• Category – Thermal fogger
  • Type – Propane
  • Manufacturer – Cutter
  • Weight – 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg)
  • Dimensions – 17.5x6x9.5 inches (44x15x24 cm)
  • Material – Plastic
  • Capacity of container – 32 oz (0.95 l)
  • Auto ignite button – Yes
  • Propane gas cylinder – Not included
  • Additional info – Made in the USA


Thermal foggers in combination with a powerful insecticide are one of the best ways to kill mosquitoes outdoors. This Cutter propane insect fogger is a tool that uses hot or thermal fogging techniques to vaporize insecticide formula into tiny particles that can penetrate even the smallest places outdoors. Insect fogger can provide hours of mosquito-free time and the fogging process does not take a lot of time. The Cutter fogger works with a propane gas, so this is as a portable unit and there are no wires needed to power the tool. The fogger is intended for outdoor use only. Cutter thermal mosquito fogger is made in the USA.


The body of the fogging unit is made from a light but durable plastic material and the burner is made from a stainless steel. This fogger is a one-piece unit because the solution tank is built into the body of the fogger and cannot be detached as on most thermal and ULV foggers. On the top of the unit, there is a large handle for carrying the fogger around more easily. As the fogging unit is pretty light it does not come with a carrying strap, so you will need to hold it in hand when fogging. Under the handle, you will find a large fogging trigger that, when pressed, pumps insecticide from the solution tank into the coil to vaporize the liquid and output it as a fog.

On the front of the fogger there is a burner which consists of a coil that is heated up with a propane gas and vaporizes the fogging solution, a basket around the coil that protects you from accidentally touching the hot coil, a nozzle at the end of the burning assembly where the insecticide is released into air as a cloud of fog. To light the fogger there is an auto ignite button on the side of the fogger, which lights a spark to the coil when pressed. This is why you don’t have to place a lighter or match to the coil to light it manually up as seen on other thermal foggers. However, if the auto ignite button does not work for some reason, you can still light it manually using a match or a lighter.

The solution container is built into the body of the fogger and has got a 32 oz (0.95 l) capacity. You can fill insecticide into the container through a sealed opening at one side of the fogger. A propane cylinder must be inserted at the back of the unit for the fogger to work. Cutter propane fogger does not include a propane cylinder when you purchase it, so you will need to purchase it separately. This fogger can be used with both tall 14.1 oz (0.41 l) and short 16.4 oz (0.48 l) propane cylinders. On the side of the fogger, you will find a fuel control valve, which allows to increase or decrease the fuel supply to the fogger.


The Cutter propane fogger works at very high temperatures, so there are some safety concerns you need to be aware of when using the fogger. First, don’t use the fogger indoors or around easily flammable objects, because it might occasionally spit a small fireball through the nozzle that might cause a fire risk if used in indoor place. Also, the heat assembly of the fogger will get very hot when fogging, so don’t touch it with your hands or you can get burnt.

The usage of the fogger is pretty easy and the same as with other thermal foggers there are few things to note. Fill the insecticide solution into the container, but do not overfill it and make sure that there is enough liquid for the pump to reach it. When the insecticide has been filled into the container you can attach a propane cylinder to the back of the fogger. Make sure there aren’t any dust on the end of the cylinder when you insert it into the fogger. Then open the fuel valve a bit until you hear the gas flow and press the auto ignite button that should light the burner of the fogger. Allow the unit to heat up for about a minute before starting to fog. To fog press the fogging trigger that is going to pump insecticide from the container to the coil, where it will get heated and released through the nozzle forming a thick and dense cloud of fog in white color. If the fog comes out brown or yellow or the insecticide is dripping through the nozzle, stop fogging and check the usage instructions that came with the product. To turn the fogger off simply close the fuel valve and wait for a few minutes until the fogger stops outputting fog. After successful fogging, you should have hours of mosquito-free time. For longer effect, you should repeat the fogging every couple of days for a few weeks depending on the insecticide used. For more information check the label of insecticide solution you are using.

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Size and weight

The size of this Cutter propane insect fogger is 17.5x6x9.5 inches (44x15x24 cm) and the weight of the unit is approximately 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg).