Sani-Tizer Electric Cold Fogger Review

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  • Category – Cold fogger
  • Type – ULV fogger
  • Manufacturer – Curtis Dyna-Fog
  • Particle size – 5-50 microns
  • Weight – 6.6 pounds (3 kg)
  • Dimensions – 12x12x14 inches (30.5×30.5×35.6 cm)
  • Material – Plastic
  • Capacity of container – 1 gallon (4 liters)
  • Flex hose – No
  • Output – adjustable from 0–4.5 gallons (0-17 l) per hour
  • Solutions – Water and Oil based
  • Warranty – 18 months


Curtis Dyna-Fog is a company with over 60 years of experience in making different professional fogging equipment from thermal foggers to cold ULV foggers. This particular model Sani-Tizer is an electric ULV fogger. The fogger is created to be used specifically to spray sanitizing and antibacterial solutions to fight with different viruses, molds, mildew and odors. But it can also be used for other tasks such as insect and pest control in indoor and outdoor areas. Sani-Tizer fogger can be used as static or hand-held sprayer. The fogger can be bought in 110/120 volt and 220/240 volt AC versions. This is a high quality product made in the USA that is also used by professionals.


Curtis Dyna-Fog Sani-Tizer is made from a durable and lightweight plastic material. The plastic material of this fogger can handle different fogging and sanitizing liquids that may impact plastic parts of other foggers. On top of the fogger is handle that allows to carry fogger around easier. The handle has got a rubberized surface, so to make it less possible to slip out of a hand while fogging, which may cause a damage to the fogger. This ULV fogger is comfortable to carry around when fogging in opposite to other ULV foggers thanks to the large, rubberized handle.

If you need to use the fogger statically it provides a tilting option to position the head of the fogger. To lock the head in position there is a locking knob on the side of the fogger. Thanks to this mechanism the fogger can be used in multiple angles for more precise spraying.

As this is an ULV fogger, which uses cold fogging techniques, it is powered by an electric motor. The motor is quiet, when compared to larger foggers. Under the handle there is an on/off switch that allows to turn the motor of the fogger on, when you need to fog and off when done fogging.

On the side of the fogger you will find a metering valve that allows to adjust the flow rate of fogging liquid and the droplet sizes the fogger produces. Droplet sizes can be adjusted to fit different applications. The flow rate of Sani-Tizer ULV fogger can be adjusted from 0-4.5 gallons (0-17 l) per hour. This fogger will output droplets from as small as 5 micron range, which is basically a fog up to 50 microns of fine mist. For spraying solutions for sanitizing, odor or mold control you will want to set the metering valve to output larger particles closer to 50 micron range depending on the fogging solution and for spraying insecticides and other insect control solutions, you would need to adjust the metering valve to produce smaller particles closer to 5 micron size, which will be more effective for control of mosquitoes and other smaller insects. To output solution fogger has got three precision nozzles. All three nozzles are located on the front of the fogger and produce precise streams of mist out of the fogger.

On the bottom of the fogger there is 1 gallon (4 liter) translucent plastic solution container. The container provides a low profile design, so it is stable when left on the ground to fog even when the container is close to empty. The fogging solution needs to be filled trough an opening on the top of the container. When you have filled the tank with appropriate fogging solution, close it tightly with a fill cap. Because the solution tank is made from a translucent plastic material, you can easily see and control what amount of fogging solution is left into the container.


The fogging with Curtis Dyna-Fog Sani-Tize fogger is very simple. The fogger can be used as static or hand held fogger. As most other ULV foggers it has got an electric engine, so you must plug the fogger into an electric outlet to work. To start fogging just press the on/off switch that is located on the top of the body of fogger. You can place the fogger statically for automatic fogging and position the fogger for more precise misting by adjusting the angle with tilt knob. The fogger requires low maintenance, clean the solution tank from fogging liquids after each fogging session.

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Size and weight

The size of Sani-Tize electric fogger is 12x12x14 inches (30.5×30.5×35.6 cm) and the weight of the product is 6.6 pounds (3 kg). The manufacturer Curtis Dyna-Fog provides a 1 year limited warranty for Sani-Tizer ULV fogger.



What dose the static foggier do that the non-static fogging is not doing? Other than charging the droplets.


    Some people just find it easier to use static fogger instead of walking around with a hand-held one.

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