Top 5 Propane Foggers

Mosquito foggers come in a variety of different styles and designs but most of them are categorized in one of the three groups, that characterize their working style (propane, electric and ULV). This time I am going to examine Top5 propane mosquito foggers that work by using propane as their main source of fuel. Propane is a universal lighting mechanism as these devices with propane tanks are portable as well as they are powerful and when that fuel tank is empty you just unscrew it and replace it with another one. Propane gives these fogging machines a great fuel to heat up that heating coil and with a simple gauge, you can easily change the strength of your fuel, increasing or decreasing that amount of fog that your device produces.

Burgess 1443 Review

Burgess 1443 fogger is made by a company named Fountainhead Group, Inc, that is the main provider of various different mosquito propellant devices as well as other similar products. This particular Burgess 1443 fogger is designed to be efficient, long lasting and durable. This model is mainly made from plastic but it has a metal heating coil as well as the tubing that transports the insecticide from that container through the heating coil is metal. When you look at this device from the outside you can immediately see that it is made from black plastic with some yellow styling. There are at least 6 screws holding the whole body together and a few more that are holing the front heating element. At the back, there is a slot where your typical 1-ounce propane container can be attached but the manufacturer states that you should use a 14.1-inch tall propane cylinder. If you look at the overall size of the device you can see that it has the dimensions of 6.9 inches x 15.5 inches x 11.2 inches but it weighs a little less than 3 pounds. At the bottom, there is an insecticide container that can hold up to 40 ounces of liquid but that is a massive over-kill because this fogger is very efficient and to use up all that insecticide you will need to use this device almost every day for a year. To power this device there is a button that, when pressed, squirts out that insecticide solution into that heating coil when it instantly transforms into a dense fog. After that liquid is transformed into that gas-like state it comes out of that front-facing nozzle. There is also an adjustment mechanism “fuel valve” that will allow how much insecticide will be injected into that heating element each time you press that leaver. The only downside for this fogger is that it has no lighting mechanism and you need a matchbox or a portable lighter to start your device.

Bondie 420 Review

bondie 420
Bondie FogRx mosquito fogger is a very simple yet effective device that will give you the power to protect you back-yard from all those nasty mosquitoes and other similar creatures. The device itself has the dimensions of 15 inches x 20 inches x 11 inches and it weighs 13 pounds.. This fogger is similar to the Burgess model as it also has no internal lighting mechanism but because of that there are fewer parts that can break and that is a great advantage. Looking at the visual and structural design we can see that this device is made from plastic with black coloring body and white colored insecticide container. The front nozzle, as well as the heating coil, are obviously from metal and like all propane foggers, this also has the canister attached at the back end for balance and easy usage. The whole device feels very sturdy and well made and when you take it in your hand it feels light and comfortable to use. At the back, there is that fuel gauge that allows you to control the strength of the fog but on the underside of the handle, there is the button that pumps that insecticide from that container through that heating coil and out at the front nozzle end. Fog Rx is a great tool to have if you want to keep an eye at that ever-increasing mosquito population and this device will allow you to combat those insects with ease and will last you for years.

Black Flag 190095 Review

black flag fogger
Black Flag all in one insect fogger is one of those tools that you buy and you won’t need any other device as it is self-contained mosquito killing machine. The fogger itself has the dimensions of 8.3 inches x 20.3 inches x 10 inches and it weighs just 4.1 pounds but that includes a metal heating coil, 32-ounce insecticide canister as well as a built-in lighting mechanism and a beautiful design. If we look at this device from the outside we can immediately see that it is a really great looking fogger and because of that built-in lighter, you won’t need to take with you an external lighter to start this device. This fogger works on propane and there is also a fuel gauge that changes that propane flow and allows you to adjust the size of that fog cone that comes out of this device. As I mentioned earlier this Black Flag 190095 fogger has an internal insecticide tank that holds that insecticide liquid and it has a capacity of 32 ounces. That amount of insecticide will last you for ages and I can’t really understand why you would need such a big insecticide container, but I guess it is best that you have a bigger tank and never run out of fuel like constantly adding more. When you use this device at first you have to pre-ignite it and let it warm up for a couple of minutes and then you can start fogging. The whole fogging process is very simple and you have to just press that black lever and the fog will come out of that nose-cone and kill all those nasty mosquitoes. This is a really great product and I like that all in one style with that internal lighter and internal insecticide container, as it makes it a very convenient and very portable.

Burgess Bug Killer Review

mosq out
This Bug Killer Fogger is another device made by Burgess brand and it is a grey/green colored fogger unit that has the dimensions of 6.9 inches x 11.2 inches x 15.5 inches. This device is a fairly heavy unit as it has a weight of almost 8 pounds but that weight measurement is done with a full insecticide container so the true weight is a low lower. If we first examine the visual side of this unit then we can see that it is a great looking device as that green and grey visuals look stunning and they blend right in the environment where it is supposed to be working. Burgess has made this device very similar to the 1443 model but with the only main difference of that coloring. This unit also has a 40-ounce insecticide canister and also is best used with a 14.1-inch propane tank. When you start fogging with this unit you need to first let ir warm up for a couple of minutes and then when there is a fine mist coming out from that front nozzle then you can start fogging your back yard or other areas.

HD Hudson Fog Sprayer Review

Fog sprayer
Fog Sprayer is another propane powered fogging unit that can help you repel and control your mosquito population as well as kill other insects like gnats. If I have to be honest the information about this product is really not there and I can’t tell you the exact manufacturer or the exact sizes but what I can tell you is that this unit weighs less than 3 pounds and in this list that is the least heavy unit. The design for this fogger is similar to that Bondie 420 fogger but this has a value body and yellow piezo ignition switch. The propane canister is made from white plastic but that ignition nozzle and heating coil are both made from metal to properly heat up that insecticide. This device will work with any regular propane canister and will be very ergonomic to use because that propane canister balances the device out and the center of gravity will be just below your hand.


Overall all these 5 devices are very useful and they all have their advantages and disadvantages, but if I would have to choose one it would probably be that Burgess 1443 device because it treats a quite big teritory in less than 10 minutes, as well as a very stylish and elegant design. Of course, the rest of these devices also are not that bad but Burgess unit, in my opinion, is the best propane fogger that your money can buy.


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