• Manufacturer: GardenTech
  • Bottle Capacity: 32 ounces (946 ml)
  • Insecticide Form: Liquid concentrate
  • Target Pests: Mosquitoes, Japanese Beetles, Fleas, Spiders, Earwigs, Leafhoppers, Armyworms, Ants, Ticks, Wasps, Moths, etc.
  • Active Ingredients: zeta-Cypermethrin
  • Use: Outdoors only


The manufacturer of this Sevin insecticide is a company by the name of GardenTech who is one of the biggest insecticide and gardening solution manufacturers in the U.S. They own brands like Over’n Out! Advanced, Daconil, RootBoost as well as Sevin, which we will be discussing here. Sevin, specifically, is an insecticide brand under which GardenTech makes professional, high-grade, highly efficient insect control products.

Sevin Insecticide Review

This Sevin insecticide is an effective and highly concentrated insecticide that is able to kill more than 500 different pest species. (You can find a full list of Sevin insecticide target insects here.) It will leave your outdoor spaces free of most insects (except ticks) for up to three months.

The main reason why this particular insecticide is so efficient is the active ingredient of this product. This ingredient is zeta-cypermethrin. It is a fairly new synthetic pyrethroid that kills insects on contact and provides swift results. Unfortunately, it also kills honeybees and other beneficial insects as well as most fish and aquatic invertebrates. In addition, as it can be toxic to humans if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin, it should only be used outdoors.

Sevin InsecticideAs this Sevin spray insecticide contains only about 0.35% zeta-cypermethrin and it is a non-systemic insecticide it can also be used on vegetables, fruits, and in gardens because it will effectively kill the insects that target those areas, without seeping through the fruit or vegetable skins, penetrating their tissue and making them inedible. However, it is still recommended that you rinse your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them if they have been treated with this or any other insecticide to make sure that you don’t ingest any of the remaining insecticide particles.

One of the greatest things about this particular insecticide is the bottle that it comes in. It is specially designed to make it easy to add the appropriate amount of insecticide to a gallon of water without having to touch the product. You can use up to 4 ounces (118.2 ml) of the insecticide for each gallon (3.78 liters) of water depending on how insect-infested your outdoor area is. Because you only have to use fairly a small amount of this Sevin insecticide each time, the 32-ounce bottle will go a long way and last a long time.

The recommended application methods for this Sevin insecticide are a pump style sprayer, a dial-style sprayer or a concentrate plus water hose-end sprayer, because these types of sprayers will ensure that the insecticide is evenly distributed and applied in a thick enough layer, to allow it to be able to kill all of the pests it comes in contact with. But you can also try to use the insecticide-water solution in a cold fogger set on the largest droplet size so that insecticide doesn’t vaporize before settling on the plants in the area you are spraying.

Because this insecticide is broken down by the environment quite easily, make sure that you apply the product in fairly calm weather without a lot of wind and definitely without any precipitation. You should also aim for a window of least 24 hours with no precipitation after the application of this spray insecticide, to allow it to dry thoroughly and take effect, thereby allowing it to last longer. Always remember to shake the insecticide solution before use to make sure it has been mixed with water because even though it is a water-based insecticide, it can still not mix properly if just added to water without shaking.

Also, you should wear gloves, long clothing, protective glasses, and a respirator, if possible, as these will protect you from inhaling the insecticide solution and from it coming into contact with your skin, which could cause a severe allergic reaction. Also, make sure to allow at least 7 days to pass before you treat the area with the Sevin insecticide again to give the treated area time to breathe a little and for the insecticide to break down enough for the area to be ready for spraying again.

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This Sevin insecticide not only goes a long way because you need to use no more than 4 ounces of the insecticide concentrate per gallon of water for it to work, but it is also able to kill around 500 different insect species. Depending on the weather conditions, it can last a couple of months between applications leaving your outdoors spaces insect-free for your enjoyment. So don’t hesitate to choose this Sevin insecticide over other similar options.