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Secure The Least Protected with Best Baby Mosquito Nets

Children and babies in particular are the ones that are the least protected from mosquitoes and the most susceptible to mosquito-borne diseases, so it is especially important to make sure you provide protection against these insects for them. And one of the best ways how to secure the least protected and insure that our little ones are safe from mosquitoes is to buy mosquito nets for babies.

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Children and babies in particular are the ones that are the least protected from mosquitoes and the most susceptible to mosquito-borne diseases, so it is especially important to make sure you provide protection against these insects for them. And one of the best ways how to secure the least protected and insure that our little ones are safe from mosquitoes is to buy mosquito nets for babies.

mosquito net for baby

Cuddls Mosquito Net

The best and most acclaimed mosquito net for baby in the stroller netting category.

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baby mosquito net

Jolly Jumper Net

The best mosquito net for stroller/car seat hybrid strollers. Made to fit most baby car seats.

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baby mosquito net

Jeep Net Tent

High quality mosquito net that is made to fit any standard sized playpen.

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Cuddls Mosquito Net


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Cuddls Mosquito Net Review

The best and most acclaimed mosquito net for baby in the stroller netting category is this net by Cuddls, because it not only has very high customer ratings, but also low price and great craftsmanship quality.

This baby mosquito net is able to provide 100% protection against all flying and biting insects, because it is made from a light and durable material in white color that not only won’t attract additional mosquitoes, because light colors are known not to lure mosquitoes, but that will also securely fit over any stroller leaving room for the baby to move around. The netting is 40 by 47 inches (101.6 x 119.38 cm) in size, and the edge of it is lined with elastic band so that once you place the net on any stroller, it won’t move until you remove it yourself, because it will fit on most stroller sizes. And you can even adjust it to fit over baby car seats or playpens, adding versatility to the many great characteristics this baby mosquito net has.


Jolly Jumper Net


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Jolly Jumper Net Review

Weather you own one of those stroller/car seat hybrid strollers or just generally tend to use the babies car sear or cradler for the baby to sleep in when you are out and about, then this mosquito net will be suited for you, because it is specially made to fit over most baby car seats, cradlers and even some strollers and playpens.

These mosquito nets for babies are made by Jolly Jumper, a baby product manufacturer with more than a century of experience, who don’t disappoint in the quality of their products. The mosquito netting is made from breathable weave that comes in white color that will feel not-restricting on the car seat, letting through light and fresh air, but will still protect your baby from pestering insects like mosquitoes. The edge of the net is lined with elastic so the baby mosquito net fits securely around the car seat, cradle or stroller and the dimensions for this net are 48 by 48 inches (122 cm x 122 cm), so you will be able to cover even bigger and non-standardised baby carrying units with this mosquito net for babies.


Jeep Net Tent


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Jeep Net Tent Review

If you are looking for best mosquito nets for babies and their playpens, then you should check out these nets by Jeep. Yes, you guessed it, this netting is made by the same company that makes the Jeep cars, so you know that their products will be qualitative and durable, like Jeep vehicles are.

This mosquito net for baby is made to fit any standard sized playpen, because these kind of playpens are offered by most manufacturers. The net will fit snugly and securely around the playpen and will stay put thanks to the elastic around the edge of the net. The material that is used to make this net is soft, white colored mesh, that won’t cause claustrophobic feel to the playpen, and that can easily be machine washed on a gentle cycle. And the manufacturer even includes storage bag for these mosquito nets for babies that will make it easy to store your mosquito netting when your baby doesn’t need it, ensuring that the net lasts you multiple years and doesn’t develop holes.

Other products to consider


OrangeTag Baby Tent


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OrangeTag Baby Tent Review

If you want to purchase a mini tent for your baby that you can use any time you want to spend some time outdoors and so that you don’t have to lug around baby playpen, a good option is to purchase a Baby Tent that comes already equipped with a fully closable mosquito net.

This baby tent is not a necessity, however it is a very nice to have, because it will not only give you a clean space for your baby to play or sleep anywhere you are, but it also provides instant protection from mosquitoes as well as sun, wind and dust. All you have to do is place your baby in the tent and close the mosquito net zipper or leave it open if there are no insects and your baby needs sun or wind protection. Speaking about the netting, the baby mosquito net for this OrangeTag Baby Tent is made out of light mesh, with other components of the tent made from cotton, polyester cloth, oxford cloth and Iron wire that is used to hold the tent upright and in shape. So your child will be safe and comfortable inside of the tent. A cotton padded mattress and pillow comes with the tent so your baby will feel comfortable while sleeping in it and the blue colored tent folds from 42.12 inch long, 25.35 inch wide 19.5 inch high (108 x 65 x 50 cm) tent into a 21.84 by 19.6 inch (58 x 50 cm) circle, so you can take it anywhere and it won’t take up a lot of space in your baggage or even baby’s diaper bag.


STKC Store Baby Crib Net


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STKC Store Baby Crib Net Review

For those who want to keep their babies safe during the night, this Baby Crib Canopy Bed netting will be the best choice. Made by STKC this mosquito net for baby will keep your child safe and will look good in any nursery or bedroom.

Because this baby mosquito net is in a bit different design than other ones covered in this list of the best mosquito nets for babies – this netting has a curtain like design with a foldable ring on the top part of it, which is suspended from the ceiling, so the net drapes along the sides of the crib – it not only will protect you child from mosquitoes, but also will look good as a permanent baby’s crib accessory. The netting itself is made from high quality white mesh cloth with 25 holes per each square centimeter so the netting will let through light and look light and airy, but no mosquitoes or other insects will be able to get through it. And because the ring is approximately 20 inches (51 cm) in diameter and the net is approximately 59 inches (150 cm) long, 31.5 inches (80 cm) wide and 88 inches high (224 cm), it will fit over even bigger cribs and will protect your baby from mosquitoes.

What are mosquito nets for babies?

Baby mosquito net essentially is a net that is placed over baby’s crib, stroller, play tent or car seat to protect the baby from mosquitoes as well as other flying and biting insects that might disturb baby’s time outdoors. These mosquito nets for babies are made from white, light and durable nylon mesh material and equipped with elasticized edges so the net can fit snuggly around the edges of the crib, stroller, tent or car seat and so that it won’t let any mosquito slip through the openings on the edges of the net.

What type of baby mosquito nets are there?

There are five main types of mosquito nets for babies, and each of these nets are meant for a bit different purposes:

  • Baby crib mosquito net – specially made mosquito nets for babies and their cribs, so that they are protected during the night.
  • Playpen baby mosquito net – nets that stretch over the top of baby’s playpen, so that your little ones can play even outside and still be safe from mosquitoes.
  • Baby mosquito net for strollers – netting that stretches over the seat part of a baby strollers and keeps the baby mosquito-bite free during walks and other outings.
  • Mosquito netting for baby car seats/carriers – baby mosquito net that goes over baby car seats or carriers and won’t allow any insect to attack your kids while they are in this seat.
  • Baby tents with mosquito nets – a tent like constructions usually made with padded mattress or floor and a mosquito net for baby, so you can go on trips to the beach, park, campsite or anywhere else and still keep you child away from biting insects.

What to consider when choosing a baby mosquito net?

There are a few things to think about when you are choosing a mosquito net for baby, because each type of mosquito netting serves a bit different purpose and will fit on a different baby accessory.

  • The first thing to know is for which baby sleeping, playing or sitting device you want the mosquito net. As you can see above, there are five different types of mosquito nets and each of them will cater to a specific baby seat, bed or pen.
  • The next thing is to consider the net securing or tying mechanism that each mosquito netting has. These closures range from simple elastic band around the edge of the net, to an elasticized edge with a tie mechanism and even Velcro fastenings, so you have to decide which type of closure will be best suited for your situation.
  • Then there is the size of the mosquito net for baby, which is determined by how big or small your baby’s crib, seat or stroller is.
  • Also you need to think about the situations in which your baby will need a mosquito net, for example if you are big outdoors fan and tend to spend a lot of time at the beach or camping with your little one, then maybe it is worth to not only buy a net for you babies strolled but also buy the baby tent with a mosquito net.
  • And finally if you are worried about the price of a baby mosquito net, then don’t be. Depending on which type of mosquito nets for babies you choose, their price range from as little as 3 dollars to just under 40 dollars for a baby tent with a mosquito net. So really instead of choosing which baby device to equip with a mosquito net, you can just buy a net for all of them that way being 100% sure, that as long as your child is under this net and it is secured around the crib, stroller or seat, there is no way your child can get bitten by a mosquito.

Maintain your mosquito net

Make sure to regularly check your baby mosquito net for holes or gaps in between the net and the object the net is covering, because mosquitoes tend to find even the smallest of cracks to get through. If that happens and a mosquito manages to slip under the net, then the netting actually can cause the mosquito to bite your baby more, since it will think that it is trapped under the net. So don’t let that happen and keep your mosquito nets for babies in good shape!


If you want to keep your child safe from different biting insects like mosquitoes, then you should look into purchasing a baby mosquito net. A mosquito net for babies is a netting that you secure over baby’s stroller, car seat, playpen or even crib, and it keeps the mosquitoes away from the little one. So don’t risk mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases, buy one of the baby mosquito nets and help baby avoid mosquitoes all together.


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