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  • Category – Thermal fogger
  • Type – Electric
  • Manufacturer – ProRestore Products
  • Weight – 5 pounds (2.3 kg)
  • Dimensions – 11 x 10 x 8 inches (28 x 25 x 20 cm)
  • Material – Plastic with aluminum tank
  • Capacity of container – 0.75 gallons (2.8 l)
  • Approximate operation time on one tank – over 1.5 hours
  • Auto ignite button – Yes


ProRestore Products Electro-Gen is a thermal fogger that works on electricity. This fogger has got an advantage over other thermal foggers, it can also be used as ULV mister by removing the heat assembly. Thermal fogger can be used for regular fogging, as it will produce very small particles that can penetrate even the smallest gaps and cracks. But when the heat barrel is removed, fogger will work like an ULV mister and will spray the solution in similarly sized particles as aerosol can – over 100 micron size. This fogger can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.


ProRestore Electro-Gen fogger can be bought in 110V and 220V versions. The fogging unit is equipped with an electric motor that produces 7200 strokes a minute. The fogger is made from a plastic material. On top of the fogger there is a carrying handle under which you will find a fogging trigger. The trigger is placed in a convenient place to allow easy fogging. On the body of the fogger there is a round knob that allows to adjust the flow rate, or in other words, will allow to make the fog more wet or more dry. By turning the knob fully clockwise you will close the flow valve, which will stop the fog completely. Opened valve will allow to produce particles in a larger size. Electro-Gen fogger with heat assembly on will produce particles at approximately 13 micron size.

In front of the unit is a heating assembly. The heat assembly allows to vaporize the fogging solution and outputs it into very tiny particles. The heat barrel gets heated to very high temperatures over 200 degrees C (392 F). For the fogger to be able to work and heat the assembly it must be plugged into an electric outlet. With the heat assembly removed the fogger will produce mist with particles over 100 micron size. On the back of the fogger there is a few feet long electric cable. To use the fogger outdoors you will need to plug it into an extension cord. Use only extension cords that are made for outdoor usage.

On the bottom of the fogging unit there is an aluminum solution container. It can be attached to the bottom of the fogger with two attachment clamps. For the solution tank to fit the fogger tightly, there must be a rubber gasket inside of the tank. Be aware not to lose the gasket when detaching the solution container. The capacity of the solution container is 0.75 gallons (2.8 l). Inside the fogging tank goes a pump that is used to pump the fogging solution to the heating assembly. At the end of the pump there is filter that protects the pumping tubes from dust getting inside the heat assembly. Fogger will work approximately 1.5 hours with one full tank until new fogging solution will need to be filled. ProRestore Electro-Gen fogger can be used with both oil or water based chemicals, so the fogger can be used for different kind of tasks, starting from insect and pest control, to fog disinfecting and mold removing solutions.


Electro-Gen fogger can be used as a cold or a thermal fogger. To convert the fogger from thermal to cold fogger remove the heat assembly, and to turn it back to thermal fogger, attach the heat assembly to the fogger.

When the unit is in thermal fogging mode, allow the assembly to heat for couple of minutes before starting to fog. Heat assembly need to reach the optimal working temperature, so it can fully vaporize all the fogging solution that gets pumped into the barrel. The solution will be vaporized into thick and visible fog that consists of small droplets. Thermal fog is better for mosquito and other insect control, as well as indoor areas where it needs to reach small cracks and gaps. When the unit is in a cold spraying mode, the motor pressurizes the fogging solution and sprays it trough the nozzle of the fogger, where it is atomized into smaller droplets. Particles produced by cold fogging will be almost 10 times larger in size than those produced by thermal fogging, so cold fogging is considered to be more a misting, rather than fogging. This misting will be useful for spraying different solutions for plants, deodorants for indoor usage, odor removals and other type of solutions. Wet fogging may leave stains on the surface, so you must choose a proper solution for each usage type.

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Size and weight

ProRestore Electro-Gen thermal fogger dimensions are approx. 11x10x8 inches (28x25x20 cm). The weight of the unit is 5 pounds (2.3 kg). Fogger comes with operation manual.

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