Places with the Largest Mosquito Population

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Even if mosquitoes are a problem where you live, I can guarantee that there are places in the world where they are an even bigger problem.

So, I figured that I could tell you about the places in the world where there are a lot of mosquitoes and also where they are one of the biggest problems and one of the leading causes of health issues.
Places with the Largest Mosquito Population

Mosquitoes are insects that can be found worldwide. They are most active in warm, humid places where there is easy access to water. This is the biggest reason that so many mosquitoes are found in tropical countries.

Of course, they also can be found virtually anywhere because there are more than 3,000 different species of these insects in the world, each of which has adapted to different climate and weather conditions.

But, the largest populations of mosquitoes can be found nearly year-round in humid tropical regions in countries like Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and even Australia.

Speaking of places with the biggest mosquito population, it is a well-known fact that Africa is one of the continents where most mosquito-borne diseases occur. But, in Asia and South America, too, there are much more mosquito-borne illnesses in comparison with the rest of the world.

These mosquito-borne illnesses have become one of the leading causes of human death. One part of the reason for this is that the majority of mosquito-borne diseases do not have effective vaccines. The large mosquito population is not helping solve this growing problem.

Malaria is the leading disease in Africa while dengue fever and yellow fever hugely affect South America and Asia.

The West Nile virus is a huge problem not only in Africa, South America, and Asia but also in developed countries such as Australia and the US. So, it is no wonder that Bill Gates named mosquitoes as the single most deadly animal because, despite their small size, these insects can kill you with one bite – if you are not properly protected.

On the bright side, there are some places in the world that researchers have found mosquito-free, even though most have a very cold and harsh climate.

If you want to have a mosquito-free vacation, you can head to Antarctica or Iceland.

However, if you absolutely cannot stand either mosquitoes or cold weather, you can visit New Caledonia, which is an archipelago in the southwest Pacific, or the Seychelles, which is also an archipelago that sits in the Indian Ocean just northeast of Madagascar. Both of these islands do have mosquitos but are currently malaria-free.

So, it is up to you to decide whether to hide from mosquitoes in one of the previously mentioned places, which are fairly remote.

Or you can stay and fight these problematic pests with mosquito repellents, foggers, traps, and lightweight, loose, light-colored clothing. If you live in a private residence with a garden, you can read our guide on the best yard treatment for mosquitoes

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