What Is a Mosquito Fogger?

When you want to enjoy a picnic or a pool party in your backyard, one of the biggest problems is those nasty mosquitoes. They can ruin even the best-planned dinner party. Mosquitoes usually live in moist and warm environments. Along with making you itch everywhere they bite, they can also spread dangerous diseases like malaria.

One way to get rid of these nasty creatures is by using insecticides. There are various insecticides you can use around your backyard to kill these insects. But because sprays are typically relatively large droplets, they settle quickly and can’t spread through thick leaves and undergrowth. Foggers produce a fine mist that hangs in the air longer and penetrates deeper into the foliage.

Now we’ve arrived at the mosquito fogging units. These are self-contained mosquito killing machines that produce an insecticide fog.

Mosquito Fogger Basics

Basically, a mosquito fogger is a device that creates a fine mist out of an insecticide solution. You can spray this mist or fog around your backyard where it will repel and kill most of the mosquitoes in the treated area.

The most popular types of insect foggers are thermal and ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers. Of course, there are various advantages and disadvantages to each but they are all made to combat pests. They make a fog with a droplet size from 2–60 micrometers (8 to 20 micrometers is recommended) that will stick to even the smallest mosquitoes, so they have no chance of escape.

Thermal foggers are further divided into electrical and propane models. Let’s take a quick look at just one fogger to serve as an example: a propane thermal fogger. This device will have a propane cylinder at the back and a liquid solution tank on the bottom. In the front is the thermal heating element that will create the smoke/fog mixture needed to exterminate mosquitoes.

mosquito fogger

The fogger looks like a strange gun with a trigger. Since it’s handheld and very easy to use, you simply have to move around, directing the fog towards the areas where you think the mosquitoes are hiding. Then press the trigger to release the insecticide fog and watch from a safe distance as it flows into the mosquito hideouts.

Are Mosquito Foggers Effective?

Mosquito foggers are usually very effective. If you fog your backyard an hour before the party, you’ll have up to 12 hours of mosquito-free peace.

If you want to completely rid yourself of these nasty creatures, then you should eliminate standing water from your yard, keep your lawn mowed, and use larvicides in any standing water you can’t remove. While it may be tempting to just fog your yard every day or at weekly intervals, the insecticides in mosquito foggers also kill beneficial insects like bees and butterflies. You don’t want to get rid of all the bugs from your property. Furthermore, mosquitoes have been known to develop resistance to insecticides. The more you spray, the more likely your mosquito population is to become resistant. Integrated pest management (using multiple different strategies, both chemical and physical) is the best option for controlling pest insects.


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Is fogging harmful for chickens

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    It depends on the liquid you use in your fogger and if it’s harmful to chickens. If you’re looking for chicken coop pest control tips then you might want to check out our article on pest control in and around chicken coops.


What about the ones that sense CO2 from a mile away?


    Can you, please, specify your question? Do mean the mosquito traps which use CO2 to attract them? If so, you should check out this article.

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