• Manufacturer: Bayer Environmental Science
  • Bottle capacity: 1 pint (473 ml)
  • Solution made: Up to 64 gallons (242 l)
  • Active ingredient: Deltamethrin
  • For use in: outdoors and indoors
  • Pet safe: Yes, after dried (30 minute drying time)
  • Residue: No
  • Odor: No
  • Target pests: Mosquitoes, Ants, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, roaches, moths, beetles, gnats, hornets, worms, etc.


The manufacturer of this Suspend insecticide is a well-known insecticide manufacturer called Bayer Environmental Science. They are one of the Bayer CorpsScience LP divisions that pays special attention to the environment and creating products that won’t harm it. Suspend is one of their insecticide brands, which will help battle a range of different insects without leaving a trace.

Suspend insecticide review

The abbreviation SC in this Suspend SC insecticide title stands for suspension concentrate (SC), which is a common and very popular liquid insecticide formulation type used by most professional insect control firms. The suspension concentrates are made by suspending ground particles in water or oil, but in the case of this particular insecticide the suspension happened in water making this Suspend insecticide a water based insecticide.

Active ingredient in this insecticide is one called Deltamethrin. It is a synthetically made parathyroid ester insecticide, meaning that it acts by poisoning the central nervous system of insects. Once the poison is in the insect system, their nerve cells become too excited, causing them paralysis and afterwards death. Deltamethrin is one of the most commonly used insecticides in the world of insect control, because it is not only efficient but safe, too.

Suspend InsecticideIt is worth mentioning that Deltamethrin based insecticides play a key role in malaria control, because these insecticides are very efficient in malaria vector control such as mosquitoes. Unfortunately in areas where Deltamethrin based treatments are used very often, pests have been able to develop a kind of resistance to this ingredient, but this shouldn’t concern areas where insecticides based on this substance like the Suspend SC insecticide are used every few months.

Although this insecticide, like most of them are very toxic to obviously insects, but also to aquatic creatures like fish, which means that you need to make sure that it doesn’t seep into any water where fish live, it is safe for humans and pets. However, since it has neurotoxic characteristics, it isn’t recommended to use around pregnant woman and highly allergic people especially in liquid form as that can cause some health problems to them.

Because the active ingredient makes up about 4,75 % of the all substances used in the making of this Suspend insecticide, it is able to provide efficiency and longevity without being overly potent. The approximate working time for the insecticide (after it is applied and dried for about 30 minutes) is around 90 days. And it won’t leave any residue or odor, which is great if you want to apply it indoors and even in areas where you store and handle food like kitchens, restaurants and such. And after this 3 month period you can re-apply it, extending its efficiency period.

The Suspend insecticide will target insects starting with more common ones like mosquitoes, ants, spiders and fleas, to those that are more an occasional occurrence in our daily lives like termites, bedbugs, roaches, hornets and so on. Overall this insecticide will be able to kill 50 different insect species (full list of all the species here) indoors and outdoors.

Bayer recommends using a handheld or a backpack pump sprayer to apply this insecticide, but you can chose to use other applying methods like a cold fogger, too. Just make sure that you dilute 0.25 to 1.5 ounces (7.39 ml to 44.36 ml) of the Suspend insecticide in a gallon of water, depending on how strong you want your solution. With this gallon you will be able to spray approximately 1,000 square feet (92.9 square meters), but since the bottle comes with 1 pint of the insecticide concentrate inside, you will be able to use it for a long time. Don’t forget to shake the diluted solution once in a while during the application to make sure it is fully mixed and wear protective clothing as well as glasses and a respirator to prevent the insecticide from getting on your skin or in your mouth or eyes.

After you have done spraying, make sure that you don’t store the insecticide in direct sunlight or places that get extremely hot or cold ad this will damage the insecticide making it inefficient.

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Insecticide that can handle 50 different pest species and will be efficient for up to 3 months after applying is this Suspend insecticide by Bayer. Among its great features are the fact that it is safe for humans and pets, leaves no residue or odor and will last you a long time, because just 1.5 ounces will be enough to make a gallon of insecticide solution and spray a 1,000 square feet area. It will be hard to find better insecticide than this.