available on the market. We will review this product in detail to help you get the perfect bug spray to sleep, eat and sit well in peace. 

So, without delaying any further, dive in and look at how Zevo bug spray works, its features, and whether it is safe or not.

What Is Zevo? Zevo Bug Spray Review

zevo bug spray reviewsZevo is a bug killer product that helps get rid of all the bugs around you. It was co-founded by Sean Lee, Procter, and gamble in 2018.  The idea of this brand was to immunize people and pets and kill insects. Zevo focuses on pet-friendly and eco-friendly ingredients. 

Zevo is a brand that avoids any harmful ingredients to humans. Instead, they include the selective ingredients that target the pests, neither the pets nor people. 

The active ingredients in the Zevo bug spray include the following:

  • Geraniol
  • White mineral oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Butyl lactate
  • Isopropyl myristate
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Triethyl citrate

The ingredients listed above come with essential oils, which are innovative and affect the nerve receptors of the bugs so that they can kill them on the spot. 

The best part about this product is that it does not contain any harmful additives; instead, it has strong enough ingredients to get rid of the insects. 

You don’t need to worry about the pets or the children around you while using Zevo products. This company is targeting bugs rather than pets and people. A single spray from your bottle and your pests are dead. This bug killer works well on spiders, roaches, ants, flies, fruit flies, and gnats.

Where to Buy Zevo Bug Spray?

These sprays are available in various stores:

Does Zevo Bug Spray Work?

The Zevo bug spray comes with bio-selective technology that is different from other bug sprays available on the market. This effective spray is innovative and knows how to prevent humans and insects. The scientists in the Zevo brand make sure to kill the bugs in the weakest spots. 

The ordinary bug killer spray available on the market comes with synthetic pyrethroids, which are not present in the Zevo insect spray. Because of this, Zevo bug spray is not the trigger spray.

Zevo spray is not tested on termites, fleas, or insects. However, on their website, customers claim that this bug killer is a perfect choice for getting rid of bed bugs. 

The BioSelective Formula


What you need to do about these products is spread them directly over the pests. It is a combination of cinnamon oil and geraniol –  two ingredients that target insects. These insects have a strong sense of smell. The essential oils used in this product come with potent scents leading to the best deterrents. 

On the other hand, geraniol is a naturally occurring terpenoid utilized in several products to kill insects. Therefore, when these two ingredients are used together, they can help eliminate the insects.

Most people wonder whether Zevo spray works well on mosquitoes or not. However, this insect killer product works well on all sorts of insects. 

zevo is safe around pets and childrenThese products are safe for use around pets and children. The brand, however, states that you should keep this product away from children, plants, and pets. In addition, the brand advises avoiding applying it over the skin. If Zevo product comes in contact with the skin, it’s better to wash this product right off.

How To Use Zevo Bug Spray?

To kill insects, you need to use the Zevo bug spray in the following way:

  • Zevo spray is very effective and easy to use. You need to count 1, 2, and 3 and shoot over the given point on the infestation of the bugs leading to killing them. 
  • It effectively kills flying insects, and you will see that it does not have any harsh chemicals
  • Wear a cap and a long sleeve shirt if you plan to target the mosquitoes and fruit flies. 
  • Using the Zevo spray instantly helps you get rid of the bugs, so make sure to wear the armor while planning to kill yourself in open hair. 

Keep yourself safe from nasty and harsh chemicals as this company makes sure to use the ingredients which are eco-friendly and human friendly.

Zevo Vs. Raid

Now that you are familiar with the Zevo bug killer spray, you must know about the iconic insect killer by the brand Raid. It is one of the competitive brands available and was founded in 1956. 

Raid is a brand that has offered a vast line of insecticide products to its users. It is a company introduced by S.C. Johnson. 

This product provides a three-tiered defense system, attacking the bugs around you and controlling and destroying the nests of the bugs around you. Moreover, it helps in preventing the infestation of bugs surrounding you. 

Raid is a brand that offers a four-step assessment known as the “green list program” to help people identify how it can affect their bodies at different levels. You can see the effect in terms of long term, health hazards, allergy or skin reactions, and environmental health.

Now, suppose you wonder about the difference between Raid and Zevo Company. In that case, Raid is an older brand that offers a vast line of products to the users, and it is highly accessible because it is available in all parts of the country. 

Raid- a brand that offers excess protection against a wide range of pests. On the other hand, Zevo is a brand that only targets mosquitoes, bedbugs, moths, scorpions, and all the creepy crawlies

The price range of these two products is not that comparable. For example, Raid insect killer is available in different locations and comes at around $5, while Zevo insect spray is available for $7.

Is Zevo Safe to Breathe for Humans or Pets?

Yes! The answer to this question which most users wonder, is that it’s perfectly safe to breathe for pets and humans. Zevo spray is safe and easy to use if your house is full of children and pets. 

It is always a hassle to use the insecticide spray if you have children around you. This Zevo bug spray is a natural spray that is eco-friendly and human-friendly. 

It comprises natural ingredients, including essential oils free from harsh or toxic chemicals. So you can immediately spray this insect killer around the house without wondering about its chemicals. 

Opinion Of the Public Court – Zevo Bug Spray Reviews:

Zevo bug spray has got several reviews online. Most of the customers give positive reviews about this product. Mainly, customers stated that it is a great product and works amazingly. So they went on buying more packs. 

A few users like the refill ability of the spray bottle, and they recommend that to refill the sprayers, you need a gallon on hand. 

Another customer who moved to the new building used the Zevo bug spray. According to him, this spray was highly effective for killing bugs.

zevo against cockroachesNot all bug spray works equally for flying and crawling insects. But this product is highly effective for many insects but not all of them. Zevo products are mainly effective on gnats, fruit flies, crickets, cockroaches, ants, beetles, and spiders.

Some customers recommend that you need this product because they have tried many products in the market that are a waste of time and money. 

There were certain complaints about this product that this is not that effective. However, most people seem highly satisfied with the results of this product.

Nobody has complained about the product’s inability to deal with infestations. Some people do have complaints about its effectiveness on particular insects. Still, they are more than satisfied. 

Zevo Shipping Policy

Zevo is a company that exclusively ships to different states within the US. However, it does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, and South Dakota. 

The company’s preferred carrier is UPS; however, they might also use other carriers. The orders by the company are usually delivered within 5 to 8 business days. The ground shipping by this brand is currently free for orders more than $12. 

Zevo Return Policy

With Zevo, you get around 30 days of the Return policy. Apart from that, you also get a full refund policy from the stunning brand. 

If any incorrect, defective, or damaged items are shipped to your house, the brand only accepts the original packaging and does not cost you any extra shipping charges. 

For the return policy, you need to undergo the following procedure if you plan on returning the parcel.

Contact the company immediately and speak to the customer representative. If they find out that your item is eligible for a return, they will let you know. You can also opt for options like:

  • Go for Live chat on the website
  • Fill out an email form on the website
  • Call them

If the item is eligible, you will get the return label we need to place over the package. Customers need to send the package mentioned at the following address:

P&G Zevo Insect

Aero Fulfillment

3900 Aero Drive

Mason, Ohio 45050

Once the company receives a package, you will get the reference to the original payment form.


Does Zevo Kill Bed Bugs?

Suppose you are wondering whether Zevo spray effectively kills the bedbugs or not. The truth is that this product is not directly tested on the insects, not on the termites or the fleas. 

However, it is claimed by some customers that this spray is effective for getting rid of bed bugs. Moreover, talking about this brand does not confirm whether it can effectively claim to eliminate bed bugs. 

This brand’s other products in the market allow you to kill the insects directly. Still, they are notorious when we talk about the bed bugs, so it is impossible to kill them with the Zevo spray directly. 

How Long Does Zevo Spray Last?

Using the Zevo spray is effective for around 48 to 72 hours. After which its power will decrease because it dries out. Keep the timeline of the repellant effects in mind when you use this product. 

Most insecticides available on the market tend to evaporate and dry quickly. Still, some customers state that the different activity of the river is Highly Effective and stays for a few days. 

Due to the oil residue, the potential of essential oils with strong ingredients present in this product left Oscar Fish Residue that stays for a longer duration resulting and insect repellent. 

This strongly depends on how you use the spray and on which insects you use this spray to stop.

Does Zevo Work on Roaches?

zevo spray to kill roaches ants spidersZevo launched a crawling insect spray to kill roaches, ants, and spiders. It is a perfect combination of cinnamon oil and geraniol, which serves as the ultimate solution for killing insects. 

It is combining these two ingredients results in the potent scent with a natural terpenoid that results in the killing of roaches.

Is Zevo Safe to Breathe?

This product is safe to breathe for people who don’t have any allergies. However, this insecticide might exaggerate the problem if you have lung disease, allergy, or sinus irritation.

Also, it’s better to keep all the windows open to avoid oil residue in your home surroundings. Certain customers claim that Zevo spray is not safe for people suffering from such health conditions.

Do You Have to Spray Zevo Directly on Bugs?

You need to spray directly on bugs to kill them while using the Zevo spray. Zevo wasp is also highly effective for instantly killing the bugs. 

Use Zevo bug spray even if you see a single or multiple bugs around you. The best thing about this product is that it features bio-selective technology, which allows it to refrain from bug infestation directly. 

What Does Zevo Smell Like?

Zevo bug spray is excellent, and it smells good. You don’t need to cover your mouth or eyes as it’s not irritating. It comes with natural ingredients, including essential oils and lemongrass, and geraniol, which gives it a pleasant scent. 

Enjoy the citrus, flowery natural scent of this Zevo spray which smells incredible. No more hassle of spraying indoors and outdoors and leaving the space for an ultimate period so that the spray contents evaporate. 

Is Zevo Good for Ants?

zevo to kill antsZevo is highly effective in killing ants as it is designed with ingredients that directly kill them. In addition, the bottle comes with a trigger spray, which results in the immediate killing of the ants.  

Can I use Zevo spray as a repellent for pets?

Don’t spray Zevo directly on your pets. This product is meant to kill insects and bugs. It should not be used as a repellent for pets. 

Can I spray it directly on plants to get rid of gnats and other flies?

Don’t spray it directly on the plant or soil. Instead, shake the plant to release the flies and spray directly on them in the air. Spraying directly on your plant may make it dead. 

Conclusion – Is Zevo Bug Spray Worth It? 

This Zevo bug spray is an excellent spider crawling insect spray. It is a perfect trigger spray that kills stinging insects without harsh chemicals. Kill bugs around you while getting your hand on the Zevo bug spray. 

Zevo spray is worth it because it is safer and serves as the perfect alternative to eliminate the insects and pests around you. With the companies claiming that it comes with zero toxins, Harsh Chemicals, and nasty smells, you can try using this product.

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