Spectracide Triazicide 95829 review


  • Capacity – 32 oz (0.95 l)
  • Effect duration – approx. 4 weeks depending on type of insects
  • Mixing with other ingredients before use – Mix with water
  • Active ingredients – 0.08% Gamma-Cyhalothrin
  • Effective for – Outdoor pests and insects such as mosquitoes, bugs, ants, fleas, ticks, grubs, crickets, worms, beetles, flies
  • Compatibility with foggers – ULV, Thermal foggers that work with water based solutions
  • Areas where allowed to use – Outdoors only


Spectracide Triazicide is an insecticide solution used to kill and repel many of outdoor pests. The solution can be used to kill over 260 listed insects, so this is a really universal solution. However, we can immediately say that it won’t work for every pest you can find in your backyard. For example, many users have reported the solution to be ineffective for an ant problem as it will work only on specific species of ants. For all a list of the insects the Spectracide Triazicide solution works on, read the product label. Other than that, this is a really effective insecticide, especially for mosquito and other insect control.

Spectracide Triazicide comes in a 32 oz (0.95 l) bottle and costs approx. 8 dollars. The solution is concentrated and should be diluted with water for usage. For mosquito control, this insecticide provides a long lasting protection and after a successful misting session you should have a mosquito-free backyard. The misting can be repeated after few weeks to keep the mosquitoes away. As mentioned this insecticide is made to kill all sorts of pests that live outdoors, so it can primarily be used on the lawn. The active ingredient in Spectracide Triazicide insect killer is Gamma-Cyhalothrin chemical in 0.08% concentrations. Previously the solution contained Gamma-Cyhalothrin chemical in 0.25% concentration, which kills insects on contact, but due to safety, they have reduced the amount of active ingredient in the solution. However, the insecticide still works great for mosquito control applications. The effect of spraying could last for 4 and more weeks, but it depends on the type of pests you are trying to eliminate.

The fogging solution is safe to use on vegetation such as plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, flowers and also does not leave stains on most materials, although when misting around the house where there are specific surface materials, make sure to test the solution on a small part of the material to ensure that it does not leave any stains. The insecticide comes with clear usage instructions. Also, the company offers to refund money if the solution is ineffective for pest control, which is a nice gesture and shows that Spectracide stands by the quality of their products.

On what to use

Spectracide Triazicide can be used on many outdoor pests and insects such as mosquitoes, bugs, ants, fleas, ticks, grubs, crickets, worms, beetles, flies etc. The solution not only kills insects above the ground but also in the ground. For a more precise list of insects, the solution works on, read the label of the product. Also, the solution will work only on the specific type of ants. We have provided a copy of the label just below with the species of ants on which the solution is effective.

insecticide ants

Where to use

Spectracide Triazicide insecticide can be used outdoors only. You can use it on lawns, vegetation, landscape and other places outdoors.

Compatibility with foggers

The solution comes as a concentrate and needs to be diluted with water for usage. This means that it can be used with ULV foggers and thermal foggers that can spray water-based solutions. Remember to clean the fogger after spraying the insecticide, so it does not get damaged by the chemicals.

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How to use

Spectracide Triazicide insecticide comes with clear usage instructions that you should carefully read before usage. Here are some general rules how to use this insecticide. For the best effect of mosquito control few hours before fogging wet down the grass and make sure that next days won’t have a heavy rain. Mix 1.5 oz (44 ml) of the solution with 1 gallon (3.8 l) of water and fill into the fogger. When fogging make sure to thoroughly cover all areas mosquitoes might be hiding, including tree foliage, vegetation, long grass, dark and humid areas around the house and other places, don’t fog while it rains outside. Repeat the fogging after few weeks for long-term effect. It is recommended to spray the insecticide solution the first time insects appear for best results.

The insecticide contains chemicals that are dangerous to humans and animals, so apply with extra caution and do not allow kids and pets to go into the fogged areas unit they are completely dry. Use protective gloves when working with an insecticide. Make sure to keep the solution clear form children. Store the fogging solution in a cool and dry place.

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    1. Hi Joe,
      No, quite the opposite, you shouldn’t let the sprayed area get wet at least 24 hours after spraying. But you can water the area you are going to be spraying beforehand for a better effect.

  1. What if it fell on my clothes and I dusted it off really good, wipes myself with baby wipes and then breast fed? Can it harm the baby?

    1. Since the Spectracide concentrate got on you clothes not on your skin, then you should be fine as long as you wash your hands and don’t let your baby come in contact with the area where you spilled the liquid.

    1. Hi Paula,
      This products along with Lawns Granules is harmful to pets only when wet. And if you use both the concentrate and the granules you give double dose of the Pesticide to your Chihuahuas. But as long as they don’t run around the treated area while it is still wet, you shouldn’t have any problems. (Although I cannot rule out that your dogs could be allergic to these products either.)
      I would advise you to use the products when you know it is going to rain soon, or water the treated area afterwards. This will not only make the products more efficient, as the active ingredients will get the chance to soak into your soil, but it will also wash the products off of the grass, making it completely safe for you and your pets to enjoy.

  2. I have some granular grains of Trizicide I plan to spread it around my vegetable garden. Assuming this chemical gets into the subsurface, and thus the roots of my vegetables, is there any danger I a poisenig myself when I eat these vegetables?

    1. David, I wouldn’t recommend use the product around vegetables, because it does contain insecticide called Gamma-Cyhalothrin and therefore can be toxic to humans if ingested.

    1. Since this product is in fact harmful to aquatic life, I would keep a good distance from your pond and stream, since you not only shouldn’t spray Spectracide near water, but you also shouldn’t let any runoff water that contains this product to reach the water.

  3. I used the concentrate hooked to my water hose but after covering about 3,000 sq ft TWO times the triazicide bottle is still almost full

    1. Hi Patsy,
      Spectracide is highly toxic to both bees and fish (or any other aquatic organism). And even though the label of the product doesn’t mention birds, I would still use caution when using it around birds, because this product is harmful to humans and domestic animals if it is swallowed.

    1. The product is harmful if swallowed. I would suggest you call Poison Control Center or doctor for treatment advice. Have your mom sip a glass of water if she is able to swallow. Do not induce vomiting unless your doctor tells you to do so. And make sure you have the product label with you when you call the Poison Control Center or your doctor for a consultation.

  4. Why can i not use this product inside? Could I not dilute it down a little more and leave the windows and doors open? My children will be in school when I were to apply it and they would be gone 7 and a half- 8 hours.

    1. The reason why you shouldn’t use this product indoors is that it is harmful to pets and children if they get in contact with the product before it has had time to dry, absorb and break down. There are many other great indoors pesticides that are designed to be used inside. I would recommend you using one of them.

    1. The Spectracide Triazicide granules are not meant to be used indoors. They are, however, efficient outdoors to get rid of everything from ticks to fleas, ants, grubs, you name it.

      1. I need something for inside and not harmful to me and my kids.would you happen to know of anything i can put inside ???

  5. im curious in how much i may have diluted my triazicde application?
    i mowed yesterday, late afternoon 4-5ish pm. my sprinklers water on every even #’d days at 4am for a 10 minute watering duration, per section. weather has good days: 80’s to mid 80’s, evenings cool: high 40’s to low 50’s. your thoughts?
    tks much!

    1. It is recommended that you apply Spectracide Triazicide in calm weather and let it dry for at least 24 hours before applying any water to the treated area. So if your sprinklers came on even for 10 minutes before the 24 hours had passed, they probably diluted it quite a bit. Mowing and temperature changes don’t really dilute this product.

    1. I doubt you will be able to scrape it out. I suggest you wait at least 21 days to a month before you harvest your veggies after you have sprayed the surrounding area with Spectracide.

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