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Having your very own swimming pool can offer so much relief on hot summer days. But, unfortunately, it can also make your yard a mosquito haven. Follow these tips for mosquito control around your pool. They’ll help you avoid mosquito bites while still allowing you to enjoy your pool. Read on to learn more!

About Mosquitoes

First of all, there are a few things you should know about mosquitoes.

These blood-sucking critters aren’t only attracted to human skin, as we all know from unfortunate experience!

They’re also attracted to sources of standing water. These are literally a breeding ground for mosquitoes since this is where the females of the species prefer to lay their eggs. Apparently, they can lay from 75 to 500 eggs at a time!

So, if you have an uncovered pool at home, you’re at risk of a mosquito infestation.

Swimming Pool Mosquito Control

To stop mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor dip, take the following precautions:

Keep your swimming pool well maintained

Run a pool pump to keep the water circulating. You want to avoid the water from becoming stagnant. Chlorinate and disinfect the water regularly to wipe out mosquito larvae. Remove any leaves from the surface of your pool since mosquitoes like laying eggs on leaves near water.

Keep your pool covered

Remove any water that might accumulate on the pool cover, from rainfall, for example. This can serve as another breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Remove any other potential sources of standing water

This includes birdbaths, fountains, and wading pools. If you have these in your yard, make sure to change their water regularly.

Also, go around your yard and check for any empty flowerpots or containers that can hold water, especially after rainfall. Empty the water and remove them from your yard to keep mosquitoes from breeding there.

Keep the grass and other vegetation in your yard trimmed

Keep your yard tidy to avoid creating hiding places and shelter for mosquitoes. Mow your lawn regularly, trim the hedges, and destroy all weeds and wild grasses. Also, try to avoid over-watering your plants. The excess moisture can offer yet another potential breeding ground for these pests.

Citronella candles, fans, and torches/lanterns can also deter mosquitoes

Citronella oil confuses and disorients mosquitoes. Fans make it harder for them to land on your skin by creating air turbulence. A mosquito trap is another handy device that uses light and gas to attract mosquitoes before trapping and killing them.

pool mosquito control

If all else fails, call the pest control professionals

They’ll assess your property and then suggest and implement effective treatments tailored to your specific situation. For example, they may install misters that periodically emit a mosquito repellent designed to keep the mosquitoes away from your pool.

If you think it’s still too early to call professionals, you can read our mosquito dunks review to understand if it can help reduce the mosquito population around your pool.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be able to enjoy a pest-free swimming pool this summer.


Kyle Wayne

I found it interesting when you said to keep a mosquito trap in your yard. My brother has a slight reaction to mosquito bites so he’s looking to get some mosquito spraying done. I think I will also talk to him about keeping a mosquito trap in his yard.

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