Sevin Insect Killer Insecticide Review

Sevin Insecticide Review


  • Manufacturer: GardenTech
  • Bottle Capacity: 32 ounces (946 ml)
  • Insecticide Form: Liquid concentrate
  • Target Pests: Mosquitoes, Japanese Beetles, Fleas, Spiders, Earwigs, Leafhoppers, Armyworms, Ants, Ticks, Wasps, Moths, etc.
  • Active Ingredients: zeta-Cypermethrin
  • Use: Outdoors only


The manufacturer of this Sevin insecticide is a company by the name of GardenTech who is one of the biggest insecticide and gardening solution manufacturers in the U.S. They own brands like Over’n Out! Advanced, Daconil, RootBoost as well as Sevin, which we will be discussing here. Sevin, specifically, is an insecticide brand under which GardenTech makes professional, high-grade, highly efficient insect control products.

Sevin Insecticide Review

This Sevin insecticide is an effective and highly concentrated insecticide that is able to kill more than 500 different pest species. (You can find a full list of Sevin insecticide target insects here.) It will leave your outdoor spaces free of most insects (except ticks) for up to three months.

The main reason why this particular insecticide is so efficient is the active ingredient of this product. This ingredient is zeta-cypermethrin. It is a fairly new synthetic pyrethroid that kills insects on contact and provides swift results. Unfortunately, it also kills honeybees and other beneficial insects as well as most fish and aquatic invertebrates. In addition, as it can be toxic to humans if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin, it should only be used outdoors.

Sevin InsecticideAs this Sevin spray insecticide contains only about 0.35% zeta-cypermethrin and it is a non-systemic insecticide it can also be used on vegetables, fruits, and in gardens because it will effectively kill the insects that target those areas, without seeping through the fruit or vegetable skins, penetrating their tissue and making them inedible. However, it is still recommended that you rinse your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating them if they have been treated with this or any other insecticide to make sure that you don’t ingest any of the remaining insecticide particles.

One of the greatest things about this particular insecticide is the bottle that it comes in. It is specially designed to make it easy to add the appropriate amount of insecticide to a gallon of water without having to touch the product. You can use up to 4 ounces (118.2 ml) of the insecticide for each gallon (3.78 liters) of water depending on how insect-infested your outdoor area is. Because you only have to use fairly a small amount of this Sevin insecticide each time, the 32-ounce bottle will go a long way and last a long time.

The recommended application methods for this Sevin insecticide are a pump style sprayer, a dial-style sprayer or a concentrate plus water hose-end sprayer, because these types of sprayers will ensure that the insecticide is evenly distributed and applied in a thick enough layer, to allow it to be able to kill all of the pests it comes in contact with. But you can also try to use the insecticide-water solution in a cold fogger set on the largest droplet size so that insecticide doesn’t vaporize before settling on the plants in the area you are spraying.

Because this insecticide is broken down by the environment quite easily, make sure that you apply the product in fairly calm weather without a lot of wind and definitely without any precipitation. You should also aim for a window of least 24 hours with no precipitation after the application of this spray insecticide, to allow it to dry thoroughly and take effect, thereby allowing it to last longer. Always remember to shake the insecticide solution before use to make sure it has been mixed with water because even though it is a water-based insecticide, it can still not mix properly if just added to water without shaking.

Also, you should wear gloves, long clothing, protective glasses, and a respirator, if possible, as these will protect you from inhaling the insecticide solution and from it coming into contact with your skin, which could cause a severe allergic reaction. Also, make sure to allow at least 7 days to pass before you treat the area with the Sevin insecticide again to give the treated area time to breathe a little and for the insecticide to break down enough for the area to be ready for spraying again.

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This Sevin insecticide not only goes a long way because you need to use no more than 4 ounces of the insecticide concentrate per gallon of water for it to work, but it is also able to kill around 500 different insect species. Depending on the weather conditions, it can last a couple of months between applications leaving your outdoors spaces insect-free for your enjoyment. So don’t hesitate to choose this Sevin insecticide over other similar options.


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Is there a way to use Sevin to deter wasps from taking over my 3rd floor balcony? Sevin is an effective insecticide for gardens & lawns, but is it ONLY for use on plants?

I need to reclaim my balcony. Other than wasps, the only thing on my balcony is a stationary air conditioning unit (exposed) and the air intake vent to the forced air unit. No plants. I can’t use my balcony at all because wasps take it over & keep control. I need a way to get rid of wasps without poisoning myself! What can I do???


    Hi Rosemary,
    As far as I know, yes, Sevin is effective against wasps. However, the label of the product says that you shouldn’t use it indoors, so I am not sure if this treatment would be the best course of action for treating your balcony, which is adjacent to your apartment. I would recommend you to look into other insecticides, that might be a bit more efficient in your case. I can advise you to check out the EcoSMART Wasp and Hornet Killer or Prescription Treatment Pressurized Insecticide.
    Hope this helps!

    Bryan Van Horn

    We have used a “waspinator”, a fake wasp nest, with success. New wasps are intimidated by an “established large nest”.


    Thanks, I’ll try that!


I’m tired of cockroaches in my house what is the best insect killer to get rid of cockroaches.


Will seven kill walnut husk fly


    Although the label of the product doesn’t specify that it kills Walnut Husk Fly, since it kills so many other different insects, including other fly varieties, then I would say that it might work on Walnut Husk Flies as well.


Will seven dust kill black ants


    As long as the are not harvester, carpenter or Pharaoh ants, Sevin should work on them.


I need to get this out there. And I am going tostart here. Yes I always use as directed. 7-Dust and 7- Concentrate does not work on anything it states it is suppose to work on here in Yuma, AZ. I spent years in Michigan and it was always my first choice. Never again. What ever bugs are on the lable. It does not get rid of them, I am so dissappointed.


    Sorry to hear that! It’s interesting, though, how it worked for you in Michigan and how now it doesn’t work for you in Arizona. I would recommend for you to try contacting GardenTech, who manufactures Sevin, maybe they will have an idea why it is so.

    paul hilton

    Read the label carefully. You want to use the one that has Zeta-Cypermethrin – 0.35%. I use it at 1/2 strength and add some neem oil. VERY EFFECTIVE!




    Sevin should kill Tawny crazy ants. As for how to kill ant nest, unfortunately, I am not an expert in this, so I can’t really help you in this matter, but there are many great resources on the internet that do explain how to make sure that the ants don’t come back after treatment.


Does it kill Crane fly (Leather jackets) which part of the grub family ?


    Sevin should kill Crane flies, when they come in contact with the product.


will this kill ticks and fleas and if so for how long


    It definitely will kill Ticks and Fleas! And it should work for several weeks, as long as you let the product dry for at least 24 full hours.


Does Sevin kill fire ants? And can I put it directly on the fire ant colony mound?


    Sevin does kill fire ants, yes! The only ants it doesn’t kill is harvester, carpenter, and Pharaoh ants. And although Sevin is intended to be used as a perimeter treatment, I believe you can apply it to the fire ant colony mound. Although a better practice would be to spray Sevin on the area around the mound because this way it is more likely that the ants will come into contact with Sevin and be killed by it.


    Can Sevin spray be used safely on collard greens?


    As for Collards, the label suggests you shouldn’t use the spray 1 day before the harvest. Also, make sure to always check the label and follow all the instructions mentioned there!


It would be nice if Sevin provided a list of plants that are phytotoxic with Sevin. Sprayed a greenhouse full of flats of small plants and Sevin burned a lot of them and stunted others. Very unhappy with this product. I deliberately didn’t use Neem or Insecticidal Soap because of the oils in those; was not aware Sevin is an oil. I thought it was water soluable like Spinosad. Lesson learned.


    Sorry to hear that, Norm. Indeed lesson learned. Hope you manage to rebuild your greenhouse garden.


Will Sevin kill aphids(sp) . Can it be used on Sucullents?


    Yes, Sevin should kill aphids. And I don’t see a reason why not to use it on succulents if it can even be used on veggie plants.

susan boehm

I bought the “Sevin” insect killer ready to use, 1 gallon pump spray for $17.21 at Tractor Supply. Followed all directions by reading all directions, then shook the container gently and proceeded to spray my prettiest flowers.
Within 15 minutes all the flowers and leaves sprayed had turned brown, curled up and died. I was so appalled……….could not believe my eyes!
After about an hour, I sprayed a few more plants, mostly wild flowers…..and much too my sadness and anger…………watched them curl up turn brown and die!!!!!!
Not finding ANY phone number anywhere on the directions for Sevin headquarters, I brought the container back to Tractor Supply, along with a bag of the murdered flowers. They promptly refunded my money……………and said they would remove all products remaining on their shelves.
Cannot believe how deadly and powerful this is and wonder WHY it is even on the market!


    So sorry this happened to you and your flowers, Susan! You should contact GardenTech, who manufactures Sevin, about this and make sure they are aware of what Sevin did to your flowers.

jose rodriguez

this stuff is crap. the dispenser stopped working, and it burned the leaves killing my garden.


    So sorry to hear that, Jose. Lately, there have been quite a few mentions of Sevin burning plants and killing them, so I’d recommend you contact Sevin manufacturers (GardenTech) and voice your concerns to them since we are not responsible for formulating or manufacturing the product.


Does anyone know if I can spray Seven on my pine trees to prevent a pine beetle infestation? We got a neighborhood notification that someone has been infested with this beetle. It has attacked so much of Colorado. Our forests are getting inundated with these creatures.


    The label of the product mentions that Sevin does combat the Pine and Spruce Engraver Beetles among other common pine tree bugs. However, the manufacturer also doesn’t recommend that you apply this product to trees taller than 10 feet. Sevin should mainly be used as a spot treatment for pest infestations on trees. For further clarification, I’d recommend you to contact the manufacturer directly.


What is the best product to use against carpenter ants?


    Check out our article on top termite sprays. Most of the products listed there can be used not only on termites but on carpenter ants as well.

Pat Wilcox

What is the shelf life. I have had some for 3 years and stored it in shed during winter. I live in Michiganand we have cold winters. I am wondering if it is any good now?


    The manufacturer says that the Sevin concentrate can last up to 5 years provided that the bottle is kept out of direct sunlight and the lid is screwed on tight. So your bottle should still be good. Just shake the concentrate before using it again.


can you dissolve sevin granuals in water to spray it


    No, the granules will likely not dissolve.

Keith Kendall

will seven concentrate kill cabbage worm (etc) eggs


    No, most insecticides will have trouble dealing with eggs.

Dave Flodeb

This spray seems to be completely worthless on Japanese Beetles! Using the sprayer that comes with it I sprayed it directly on the beetles sitting on my raspberry plants. They simply either set there or fly off and return. It was a waste of money. I have now started using the beetle traps which work very well


    Was the product new, or was there a chance it might have been expired? You also have to make sure you used the right proportions when mixing the product (as provided on the label). Also, how long did you wait to see the results? Cause it won’t always happen immediately.

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