Why don’t we just kill all mosquitoes?

It is a pretty well-known fact that single most deadly animal on the planet isn’t snake, shark or a lion. It actually is the tiny yet irritating insect called mosquito, because mosquito is the animal or insect that carries many very harmful and even deadly diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, West Nile virus and Chikungunya virus that every year cause several million people to die. So the question on many peoples mind is why don’t we just create a way that would simply kill all of the mosquitoes on earth? Surely that would not only resolve the deadliest animal problem, but also would be a huge relief to many people because mosquitoes might as well be not only the deadliest but also the most annoying insect in the world.

Well we actually cannot just simply kill all mosquitoes and be done with them, because of a few reasons. The fist being that there is no way to predict what would be the ecological effect if we would kill all mosquitoes. Although there aren’t any particular animal or insect species that rely solely on mosquitoes for food, mosquitoes are a part of many food chains and also are quite instrumental part of our ecological system, so if we would eliminate them we would be eliminating a part of our environment and the scientists have no idea what that could do to our ecological system.

Secondly, there isn’t a one specific way how to eliminate all mosquitoes. There are more than 3,000 different mosquito species in the world living basically everywhere from Amazon jungle to Central Park in New York, so you cannot just up and kill all mosquitoes form all places in the world. It would probably be a painfully slow and very hard process. And with the unknown consequences I don’t think that many people would sign off on killing all mosquitoes.

Thirdly, if we would go ahead and try to eliminate the mosquitoes we would have to also harm or even worse destroy the habitats they live in. And again because mosquitoes are common almost everywhere then the process of killing mosquitoes itself could do more harm to the areas we live in than the mosquitoes do now to us.

And fourthly, because all of the mosquito species are very different from each other it would be hard to design a method of mosquito killing that would efficiently kill all of the 3,000 plus species that live on our planet. And even if scientists would succeed in creating an all mosquito killing method why would we want to eliminate also those mosquito species that don’t carry bad diseases and don’t even bite humans and animals? Better to accept that there are mosquitoes in the world and learn how to control them with tools like mosquito repellents and mosquito foggers than to risk creating a world in which mosquitoes could be replaced with a species of insects that are even more deadly and instead of only biting would do bigger harm.


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I live in orlando florida they been spraying the area where I live either by air or truck ( think air ) and its killing alot more then the Mosquito’s, I have hydroponic set up and it killed everything in the water, frogs, fish, snails ( I had rare apple snails and nery’s ) all dead, today I found the three tree frogs just skeletons and when I used a net to get them out they turned to paste, water was toxic. thats just one tank. Killing all these bugs are also killing bats, that eat them. Some one needs to do something who do I call.?


    Hi Jodi,
    I would contact the council of Orlando city http://www.cityoforlando.net/contact-us/ for more information. As far as I known, they are currently monitoring the spread of Zika virus and the spraying of insecticide might be done to eliminate mosquitoes carrying this disease.


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