Looking for a flying bug spray that comes in a handy spray can and that can be used indoors and outside? Raid Flying Insect Spray offers the best bang for your buck. The spray has a nozzle to target individual bugs and uses proven active ingredients to ensure its effectiveness.


  • Manufacturer: SC Johnson
  • Capacity: 15 ounces (425 grams)
  • Form of Insecticide: Aerosol spray
  • Active Ingredients: d-Phenothrin and Prallethrin
  • Target pests: Mosquitoes, ants, fruit flies, gnats, moths, boxelder bugs, beetles, yellow jackets, wasps and other insects
  • Residue: No
  • Odor: No
  • Use: Outdoors and indoors

How It Works

When you need a fast-acting insecticide to target flying bugs like mosquitoes and fruit flies, look no further than Raid Flying Insect Spray. The spray is water-based and is suitable for use in the home or outdoors wherever you might have a problem with flying bugs.

The active ingredients in this Raid insecticide, the chemicals that will kill the pests, are d-Phenothrin and Prallethrin. D-Phenothrin is a pyrethroid insecticide. It works by disrupting nervous system functions in insects, killing them quickly. Prallethrin is also a pyrethroid insecticide which is commonly used to control mosquitoes, but it can be used to control other bigger insects, too. D-Phenothrin makes up 0.125% of the insecticide content, and Prallethrin makes up 0.1% of the product, levels that are effective but not harmful to human health.

How to Use

When used indoors the most effective use of the product is to spray it into the middle of the room, at least three feet (one meter) away from all surfaces. Then, when you’re done spraying the insecticide, leave the room with the doors and windows closed for about two hours. Make sure you cover any food preparation areas, remove pets, and cover aquariums when preparing the indoors space for spraying. And remember to ventilate the room well once you go back in after spraying. You can also spray it directly on to wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and Asian lady beetles to kill them instantly if any are roaming around your home.

When using the spray outdoors it’s most effective in calm weather with no rain. The label has detailed information about the precautions to take, so read it carefully. But just to reiterate, when using this Raid insecticide outside, make sure that there is virtually no wind. A small breeze is acceptable, but if that’s the case then make sure to spray the insecticide with the wind. After you’re done spraying, let the area dry for a couple minutes and then you can use it without any fear of flying insects ruining your time outdoors.

About the Manufacturer

Raid is manufactured by SC Johnson, a well-known brand producing household brands such as OFF, Glade, Mr. Muscle, and many others. Raid is one of SC Johnson’s most successful insect control brands. They produce a range of products for mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and many other bugs. Their products are extremely easy to use and very efficient.

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In short, the Raid Insect Killer is one of the best products to use to get rid of a multitude of flying insects quickly and efficiently. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s effective against a range of different pests including mosquitoes, flies, gnats, wasps, yellow jackets and other pests that are not only annoying but can actually endanger our health. Can be used both outdoors and inside your home. And is very easy to apply. So why not give the Raid Flying Insect Killer a shot?