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InsectCop Reviews: Keep Ticks and Fleas out of Your Yard With Vet’s Best Spray


This spray is an efficient and natural way to keep ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes out and away from your backyard!



  • Needs to be reapplied after rain
  • Outdoors use only, can't be used as a home spray
  • Can't be used as a flea and tick treatment for animals
  • Shouldn't be used on or near water

Spring is well and truly underway and, as the weather warms up, people up and down the country are flinging open their doors to enjoy their sun-soaked backyards. Unfortunately, it’s not only humans and dogs who enjoy good weather, and higher temperatures mean an explosion in flea and tick numbers.

With dozens of flea and tick sprays on the market, choosing the most effective brand can mean hours spent reading review boards. That’s why we’ve decided to do the hard work for you! Vet’s Best flea + tick yard & kennel spray is a clear market favorite, the only thing left to do was try it out for ourselves.

So, here is our comprehensive, unbiased review of the tried-and-tested Vet’s Best Flea + Tick spray one of the most popular natural yard treatments on the market!

Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray: The Basics

Vet’s Best flea + tick yard & kennel spray is manufactured in the USA and boasts a 100% natural formula. Whereas a lot of other tick and flea treatments contain harsh chemicals, like DEET, Vet’s Best harnesses the insect-repellent power of natural oils.

This product may be free from harsh chemicals, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Vet’s Best is lethal to bugs and kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and mosquitoes on contact. The gentle formula is family-friendly and pet-safe and is suitable for use around dogs and cats.

However, it’s important to note that the product should not be applied directly to your pet’s fur. This is a yard and kennel spray and not a spot-on treatment.

Safety precautions

The natural formulation of the Vet’s Best flea + tick yard & kennel spray makes it totally safe to use around children and pets. The active ingredients are lethal only to bugs, and won’t harm other wildlife species around your backyard.

However, as with all insect-repellent treatments, there are safety precautions you should observe when using this product.

Don’t apply the product directly to your pets

This flea and tick spray is non-toxic but it does contain essential oils that may cause adverse reactions in sensitive pets, especially cats. Don’t allow them to come into direct contact with the spray.

If you see any signs of sensitivity (like drooling, lethargy, trembling or vomiting) discontinue use of the product immediately. Bathe your pet with plenty of water and a mild soap and, if they continue to show signs of sensitivity to the spray, consult a veterinarian ASAP.

Be careful not to get the product in your eyes

The Vet’s Best spray is non-toxic to humans, but it can cause moderate irritation if you get it in your eyes.

If this should happen, rinse the affected eye(s) with tepid water and, if the irritation continues, consult a healthcare professional.

Apply only as directed

This spray is recommended for use on your lawn and, when used in moderate amounts, won’t irritate your feet or your pet’s paws when you walk over it. However, applying copious amounts of the product may produce an irritant effect, especially in people with sensitive skin.

If you get the product on your hands, wash them with soap and water.


One bottle of Vet’s Best flea and tick yard and kennel spray contains 32oz of concentrated product, enough to cover up to 5000 square feet of land.

How long the bottle lasts will depend on how much ground you have to cover, but you need only apply the spray once a month to reap the benefits. Considering the modest price tag, this is great value for money in our opinion.


The Vet’s Best flea + tick spray comes in a sturdy, fit-for-purpose spray bottle. The intuitive design means there’s no need to mix the product by hand. simply screw your hose into the port at the top of the container and turn the nozzle to begin spraying!

The white and green design of the packaging is pleasingly simplistic, and the bottle is made of recyclable plastic. The concentrated formula is also a great space saver, and the bottle measures just 2 x 4.8 x 11.2 inches for easy, hassle-free storage. Weighing in at only 2.4 pounds, it’s also easy to carry around, even when full.

Spray formulation

The Vet’s Best flea + tick spray has a 100% natural formulation.

The active ingredients are:

  • Peppermint Oil (0.60%)
  • Eugenol (Clove Extract) 1.40%
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (3.45%)

The inert Ingredients (which account for 94.55% of the product) are:

  • Water
  • Sodium Benzoate

Scent is a big consideration for any product you’ll be dousing your yard with – after all, you’re unlikely to enjoy your time out there if the smell makes your eyes water.

Well, the Vet’s Best spray does have a pretty potent odor, especially immediately after application – and it smells great! The active ingredients give it a lovely, minty smell that, honestly, we only wish lasted longer! The fresh scent of this spray beats the harsh, chemical odor of most flea + tick sprays every time, but it will gradually dissipate in the days after you apply it to your lawn.

How to use the product safely

The all-natural formulation of the Vet’s Best flea + tick spray is non-toxic to people and, provided you don’t spray it directly onto your pet, shouldn’t bother your animals, either.

However, it’s important to note that this product is intended for outdoor use only and should not be applied inside your house.

It is also NOT intended for use around pregnant animals, nursing animals, puppies and kittens under 12 weeks of age as well as aquatic habitats (i.e. your pond, fishbowl, late, etc.).

First aid

  • If the product gets into your eyes: Getting this spray in your eyes can cause moderate irritation and stinging. If you do get it in your eyes, hold your eye open and flush it with clean, tepid water. Do this slowly and gently for 15-20 minutes. If you wear contact lenses, remove them after the first 5 minutes and continue to irrigate the eye. If the irritation persists after 20 minutes, contact your doctor for advice.
  • If the product gets onto your skin: In some cases, peppermint oil may cause irritation if it gets on your skin. If you spill the product on yourself, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water (several times, if necessary).
  • If you inhale vapors from the product: If you accidentally inhale the spray during application, move to an area with fresh air. You probably won’t experience any ill-effects of inhaling a small amount of the product, but you should contact your doctor if you experience persistent wheezing or coughing, difficulty breathing or other adverse side effects.
  • If you ingest the product: If you accidentally swallow some of the product, immediately start drinking plenty of water but do not try to induce vomiting. Monitor the situation carefully and, if you feel unwell, contact a doctor.

How Does  The Vet’s Best Flea + Tick Yard & Kennel Spray Work?

Now we know that the Vet’s Best flea + tick spray kills nuisance bugs on contact, but how does it work?

This all-natural formulation is free from harsh chemicals (such as DEET) but it still packs a punch against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. This is because the spray contains clove and peppermint essential oils, both of which have been found to have toxic effects against insects. The scent of the product lingers after the initial application, imparting lasting repellent effects to keep bugs out of your yard.

The benefits of using a natural formulation over a chemical product are twofold. Firstly, it’s less likely to have harmful effects on other species (including your pets) and secondly, it smells way better than a chemical treatment.

How To Use Vet’s Best Flea + Tick Yard + Kennel Spray?

The Vet’s Best spray is really easy to apply, largely thanks to the clever design of the packaging. There’s no need to shake or invert the bottle before use, simply connect the hose and start spraying!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Connect your garden hose to the port at the top of the spray bottle (making sure the dial is in the OFF position first).
  2. Bend the lock dial and turn it clockwise to turn the sprayer to the ON position.
  3. Slowly turn on the water. A slow-medium pressure should be enough to produce a steady stream.
  4. Start spraying the area to be treated, moving the sprayer from side to side as you do so. This product is not harmful to flowers, shrubs, grasses or trees. It is not known to be harmful to bees, though some users report that it might be – avoid spraying them to be on the safe side.
  5. When you’re done spraying, bend the lock tab and turn the dial back to the OFF position. Turn the water off and remove the hose.
  6. After you’ve removed the hose, turn the dial back to the ON position and let the water drain. This will relieve the pressure in the bottle.

How and where should you apply this product?

This spray is designed for backyard use and works well on lawns, turf, decking, patios, concrete asphalt, and all other outdoor surfaces.

You can apply it to your pet’s kennel, but this spray is not suitable to use directly on your pets.

Make sure your yard is reasonably tidy before applying this product. Give overgrown grasses and other vegetation a trim, and remove leaf little and other debris before spraying for maximum effectiveness.

Once you’re done spraying, leave the product to dry for 20-30 minutes before walking on it or letting your pets into the area.

How long does it last?

The official recommendation is to use this product as often as necessary, though the effects can last for up to a month under favorable conditions.

But you may need to reapply the product more frequently than this in cases of severe infestations, or after a rainfall (which can wash away the product residue).

How well does it work?

For a non-chemical spray, the Vet’s Best flea + tick yard & kennel spray is highly effective. We saw an immediate reduction in flea, tick and mosquito numbers around the yard after a single application, and the smell is delicious – a welcome change from the acrid odor of chemical treatments!

Unfortunately, this product doesn’t last as long as insecticidal treatments, whose effects can linger for up to 3 months. However, we think more regular applications is a small price to pay for the safety of our pets and the surrounding wildlife, and the modest price point of this product makes it all the more reasonable.

More tips for effective use

For the best results, clear any leaf litter, debris, and other clutter out of your yard before using the spray. Ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes love long grasses and overgrown shrubs, so trimming any wild vegetation will give them fewer places to hide.

This product can’t be used directly on your pets so, if they have an existing flea problem, you’ll need to combine this product with a flea and tick spray that can be applied to their coats. You may also need to treat your house with a suitable product to completely eliminate the infestation.

Storage and Disposal

This product should be kept in its original container and stored in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight.

If the bottle is empty it can be refilled, but only with Vet’s best flea + tick yard & kennel spray. If you don’t want to re-use the bottle, you can either recycle it or dispose of it in the trash in compliance with Federal, State and local regulations.


If you're looking for a product that's free of harsh chemicals but that will also let you enjoy your outdoor spaces without worrying about ticks, fleas or mosquitoes then Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Yard + Kennel Spray is definitely the way to go. Safe, easy-to-use and you can apply the spray everywhere from lawns and backyards to pet kennels and patios.


The Vet’s Best flea + tick yard & kennel spray is a great all-natural solution to your summer-time flea, tick and mosquitoes woes. When applied to your lawn, plants, pet kennels, and other outdoor areas, it can significantly reduce the number of bugs in your yard. This not only helps to protect you and your pets from bites but can also reduce the likelihood of them hitchhiking their way into your house in the coat of your cat or dog.

The formulation is 100% free from harsh chemicals, making this product one of the safest options out there for home use. It also smells fantastic, giving your garden a fresh, minty smell that makes a welcome change from sharp, chemical odors. If your pet has an existing flea or tick infestation, however, you’ll need to use it in combination with a product that can be used on their fur for complete eradication.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray qualifies for exemption from registration under FIFRA which is why this product hasn't been registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

The active ingredients in this product are peppermint oil, clove extract and sodium lauryl sulfate.

This spray is not known to damage or harm any type of plants including flowers, shrubs, and trees.

According to the manufacturer, the Vet's Best Flea and Tick Yard and Kennel Spray is not harmful to bees.

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