What is Integrated Pest Control?

Integrated Pest Control, also known as Integrated Pest Management, is a holistic and eco-friendly approach to pest control that employs the use of several pest control methods in conjunction with a deep knowledge of the biology, life cycle and interaction of the target pest(s) with its environment to formulate an approach that is very efficient at controlling the pests while posing the least possible threat to the environment or humans.

Best Insecticides for Foggers

Best Insecticides for Foggers that are Surprisingly Effective

Fogger insecticide is one of the most important parts of efficiently getting rid of mosquitoes and hundreds or other pests, because the insecticide is the thing that gives the fog, produced by a fogger, the insect killing abilities. So if you are looking for the most efficient, safest and overall the best insecticide, see this list of the best fogger insecticides.

Sevin Insecticide

Sevin Bug Killer Insecticide Review

This Sevin insecticide is one that not only goes a long way, because you need to use no more than 1.5 ounces of the insecticide concentrate on a gallon of water for it to be very efficient, but it is able to kill around 100 different insect species and will last up to few weeks depending on the weather conditions, letting you have insect-free outdoors space to enjoy. So don’t hesitate to choose this Sevin insecticide over other similar ones.

raid insecticide

Raid Flying Insect Killer Insecticide Review

When you are in the need for an insecticide that comes in ready-to-use packaging and can be used indoors as well as outdoors to get rid of most flying insects, then this Raid Insecticide will be the most bang for your buck. The insecticide comes with a nozzle that allows you to apply the insecticide in a very precise manner, targeting even tight corners of your house or backyard, and the effect of this insecticide will last up to 4 weeks.

talstar insecticide

Talstar insecticide review

The full name for this Talstar insecticide is Talstar P or Talstar PRO insecticide and it called that because this is a unique all in one insecticide solution that can be used to combat up to 75 different pest species in many different areas from your backyard outdoors to your living room or kitchen indoors.