Why Mosquitoes Will Love You If You Drink Beer

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Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is popular all over the world. You can get beer everywhere from Japan to Africa, Italy, and Mexico. But, even if you love beer, you might want to rethink this habit. In this article, we’ll discuss why mosquitoes love people who drink beer.

Yes, you read that right. Your delicious beer might be the reason why you suffer from more mosquito bites than non-beer drinkers. But why is that? Why do mosquitoes love beer so much? Does this mean that you should stop drinking beer? Or should you just stop drinking it when you’re outdoors? Read on to find out.


Beer Drinkers Attract Mosquitoes

In June 2002, a study was published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. In this study, researchers found that by drinking just 12 ounces (355 ml) of beer, you’ll be more attractive to mosquitoes. That’s most likely because drinking beer increases the ethanol content in your sweat. Since ethanol is a pretty big mosquito lure, this means that mosquitoes will flock your way.

Another reason why beer increases mosquito activity is because drinking alcohol increases your body temperature. One of the many ways a mosquito finds its target is by sensing heat. So, the higher your body temperature is, the more likely it is that the mosquitoes will find you.

Beer drinkers are especially attractive to several species of mosquito. These include the main malaria- and dengue-carrying mosquitoes like Anopheles gambiae and Aedes genus. The main way that these particular mosquitoes find their targets is through scent. Since the aroma coming from beer drinkers is often particularly strong, these mosquitoes will prefer those who have consumed or are consuming beer over those who are drinking water, tea, juice, or another beverage.

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Additional Mosquito Attractants

On top of that, your genetics, blood type, build, and sweat rate will also contribute to how much you attract mosquitoes. For example, people with Type O blood are more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes. The reason for this is simple. Mosquitoes like the chemical content in Type O blood more than other blood types. Mosquitoes also bite people with higher body masses more because they emit more heat, making them easier for the mosquitoes to find.


So, if you’re already more prone to mosquito bites and like to drink beer, you have the winning combination! You’ll be the one who attracts all the mosquitoes, leaving the other people around you happily free from mosquito bites.

Even though it sounds like fun and games, the dark truth is, since mosquitoes often carry different diseases, by being more attractive to mosquitoes, you’ll also be more likely to get one of these diseases.

So, the next time you’re drinking beer somewhere with many mosquitoes, you might want to check out the best mosquito control for the yard if the partying is in your backyard to prepare for it. Or change your beverage of choice or put on some mosquito repellent. This will help you limit the number of mosquito bites you get and the chances of you contracting any mosquito-borne diseases.

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