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  • Category – Thermal fogger
  • Type – Petrol
  • Manufacturer – VectorFog
  • Weight – 23 pounds (10.8 kg)
  • Dimensions – 53×11.5×15.5 inches (135x29x39 cm)
  • Material – Steel
  • Capacity of container – 1.71 gallons (6.5 l)
  • Auto start button – Yes
  • Motor – 110V/220V pulse jet engine
  • Particle size – 5-30 microns
  • Flow rate – gallons (0-50 l) per hour
  • Solutions – water and oil based solutions
  • Average spray distance – 60 feet (18 m)
  • Warranty – 1 year


This fogger is manufactured by the South Korean company VectorFog that produces various of industry leading commercial and individual use fogging equipment.


VectorFog H200SF is a thermal fogger for professional use. This thermal fogger is a very powerful tool packed with many useful features. The tool can be used for large variety of works, starting from vector control to spraying sanitizing solutions, biocides fungicides and other types of solutions. Although the fogger has got an electric pulse jet engine, it works with fuel, so it is a portable fogger that you can carry around while fogging and there are no cables needed to operate the fogger. The tool comes with a one year warranty.


This mosquito fogger is made from a high quality parts, the body and the solution tanks are made from a high grade stainless steel, which provides durability for the fogger as well as provides resistance against different chemicals used in fogging solutions that could damage the fogger. However, because of the large size and steel body the fogger is also pretty heavy weighting almost 24 pounds (10.8 kg). On top of the fogger there is a large carrying handle that makes the fogger easy to hold in hand while fogging. There is also a place to attach a shoulder strap, so you don’t have to hold the heavy fogger only in your hands. To power the fogger there is an auto start button on the body of the unit, also the fogger can be turned on and off quickly.

VectorFog HS200SF fogger has got a 1.71 gallon (6.5 l) large solution tank made from a stainless steel material. The fogger is designed with a special Dual-Point technology which allows to use the thermal fogger with both water and oil based fogging solutions and provides a way to quickly switch between water and oil based solutions. The capacity of the fuel tank is approx. 43 oz (1.3 l).

The fogger has got an advanced, long range nozzle that allows for powerful dispersal of liquids. The unit provides an adjustable flow rate from 0-13 gallons (0-50 l) per hour that allows to disperse the fog in very large distances, averaging at 60 feet (18 m) with oil based solutions. The particle size this fogger outputs can also be adjusted from 5-30 microns, which is the perfect particle size for mosquito and other pest control.


The fogging with this tool is pretty easy, while the fogger it self is a powerful and pretty heavy tool, the operation of the tool is simple. Also as this is a high quality tool there won’t be need for any repairs or maintenance for many years of usage. The basic usage of the fogger is showed in the VectorFog video below:

The H200 SF thermal fogger outputs a large, white cloud of dense fog that can penetrate even the tiniest gaps, which means that all areas fogged will get covered with the fogging solution. Thanks to the small particle size, the fogger works very well as a mosquito fogger and can be used to control various pests and insects, just pour in the right insecticide and you are ready to fog. Thanks to its high power and large fogging distance the tool can be used to fog large areas, for example spraying biocides on fields or fogging large urban areas for protection against mosquitoes.

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Size and weight

The size of VectorFog H200 SF thermal fogger is inches (135x29x39 cm) and the weight of the tool with empty containers is 23 pounds (10.8 kg). The fogger comes with a 1 year warranty.



Tthe tool runs on battery?

    Kristiana Kripena

    The Vectorfog H200SF fogger runs on fuel, more specifically on gasoline.

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