Three ways how Singapore intends to win the war against Zika

Singapore is the only island city-state in the world, and although the Lion City is not the largest country in the world, it has one of the highest population densities in the world with most of the inhabitants living in urban cities. Which is probably why Zika virus is such an issue in this country. As of right now there have been over 180 locally transmitted Zika cases. On top of Zika, Singapore also have long been a sufferer from another mosquito-borne disease called the Dengue virus, which even have caused the Garden City casualties. And since both of these viruses are spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, there is no wonder, why mosquitoes are one of the biggest problem and concern for Singapore right now. But luckily, Singapore (and its neighboring Malaysia) is continuously finding new and innovative methods how to fight the buzzing insects and the diseases they carry.

One of these ways is to spray all the vehicles that are coming and going from Singapore with mosquito repellent. mosquito repellent car sprayingThis measurement will be taken to ensure, that no more Zika infected mosquitoes enter the country (or leave it to go on to infecting others) and further the Zika outbreak. The vehicles that will be sprayed are everything from school buses, lorries and private cars to even trains. This way Singapore hopes to eliminate any chance that infected mosquitoes come into the country by car or other ways of transportation with tourists, commuters and such. And even though only time will tell how efficient this method of fighting mosquitoes will be, hopefully it can at least slightly slow down the mosquito-borne disease epidemic in Singapore.

The second thing that Singapore is doing, to make sure that less people are infected with Zika, is to use known mosquito repelling methods like mosquito traps, mosquito nets and screens and mosquito repellent, to ensure that people are as safe form Zika and Dengue as possible. For example, the famous condo complex construction site – The Sims Urban Oasis – where recently almost 40 workers contracted Zika virus, has placed about 500 mosquito traps around the construction sight and the workers’ dorms, put up mosquito nets in front of the windows in the dorms and implicated an obligatory three layer mosquito protection for the workers during the work hours, where they have to wear two types of mosquito patches and reapply mosquito repellent every hour. And hopefully soon other construction sites and workplaces will implement similar mosquito protection measures, so they can ensure that their employees are safe from mosquito-borne diseases.

And lastly a Singapore jewelry brand called “Yu Ahn” is also now creating jewelry that has the ability to repel mosquitoes. mosquito repelling jewelryYes, different mosquito repelling bracelets have been around for some time now, however they usually are simple rubber bands, infused with mosquito repellent. But Yu Ahn are producing elegant, beautiful jewelry pieces – bracelets and necklaces – whose pendants are made from refillable citronella oil balls. And since citronella oil is commonly known as good and long lasting mosquito repellent, only one of these balls will last you about seven days. The jewelry line is inspired by green gemstone jade which in Chinese culture is used to ward off evil spirits, but in the case of this jewelry will ward of evil mosquitoes that are spreading Zika and Dengue, so everyone can be safe of these diseases while not sacrificing their style or having to reapply mosquito repellent every few hours.

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