SayByeBugs Reviews – Does SayByeBugs Spray Really Work?

It is a myth that there won’t be any bedbugs if you have clean houses. However, whether you have a clean or dirty place, bedbugs affect your household, including pillows, mattresses, headboards, crevices, or cracks.

SayByeBugs Reviews

It is very challenging to live a peaceful life without itching and irritation by bedbugs. The ultimate solution to get rid of all the bed bugs, pests, and ticks around you is the SayByeBugs spray. 

SayByeBugs gives you an environment-friendly solution that is easy to use, safe, and user-friendly without causing any harmful effects on the pets, children, and ones around you. 

What is SayByeBugs spray?

SayByeBugs is a type of spray which gets rid of all the bed bugs using natural active ingredients rather than harsh pesticides. 

The ingredients used in these products are safe and user-friendly. In addition, this company claims to kill bed bugs at different stages of development ranging from eggs to adults.

SayByeBugs spray is a collection of ingredients to prevent and exterminate bed bugs. It is an ultimate solution for all those people who don’t want to pay for an expensive house the exterminators. It is an easy-to-use and simple solution that is affordable.


SayByeBugs is a spray produced within America and shipped from the Chicago warehouse. The website states that the headquarters of this brand is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. David Login and his partner Armando Legin launched this company in 2010.

Active ingredients

The ingredients used in this product are developed under the supervision of bed bug experts and entomologists. These experts claim that the ingredients used in the formula are enzyme-based and deadly for bed bugs making it a safe choice for pets and humans.

The active ingredients in the SayByeBug spray include:

  • 5% sodium lauryl sulfate
  • 0.7 % citric acid
  • 1% sodium chloride (the chemical name for salt)
  • and potassium sorbate 0.06%

It also includes different ingredients like sodium benzoate 0.1%, urea 0.7%, and inert ingredients, including water. With the wide range of bed bug formulas available in the market, this product is water-based rather than the oil-based formulas of bedbug products.

Does SayByeBug spray work?

SayByeBugs spray is a Highly Effective water-based solution that uses safe ingredients that reacts easily with the exoskeleton of the bedbugs. The reaction between the SayByeBugs spray and exoskeleton results in the destruction of the bedbugs.

Eliminate bed bugs instantly

You will love the SayByeBug spray because it destroys the bedbugs immediately on contact, which means they will die as soon as you spread over the bed bugs.

However, certain situations will take around 10 minutes to around 60 minutes, depending on the bed bug type.


With the wide range of bed bug formulas available in the market, this product is water-based rather than the oil-based formulas of bedbug products.

SayByeBug formula comes with active ingredients like sodium chloride and sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium chloride is the chemical name for salt. When sprayed over the bedbugs, sodium lauryl sulfate and salt result in a deadly effect.

  • According to a study, the entomologists’ society of America found out that any formula with 1.3 % sodium lauryl sulfate killed around 90% of bed bugs spray directly.
  • There was another study published in 2014. Here the researchers found out the efficacy of oil-based pesticides for controlling the bed bug and pest infestation within the property. 
  • It was seen that most of the oil-based formulas were not that effective when compared to the insecticides. However, there was a formula ECORaider which was water-based, and it showed high affectivity.
  • Recently, a new product on the market named SayByeBugs, a Perfect Combination of sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium chloride, makes it a compelling choice for customers.

How to use SayByeBugs spray?

Before we use the SayByeBugs spray, check it well before use. If you forget to shake the spray, you might have ineffective results. During active bedbug breakouts, spray twice or thrice daily in the infested areas. These include:

  • box spring mattresses
  • pillows
  • bed frames
  • headboards
  • closets
  • bed rails
  • furniture
  • carpeting
  • briefcases
  • purses
  • luggage
  • cervices
  • cracks.

Bed bugs and nymphs

If the bed bug infestation persists, use the SayByeBugs Terminator spray to eliminate all bed bugs and nymphs. 

Apply the spray in the infected area at a distance of around 10 feet from the bed, as the bed bugs are usually found hiding in the proximities. 

Follow up after Spraying – Some Key Tips

Be aware that the dormant bed bugs survive for around one year or so if you leave them untreated.

  • Vacuum the entire home and concentrate on areas around furniture, beds, crevices, or cracks.
  • Remove any potential bug attractions
  • Plug leaks and cracks
  • Get rid of perishables and affected food
  • Heat all the clothes and linen at around 118 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 to 90 minutes.

Where to buy Say Bye Bugs spray?

To place the SayByeBugs spray order, you can visit the official web page and go to the order section.

Choose the home size:

and then options of the kit will pop up.

Unfortunately, this spray is not available by any retailers or stores; you need to visit the official page to place your orders.

Cost of the product

SayByeBug spray offers different kit packs. You can choose a six-bottle kit which costs around $19.99 for each bottle, $119.9 in total. You need to pay about $ 33.3 for a three-bottle kit for each bottle.

For a basic bottle kit with two bottles, you need to pay $34.97 for each bottle. If you buy a single bottle, you need to pay around $ 36.95.

Is SayByeBugs safe to breathe for humans or pets?

The sodium compound present in the SayByeBugs spray does not cause harmful effects on humans of ingested. It does not come with an unpleasant taste, and there is no potential risk for humans. 

Salt and sodium might raise blood pressure within mammalian pets and humans while deterring the pets and the kids from drinking, licking or breathing the spray or its chemicals in large quantities.

stain free saybyebugs sprayThe SayByeBugs spray is odor-free and is usually present in pesticides or pungent oils. Apart from it, this spray is stain free and does not affect the furniture, mattresses, or linens. 

SayByeBugs spray is also pyrethrin-free, which is a type of neurotoxin. Pyrethrins are the main components that can cause breathing difficulties, and SayByeBugs spray lacks this ingredient. 

You won’t suffer from headaches, nasal stuffiness, nausea, sneezing, tremors, incoordination, swelling, facial flushing, convulsions, itching, or burning sensation. SayByeBugs is free from such toxic ingredients.

Other SayByeBug bed bug products

Liquid Solutions

SayByeBug liquid solutions

SayByeBugs liquid solution is a perfect bed bug exterminator product that helps eliminate the infestation. It is a comprehensive solution in the formula of 6x16oz bottles. In addition, it is scent-free, stain-free, and comes in a water-based formula.


Saybyebug Mattress Encasements

Protect the bed with premium mattress encasement. The double effect of the mattress encasement prevents the bed bugs from hiding in the mattress, preventing the infestation in the mattress. 

The mattress encasements allow you to sleep comfortably and safely. They are easy to set and simple to use. Minimize the infestation of bed bugs using the mattress encasements. 


saybyebug vacuums

It’s disgusting and challenging to pick up the bed bugs directly with bare hands. To help you get sorted, SayByeBugs is a company that offers bed bug suckers that allow you to get rid of bed bugs without touching them. It is a perfect handy tool that allows you to gather, confine and isolate the bed bugs in a separate area allowing safe and easy removal. 

These bags are designed especially for bed bug treatments and go well due to the construction of the mobile backpack. It also features safe accessories for all surfaces and comes with a powerful sucking capacity in tiny crevices and cracks. 

Bed Bug Traps

saybyebugs bed bug traps

This is another stunning product by the SayByeBugs company. These bed bug traps are great for identifying the bed bug infestation in the house. You can assess the nightly feeding and commutes the bed bugs make near your bed while using the bed traps. Then, detect the infestation severity using the special bed bug traps which come with the prepared compartments.

Free shipping and Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee SayByeBugsSayByeBugs is a company that offers you a money-back guarantee as they ensure that the customers are 100% satisfied with the products. Moreover, you get free shipping on your order. 

It is a tricky task to identify the functionality and effectiveness of the bed bug treatment. We need to appreciate the companies which go the extra mile allowing us to get effective products. However, you need to know that it does not ship directly to Vermont or Maine. 

Get impressed by the A rating of this brand and verified independent customer ratings giving this bed bug terminator company a perfect score. You’ll also get inspired by the 24 hours cooperation of the customer service, leading to effective treatment. What else do you want? Enjoy the 90 days money-back guarantee with the SayByeBugs company. 

Opinion of the public court – SayByeBugs reviews

Customers have mixed opinions if you go through reviews on their website. Most people are happy to receive quality services from highly skilled and experienced technicians. Many customers recommend this product because they have already tried many bug sprays, but they were ineffective. It is the perfect solution for getting rid of bed bugs. There won’t be any new bite marks after spraying it around the bedding and surroundings. No need for cleaning or use scent diffusers when you use this spray.

Here’s the extract of what people have said about the company:

  • I can mention that I found out about this product from a young man driving a tour group. Unfortunately, when I suffered from infestation and unsightly bites at home, I could not get rid of the situation in my household. However, only SayByeBugs spray helped me get rid of those nasty crawlers.
  • Another customer was impressed with this product’s results. He recommended this formula compared to the exterminators because it’s effortless. In addition, you don’t need to hire professional pest control service providers.
  • A household lady states that the SayByeBug spray effectively kills flies and ticks. You won’t see any cockroaches if you ever spray this product on the furniture and rugs to cut down the fleas. According to her, this formula works immediately. You will see that the infestation is stopped within a few days, and over months, you will stay free from any bed bugs.
  • Another happy customer recommends this product for bed bugs. If you have bed bugs or dust mites and use this product, you will be surprised to see that it’s working.
  • Last but not least. The customer reviews suggest that SayByeBug sprays are great for targeting all lifecycle stages of bed bugs.


Does SayByeBugs bed bug product kill bed bug eggs?

Did you know that bed bugs can lay eggs even if they are dead? To eliminate the infestations from the root, you need to spray twice a day for 10 days. 10 days are advised because the incubation period of the eggs lasts about 10 days.

These bugs need five feeds before they can reproduce. Therefore, you need to get rid of them before their 5th feeding, and there will be no more eggs.

Don’t stop there; it’s recommended to continue the spray treatment for a few weeks to ensure that all bugs and eggs have been abolished.

Is SayByeBugs a scam?

When buying new products in the market by different brands, people usually wonder whether they are dealing with the right company. In addition, we typically wonder whether it is a scam or a legit company. 

SayByeBugs is a highly effective formula that immediately destroys the bed bugs by reacting with the exoskeleton of the bugs. 

Apart from this, a website known as a scam detector can detect and identify fake reviews. This website shows that the SayByeBugs website has an authoritative rank of around 58.4, which means it’s an active business without any fake reviews.

Can you use SayByeBugs spray for different pests or insects?

saybyebug for ticksThe components of this spray include sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, and sodium chloride, which help kill the bugs that are damaging to the household. 

The benefits of using the spray are that you can use it to remove the bed bug infestation. You can also use this product for killing ticks, fleas, and some crawling insects.

Can You Spray it directly on your sheets or couch fabric?

Yes, you can spray it directly on the furniture fabric. Unlike other sprays, you can spray this water-based on all surfaces directly. It will not leave stains. For sheets, we recommend using laundry detergent and washing them to eliminate all the bugs and eggs.

Is SayByeBug spray-free from pyrethrin? 

Say bye bugs spray is free from pyrethrins. In different bed bug sprays available on the market, pyrethrins are usually present in bed bug sprays featuring neurotoxins. The pyrethrins result in breathing difficulty, nasal stuffiness, headache, tremors, lack of coordination, nausea, facial flushing, swelling, burning, and itching sensations. SayByeBug sprays are free from such toxins, making them a great choice. 

How long does SayByeBug spray take for performance?

It takes around 10 minutes to 60 minutes for the spray to kill the bed bugs. This spray shows effectiveness in just one spray, making it a practical choice.

Conclusion – Is SayByeBugs bed bug spray worth it? 

SayByeBugs bed spray reviews give an accurate idea about the uses and product ingredients featured in this formula. This is the perfect solution to eliminate all the bed bugs in the region. 

You’ll love this product because it is not harmful to humans. You can easily spray this product without causing any harmful effects on the environment, pets, or children. Moreover, it does not result in any skin allergies for any part of the body if this spray touches you.  

The multiple benefits of using this bug spray make it the perfect choice for people planning to kill the bedbugs around them. In addition, it is a perfect solution to kill all the bed bugs at different life cycle stages.

So, without further delay, choose the perfect solution to get your hands on the bed bug terminator. 

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