Mosquitoes are found in almost all parts of the world. They breed extremely fast and transfer different viruses and illnesses, which can cause serious health complications. Luckily, there are not only many different products available in the stores, which kill these aggravating insects, but there are also many different natural remedies, that fight mosquitoes very effectively. So here are the lists of home remedies that kill these insects.

Coffee grounds

Coffee is a very simple but also a very efficient home remedy for killing mosquitoes and depriving them of breeding. If you simply use coffee ground in your house and leave them on the table it will keep mosquitoes from coming into your home. But, in order to achieve the best result, you should sprinkle coffee grounds in stagnant water around your house and backyard, for example, in ponds and puddles. The already laid mosquito eggs in this water will be deprived of fresh air and die, as the eggs will be forces to the surface of the water.


Garlic is a great remedy as well, since the smell of it works great on mosquitoes, and is good for human’s health. Crush a few cloves of garlic and put them in boiled water, leaving them there for some time. After a while, the mixture will be is ready and you can pour it into a spray bottle and spray around your house, immediately killing insects and mosquitoes.what kills mosquitoes

Holy Basil

The leaves of the Holy Basil plants are great at killing mosquito larvae and eggs, as they are more vulnerable to different substances than already hatched mosquitoes. If you have ponds or other water bodies around your house you can plant Holy Basil plant near them. Additionally, Holy Basil works great at already hatched and fully grown mosquitoes as well, successfully deterring them. Therefore you can also plant these plants near entries of your home and in your garden or backyard.

Pinion Wood

Pinion wood is an efficient remedy not only for mosquito eggs but also when you want to kill full-grown mosquitoes. It is a nice tool for summer nights and barbecues, as you need to burn the pinion wood for it to work. So you can have a nice bonfire in your backyard, and at the same time, the bonfire will kill those aggravating insects. The reason why mosquitoes don’t like Pinion wood is that mosquitoes cannot stand the pungent odor which is released from Pinion wood when it’s being burnt and they are killed when being caught into the smoke.

Mosquito traps

Mosquito traps are widely used all around the world in households to try to monitor the mosquito population and to try to keep the number of mosquitoes relatively low. These mosquito traps work via electrical power, luring mosquitoes in using different attractants, usually either carbon dioxide, different scents or heat. Then the mosquitoes are trapped in containers, where they dehydrate and die. You can buy already made and assembled mosquito traps in stores. Or use one of the many different instructions and tutorials found online on how you can DIY homemade mosquito trap and make one yourself.


Finally, there are devices called zappers. Bug and mosquito zappers are quite similar to mosquito traps, but they kill insects immediately. They use the same principle of luring mosquitoes in by either carbon dioxide or light, but mosquitoes are not left to dehydrate. They are killed immediately by electrical shock. Making this method instant and efficient way to kill mosquitoes.