• Manufacturer: SC Johnson
  • Capacity: 15 ounces (443.6 ml)
  • Insecticide form: Aerosol insecticide
  • Lasts: Up to 4 weeks
  • Active ingredients: d-Phenothrin, Prallethrin
  • Target pests: Mosquitoes, ants, fruit flies, gnats, moths, Boxelder Bugs, beetles, Yellow Jackets, Wasps, etc.
  • Residue: No
  • Odor: No
  • Can be used in: Outdoors and indoors


The manufacturer of this Raid Insecticide is a well-known household product company called SC Johnson, who owns brands like Raid, OFF, Glade, Mr. Muscle and many others. Raid particularly is one of their most successful insect control brands, under which they produce different products for mosquito, ant, roach and many other bug control, that are extremely easy to use and very efficient.

Raid insecticide review

When you need an insecticide to quickly get rid of different flying insects that will work for a few weeks and that won’t leave any trace of it after it has been applied then you should look into this Raid insecticide which is specially targeted towards those insects that fly like mosquitoes.

The thing that makes this insecticide able to kill pests are the active ingredients in it. Those ingredients are d-Phenothrin and Prallethrin. D-Phenothrin is a pyrethroid insecticide that was developed in the 1970s. It works by disrupting their nervous system functions, killing the insects quickly. This substance is almost non-toxic to humans and large mammals but can be very toxic to bees as well as fish and similar creatures. And Prallethrin, too, is a pyrethroid insecticide which is a common mosquito control insecticide, but can be used to control other bigger insects, too. Additionally to these two main ingredients this Raid insect spray also contains sodium nitrite that is organic insecticide compound who help make the active ingredients more potent and petroleum distillates that are chemical compounds of the insecticide.

raid insecticideThe d-Phenothrin makes up 0.125 % of the total Raid insecticide content, but the Prallethrin makes up about 0.1 % of the content meaning that even though these active substances aren’t very potent in the total ingredient range of this Raid insecticide, they still are able to kill various different flying insect species and the effect of this insecticide will last up to 4 weeks.

Moreover, because of the formulation of this water-based insecticide, it is able to kill not only adult insect from mosquitoes to flies, wasps, beetles and so on, but also kill their eggs, meaning that with this Raid spray, you can get rid of insect inside your home or outdoors fully, not taking the chance of leaving their eggs alive, because eggs result only in new insects. The way this insecticide works is it kills pests upon contact and later keeps working whenever a bug or insect crawls into the area, that is sprayed with the insecticide. For best effect spray the aerosol directly on the insect-infested places so the insecticide can start working as soon as it is applied.

When you apply this Raid insecticide outdoors, also make sure that the weather is calm and it won’t rain during the application, as these conditions will allow the insecticide to take effect and coat the sprayed area thoroughly. But when used indoors, make sure you remove any food, pets, fish from the area, so you or your pets don’t accidentally inhale or eat the insecticide. After you have done spraying the indoor space with the Raid flying insect killer, exit the area and let the insecticide sit there for at least 2 hours. When this time has passed you should open all the doors and windows and air out the room for another two hours before inhabiting it again.

Also make sure that you wear gloves, protective glasses, and respirator, too, when handling this insecticide, as that will protect you from accidentally getting the Raid insecticide on your skin, in your mouth or eyes, and having to experience any allergic reactions or health hazards.

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When you are in the need for an insecticide that comes in ready-to-use packaging and can be used indoors as well as outdoors to get rid of most flying insects, then this Raid Insecticide will be the most bang for your buck. The insecticide comes with a nozzle that allows you to apply the insecticide in a very precise manner, targeting even tight corners of your house or backyard, and the effect of this insecticide will last up to 4 weeks.