What are mosquito dunks?

Mosquito Dunks are mosquito control products developed and sold by a company called Summit Chemical, which has over 50 years of experience in mosquito control. These products attack mosquitoes in development stages, more specifically in the larvae stage, killing them in a short amount of time. Summit Chemical have two types of products – Mosquito Dunks and Mosquito Bits, Mosquito Dunks offer long-term protection and kills larvae for 30 days, so won’t be effective on mosquitoes in a late larvae development stage, however, Mosquito Bits kills larvae instantly but offers only up to week-long protection.

Mosquito larvae control is very effective. Especially if there are multiple mosquito breeding ground areas around your house and yard. As you know, mosquitoes need a source of standing water for breeding, and mosquito dunks are very effective in destroying mosquito larvae before it hatches into an adult mosquito. When a Dunk is put into water it releases larvicide and provides a biological mosquito control, as these Mosquito Dunks are safe both for the environment and animals as well as humans, but are deadly to mosquitoes. With just a single dunk you can clear up to 100 square feet (9.2 square meters) of surface water from mosquito larvae. This product is also labeled for Organic Gardening. Summit Chemical sells these products in 3 packages – with 2, 6 and 20 dunks for different sized area treatment.


Mosquito Dunks 20 pack

How do mosquito dunks work?

Mosquito Dunks look like small donuts with a hole in the middle, which is needed to attach a Dunk in a place, so it does not flow away. Mosquito Dunk needs to be inserted into a standing water, where it floats on the surface and slowly releases a special bacterium, which mosquito larvae eat. This bacterium kills mosquito larvae of all known mosquito species but is safe for humans, animals, birds, frogs, fishes, birds and other animals. The active element is periodically released at the surface of the water for 30 days in a row to ensure that no mosquitoes develop from that certain water container. Mosquito Bits works in the same way, however, the larvicide is released immediately to kill all larvae in the water.


Mosquito Bits

From what they are made of?

What makes this product unique when compared to other pesticides is that it does not harm humans and animals of any kind including birds and fishes, to which other insecticides are very harmful. Mosquito Dunks consist of such active substances – Bacillus thuringiensis (Bti – for short) subspecies israelensis solids, spores and insecticidal toxins, which composes over 10% of Mosquito Dunk’s structure. Bti is a strong biologic pesticide that consists of microorganisms, which produce toxins that kills mosquitoes at larvae stage. Bti is toxic only to specific insects such as moths, mosquitoes, flies, and beetles. As mentioned, Bti is not harmful to humans and animals including pets, fish, amphibia, and birds, Bti is also safe for plants.

How to use them?

Mosquito Dunks must be placed in any area with water around your house that mosquitoes use for breeding, so look for areas with standing water. Some of these outdoor areas might include metal and plastic cans, barrels, flower pots, old tires, swimming pools without chloride, outdoor baths and also many natural areas that can collect rainwater such as tree holes, ditches, also ponds and other places.

A single Mosquito Dunk can be used on up to 100 square feet (9.2 square meters) large surface areas or water. For smaller areas simply break the Dunk on half or smaller parts according to the size of that area. The depth of the water does not matter because Mosquito Dunk stays and releases active elements on the top of the water. Also, what separates this product from similar ones made by other companies is that it has a hole in the middle, which means that you can attach the Dunk to the side of the water container, so it does not float around if used on a water with a larger surface area. Also, you can attach the Dunk further away from the reach of pets and other animals, because they might want to taste the Dunk, which won’t harm the animal, but you will need to place another Dunk in that area.

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The recommended doses of Mosquito Dunk on different sized water surfaces:

  • Place 1/4 of Dunk in 1-5 square feet (0.1-0.5 square meters) large water areas
  • Place 1/2 of Dunk in 5-25 square feet (0.5-2.3 square meters) large water areas
  • Place 1 of Dunk in 25-100 square feet (2.3–9.2 square meters) large water areas
  • Place more than one Dunk in areas larger than 100 square feet (9.2 square meters), according to the size of that area.

Mosquito Dunks can also be used in indoor areas such as flooded basements for mosquito control.

Some basic cautions when working with Mosquito Dunk: avoid it from coming in contact with eyes or open wounds, do not apply directly to drinking water and store it in a cool and dry place.


Mosquito Dunk in water

How effective are they for mosquito control?

We have found Mosquito Dunks to be a very effective mosquito control method for eliminating mosquitoes in the larvae stage. It works flawlessly if you carefully read the usage instructions and place the correct amount of Dunks inside the area with standing water. One thing you must know before using this product is that it won’t be effective if there already are mosquito larvae inside the water, Dunks will only kill new larvae, so they must be used directly before mosquito season or when you see the first mosquito larvae inside a water tank. If there already are larvae inside water, use Mosquito Bits to kill all of the larvae in the water and then place in a Mosquito Dunk to kill other mosquito larvae in period up to 30 days, after that simply replace the Dunk with a new one.

Also for the best effect, you need to locate all sources of standing water around your house, in your backyard or garden. If you don’t want to use Mosquito Dunks, you can simply dump and drain the standing water out of these places, however, then you will need to repeat the same process after each time it rains, which may not be the most effective way to fight mosquitoes.

And the last thing you need to be aware of is that Mosquito Dunks are very effective in killing mosquito larvae, however, they cannot kill adult mosquitoes. So for the best results of mosquito control use Mosquito Dunks together with other mosquito control methods that kill adult mosquitoes such as insect traps or mosquito foggers. Locating all areas with standing water around your house, draining them or placing Mosquito Dunks in there to kill mosquito larvae and fogging regularly to kill adult mosquitoes will definitely reduce the mosquito population in your backyard, so you can enjoy a mosquito-free outdoor time.