Three Ways How Singapore Intends to Win the War Against Zika

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Singapore is the only island city-state in the world. Even though the Lion City isn’t the largest country in the world, it has one of the highest population densities. This is because most of its inhabitants live in urban cities.

This also may be why the Zika virus is such an issue in this country. As of now, there have been over 180 locally transmitted Zika cases. On top of the Zika virus, Singapore has also suffered from another mosquito-borne disease for a long time. The dengue virus may even have caused the Garden City some casualties.

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes spread both of these viruses. It should be no surprise that mosquitoes are one of the biggest problems for Singapore right now. Luckily, Singapore and its neighbor, Malaysia, are continuously finding new and innovative methods to fight these insects and the diseases they carry.

Spraying Vehicles

One of these methods is to spray all the vehicles that enter or exit Singapore with mosquito repellent.

This measure aims to ensure that no more Zika-infected mosquitoes enter the country or leave it to infect others, furthering the Zika outbreak. They will spray everything from school buses to trucks, private cars, and even trains.


Singapore hopes that by doing this, they’ll eliminate any chance of infected mosquitoes coming into the country by car or another mode of transport with tourists, commuters, and such. And even though only time will tell how efficient this method of fighting mosquitoes will be, hopefully, it can at least slightly slow down the mosquito-borne disease problem in Singapore.

Using Repellents

The second thing that Singapore is doing to cut down on Zika infections is to use known mosquito repelling methods. These include outdoor mosquito traps, mosquito nets and screens, and mosquito repellent. They want to ensure that people are as safe from the Zika and dengue viruses as possible.

For example, at the famous condo complex construction site, the Sims Urban Oasis, nearly 40 workers contracted the Zika virus recently.

As a result, they have placed about 500 mosquito traps around the construction site and in the workers’ dorms. They have also put mosquito nets in front of the windows in the dorms.

The workers now have to use obligatory three-layer mosquito protection during work hours. This includes wearing two types of mosquito patches and reapplying mosquito repellent every hour.

Hopefully, other construction sites and workplaces will implement similar mosquito protection measures soon to ensure that their employees are safe from mosquito-borne diseases.

Using Fashion

Finally, a Singaporean jewelry company, By Invite Only, has created a new mosquito-repelling line. This special line, “Yu Ahn,” includes jewelry that can repel mosquitoes.

mosquito repelling jewelry

Different mosquito-repelling bracelets have been around for some time now. These are usually simple rubber bands infused with mosquito repellent. But, the Yu Ahn line includes elegant and beautiful pieces of jewelry. The pendants in these bracelets and necklaces contain refillable citronella oil-infused beads. Since citronella oil is a good, long-lasting mosquito repellent, only one of these balls will last about seven days.

Jade inspired this jewelry line. In Chinese culture, jade traditionally warded off evil spirits. But, in this case, the jewelry will ward off those evil mosquitoes that are spreading the Zika and dengue viruses. This will keep everyone safe from these diseases while not sacrificing their style or having to reapply mosquito repellent every few hours.

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