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Thermal foggers are one of the most popular picks among consumers. These foggers operate with the help of a propane tank or electricity, which is where the name comes from – propane thermal fogger or electric thermal fogger. These kinds of foggers use energy (electricity or propane) to produce the necessary power to evaporate the liquid. When turned on, the machine will turn the insecticide into a dense and powerful fog. The droplets produced by thermal foggers are much smaller than those produced by aerosol cans, so they remain airborne for longer periods.

Therefore, propane thermal foggers are suitable for larger, less precise areas. Because the fogger uses propane to produce the fog, you’ll be able to walk around freely and treat any area. You can even take the fogger to a campsite, picnic site, or any other area that you want to have mosquito- and insect-free without needing to worry about electrical outlets.

Instead of propane, an electric fogger uses electricity, so you’ll need to plug this fogger into a power outlet to be able to use it. This is a big downside for some people because you’ll have to drag that power cord along while working. On the upside, you won’t need to buy propane tanks, which can run out. As long as you have electricity, you’ll be able to fog your surroundings and live a mosquito-free life.

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