Two Mosquito Mistakes That the First Jurassic Park Movie Made

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The new sequel to the Jurassic Park movie trilogy just came out called Jurassic World and it brings us right back to the world of dinosaurs that Steven Spielberg created more than 10 years ago. But did you know that the first movie had two very important mistakes in it that actually makes the whole movie impossible? That is true and they both are in regards to mosquitoes.

Do you remember the famous scene in the first Jurassic Park movie where Richard Attenboroughs character Doctor John Hammond, who is the owner of the Jurassic Park, explains the way he got hold of dinosaur blood to create the attractions in his park and later shows others the mosquito in the amber that is at the end of his cane? Well the mistakes are in these scenes because the mosquito that they show in this amber is wrong, and because the whole possibility of the dinosaur park is based on this mosquito, the whole movie is wrong.

The first mistake they made is they chose the wrong species of mosquito to feature in these scenes. I get it in movies everything needs to look cool therefore they chose to show a mosquito species that looks big and prehistoric, but the species that the movie makers or probably prop makers chose is Toxorhynchites also known as elephant mosquito. The thing about elephant mosquitoes is that they don’t actually feed on any kind of blood. Even though they are mosquitoes and most species of mosquitoes feed on animal and/or human blood elephant mosquito main source of sustenance is honeydew, nectar and juice from plants and fruit. So there is no way that these particular species of mosquitoes could have fed on a dinosaur and consumed their blood that later was extracted and used to make baby dinosaurs.

The second mistake that the movie made is regarding the sex of the mosquito. It is a common knowledge that misquotes feed on blood but is is scientifically proven that only female mosquitoes actually consume blood, male mosquitoes sustain themselves on nectar and other sources of sugar and don’t feed on neither human or animal blood. And because it can be seen that the mosquito in the amber in the first Jurassic Park movie is a male, based on the type of proboscis it has, there is no way that there could have been dinosaur DNA in the mosquito, therefore there is no way that dinosaurs could be made using this particular mosquito.

Jurassic Park and the new Jurassic World movies are fun, entertaining and gives us a glimpse at what could have been achieved by science, buy the movies should really pay attention to their props and the facts, because based on the mosquito that is featured in the first Jurassic Park movie there would be no dinosaur DNA extracted from the mosquito and therefore there would be no Jurassic park with dinosaurs.


Dan Harkless

Thanks for the info. I knew male mosquitos didn’t consume blood, but had never heard about the entirely non-blood-sucking species. Of course, one could posit that Hammond has a non-viable mosquito is in his cane intentionally, since a bug possibly containing dino DNA would be too valuable to leave sealed away in the cane handle.

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