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Looking for a flying bug spray that comes in a handy spray can and that can be used indoors and outside? Raid Flying Insect Spray offers the best bang for your buck. The spray has a nozzle to target individual bugs and uses proven active ingredients to ensure its effectiveness.


  • Manufacturer: SC Johnson
  • Capacity (1 pack): 15 ounces (425 grams)
  • Form of Insecticide: Aerosol spray
  • Active Ingredients: d-Phenothrin and Prallethrin
  • Target pests: Mosquitoes, ants, fruit flies, gnats, moths, boxelder bugs, beetles, yellow jackets, wasps and other insects
  • Residue: No
  • Odor: No
  • Use: Outdoors and indoors

How it works?

When you need a fast-acting insecticide to target flying bugs like mosquitoes and fruit flies, look no further than Raid Flying Insect Spray. The spray is water-based and is suitable for use in the home or outdoors wherever you might have a problem with flying bugs.

The active ingredients in this Raid insecticide, the chemicals that will kill the pests, are d-Phenothrin and Prallethrin.

D-Phenothrin is a pyrethroid insecticide. It works by disrupting the nervous system functions in insects, killing them quickly.

Prallethrin is also a pyrethroid insecticide that is commonly used to control mosquitoes, but it can be used to control other bigger insects, too.

D-Phenothrin makes up 0.125% of the insecticide content, and Prallethrin makes up 0.1% of the product, levels that are effective but not harmful to human health.

How to use the Raid Flying Insect Killer?

When used indoors the most effective use of the product is to spray it into the middle of the room, at least three feet (one meter) away from all surfaces. Then, when you’re done spraying the insecticide, leave the room with the doors and windows closed for about two hours.

Make sure you cover any food preparation areas, remove pets, and cover aquariums when preparing the indoor space for spraying. And remember to ventilate the room well once you go back in after spraying.

You can also spray it directly on to wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and Asian lady beetles to kill them instantly if any are roaming around your home.

When using the spray outdoors it’s most effective in calm weather with no rain. The label has detailed information about the precautions to take, so read it carefully.

But just to reiterate, when using this Raid insecticide outside, make sure that there is virtually no wind. A small breeze is acceptable, but if that’s the case then make sure to spray the insecticide with the wind.

After you’re done spraying, let the area dry for a couple minutes and then you can use it without any fear of flying insects ruining your time outdoors.

About the Manufacturer

Raid is manufactured by SC Johnson, a well-known brand producing household brands such as OFF, Glade, Mr. Muscle, and many others.

Raid is one of SC Johnson’s most successful insect control brands. They produce a range of products for mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and many other bugs. Their products are extremely easy to use and very efficient.

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In short, the Raid Insect Killer is one of the best products to use to get rid of a multitude of flying insects quickly and efficiently.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s effective against a range of different pests including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, wasps, yellow jackets and other pests that are not only annoying but can actually endanger our health. And it is very easy to apply.

So why not give the Raid Flying Insect Killer a shot?


Laura Rosenberg

If it is harmless to humans, why do you need protective gloves, clothing and a respirator?


    Because it still is a chemical that you don’t want to inhale, get directly on your skin or in your eyes.


    At the moment it’s the only thing that works that I even can use on my skin. Seeing as how pyrethrins and permethrins are used in flea and tick products for cats and dogs I’ll take my chances – I had to find something that will either repel everything that’s been biting me that I’m allergic to, or risk getting Yellow Fever or Dengue Fever or something else. Bugs here in Mexico carry diseases that will kill me; pyrethrins won’t. It’s also a financial thing; good ol’ Raid costs way less than a hospital visit for Yellow Fever or Dengue Fever.


Where should I spray it if I don’t know where they are coming from


    I would suggest to start spraying spaces close to windows and doors. And if that doesn’t help then you will just have to try and figure out from where the bugs are coming and use the insecticide there.


How harmful is Raid fly spray to human’s as we have used a large amount of it and I am worried about the side effects as we didn’t have any protective clothing or respiratory equipment?


    Since the product contains such ingredients as d-Phenothrin, Prallethrin, sodium nitrite and petroleum distillates, it is not recommended to stay in the area after the treatment and ventilate the area before re-entering. However, if you did that and are just worried about the harmfulness of the product because you did not use protective clothing when applying the Raid spray, then you should be fine. But if any health problems arise, consult your doctor or a poison control specialist immediately.


I’ve been searching for a good mosquito spray to get rid of the pesky pest at home. Found a few sites talking about the fogger similar to the one you shared, will definitely try it out. Thanks for sharing!


    I only sprayed the Flying Insect Spray around my windows. Should I worry about my pet and I inhaling the product? And would it be safe to enter the room if I only used a small portion?


    Generally, it’s suggested to let the product dry for about two hours after spraying, then opening the window to ventilate for about two more hours, and only then enter the area. The area should not be entered if you can still smell the vapors.


is this spray good for silverfish too? I have them around the house and liquid foams don’t really work. Can this spray particles enter the small holes where the silverfish (and probably their eggs live) and kill them?


    Silverfish isn’t among the pests that the Raid insecticide kills since they aren’t flying insects. If you want to find a good spray for getting rid of silverfish I’d recommend you to check out our best silverfish sprays article.


I have orchids in a spare bathroom until it cools down enough (Florida) and have lots of mosquitoes all of a sudden, just in that room. Can I spray this to kill them without damaging my orchids?


    I myself haven’t tried spraying it on orchids, so it is hard to say what it will do to them. However, since the Raid Flying Insect Killer is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors and there aren’t any warnings not to use this product on plants, your orchids should be fine.


    Can u spray it on dogs


    The Raid Flying Insect Killer is safe to use if you have pets, providing that you make sure that your pet doesn’t breath in or ingest the product. But I wouldn’t recommend you spray it directly on your dog. There are other products for that. Check out our dog bug spray article, we have listed some great dog-safe sprays on there that will help you safeguard your pup from mosquitoes and multiple other pests. But if flies are the pest you want to control our article on fly sprays for dogs and horses might be useful to you.


How long do you need to ventilate the room after spraying it? My boyfriend sprayed the entire can (yes, the entire can) in our living room and then we left it for about 45 mins with all the windows open. When we came back it still stank of the spray. Is it best to leave it overnight?


    The manufacturer now recommends waiting 2 hours before reentering the sprayed room and then ventilating the room for two hours. But if the room still smells like the insecticide after the four hours, you should keep ventilating the room until it doesn’t anymore.


Was wondering if when spraying around my potted Basil in the window of my house, if I inadvertently got some Raid Flying Insect Killer on some leaves, are the leaves edible in a few days if washed?


    I wouldn’t eat the leaves since this product does contain chemicals.


Is this poisonous to dogs if small amount was consumed?


    One of the active ingredients in this insecticide, d-Phenothrin, can be toxic to pets if they eat enough of it. However, if a small amount was consumed by a dog it shouldn’t cause any health problems since cats are more sensitive to it. However, if you notice symptoms like tremors, vomiting, excess salivation, diarrhea or seizures, you should bring your pup to the vet immediately.


Just bought this spray for some moths and their larva, will it kill the larva and eggs if sprayed directly on them on the carpet? Tks


    The label of this product states that you should spray this product in the air about 3 feet from things like furniture and other fabrics. So I wouldn’t recommend you use this insecticide directly on the carpet. If you want to kill the moths and their larvae that are in your carpet better use something like the SLA Moth Spray or the JT Eaton Trigger Spray.


    I sprayed raid in my patio and I water after is that bad


    According to the label, the product can be used on patios. Just keep in mind it’s a contact killer and needs to be in contact with the bug you’re trying to kill. As for the watering part, you shouldn’t let the product drift to water surfaces or anything where pollinators are present. This is also true about runoff being potentially hazardous to aquatic organisms. Still, the label does not mention watering the treated area so it’s probably not forbidden.

Gene Mitchell

Every year we are inundated with flys, not a few, hundreds!! We have never been able to locate the entrance point. None of the sprays are any good at killing them? It takes way more spray then it did in the 70s. Has the formula changed over the years?


    I’ve read that this is due to them (and other companies) removing piperonyl butoxide from the ingredient list, which has led to flies developing resistance. However, since there aren’t many sources that would confirm this, I would like to add that I can’t confirm if this information is 100% true. So take it with a grain of salt.


When can pets specifically cats be returned to an enclosed patio after


    As written on the label, pets shouldn’t be allowed in the area before the spray has dried and it’s been well ventilated. You are encouraged to wait for two hours after application, then open windows, vents, and doors for two hours. If the smell still present, ventilate some more!


Does it kill fruit fly larvae?


    The label doesn’t mention killing larvae, so I wouldn’t suggest it.

Shu Boo

How often should the room be treated? I have the indoor version (natural ingredient) of RAID.


    I’m not sure which product you’re talking about. The product reviewed here can be used both indoors and outdoors, so I’ll assume that’s what you’re talking about. As far as I know, the manufacturer hasn’t set any limits to how often should the product be used. I’d say you should use it, based on need. However, double-checking the label is never a bad idea, just to be safe.

Ann Duffes

My husband spayed a wasps nest in the greenhouse where my tomatoes and other edible plants are growing. Will I need to throw all the plants away.


    The label doesn’t mention garden produce, but we’d assume it’s not safe to spray upon it. You can try calling the number on the label and ask them directly.

KC Lewis

I have gnats in virtually every plant in my house. Can I spray directly on each plant’s soil without harming the plants?


    The label doesn’t advise against it, so your plants should be fine.

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