Plants that attract mosquitoes

Plants that attract mosquitoes

Many different insect repellents and attractants are made using the fractions and oils from natural resources – plants which naturally are unpleasant to insects. However, although more popular are those plants who do in fact, keep mosquitoes away, as they are not only majorly used in the production of insect repellents but are also used in gardens and landscape design, there are also many plants, who attract insects and mosquitoes.

The plants which attract mosquitoes are mainly plants which contain nectar, as both, male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar. Many flowers and plants which have flowers do also have nectar, therefore we can expect a lot of insects, such as bees, and mosquitoes around them. If you are a huge flower lower and your whole backyard are filled with beautiful flowers, then you might experience more mosquitoes around your house and backyard area then your neighbors and friends.

But the nectary plants and flowers aren’t the only ones that attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are drawn to water even more than to nectar, as without water they couldn’t breed and create offspring. Such watery plants include water lilies, water hyacinths, and even water lettuce. Also, Taro and papyrus could be a reason for sudden mosquito increase because if you have a lot of plants which do not necessarily attract mosquitoes, but require a lot of watering, you might experience an increase in the number of insects which are hanging around your backyard. The reason for this is that the frequent watering will create a mosquito-friendly environment. Moreover, any plant which has leafs can become an insect attractant plant, as even the smallest amount of standing water attracts mosquitoes, and rainwater which accumulates in leaves will lure in more mosquitoes.

Did you know that plants that attract mosquitoes can be successfully used in landscape architecture and in gardening? By planting them in the furthest corner of your backyard, or in places of the landscape where people don’t go as often you can divert the swarms of mosquitoes away from places which are used by people. Therefore you will redirect mosquitoes to the places where they won’t be bothering you very much.

Even if you keep away from plants and flowers which are full of nectar and if you avoid buying and planting water lilies, water lettuce, and water hydrants, you can still attract mosquitoes to your property without realizing it. Even if you have a backyard full of mosquito deterring plants, by heavily watering them, there still will be mosquitoes coming into your backyard. Hence, it is not only important to know which plants attract mosquitoes and which ones are those that deter them, but also it is important to know the biology and behavior of mosquitoes in order to successfully keep them as far from you as possible.

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