How to Generate More Leads to your Pest Control Business

Lead generation is how businesses find new customers. It is the process of identifying potential new customers and cultivating their interest in your company and products, thereby increasing revenue for your business.

Lead generation is a reliable way to boost sales for your company, but how can you find new pest control customers?

Here are our 24 best pest control marketing ideas to help generate new leads for your business.

Branding-related lead generation

1. Work on your website

How you advertise your company is a key part of lead generation.

Pest control advertising starts with your company’s website, which should be clean and professional-looking.

Your website should be easy to navigate and key information (such as company contact details, services offered and your areas of operation) must be clearly listed.

Any promotional deals (such as free inspections or consultations) should also be highly visible on your website.

Optimizing your content for local pest control SEO is crucial, as this will make your site more discoverable on search engines and can increase traffic through search engine results.

2. Create professional-looking uniforms

Another important aspect of lead generation is company recognition. Making sure your brand is instantly recognizable will increase your visibility in your local area, so make sure your image is on point.

Professional-looking company uniforms are a great way to promote your brand and catch the attention of people in your area.

3. Use branded vehicles

Using vehicles branded with your company name and logo can be a highly effective way to increase your visibility throughout your community.

An eye-catching, professional design will put the name of your pest control business out there, and including your company’s contact information can generate more leads.

4. Choose a company mascot

A company mascot may seem like a bit of fun, but they can be a huge asset when advertising and promoting your pest control business.

Increase your online presence to generate new leads

5. Write a blog

Writing a blog filled with topics of interest to your customers is a good way to generate new leads. Many highly successful pest control companies have extensive blogs packed with info that appeals to their client base, therefore directing potential new customers to their website.

Before you start writing, however, you’ll need to do your research.

Identify the keywords that pest control customers are most likely to search for, and sprinkle them throughout your blog posts to make them more discoverable in search engine results.

6. Utilize social media

Social media is a powerful advertising tool, so make sure you aren’t overlooking it.

Create social media pages for your pest control company and engage effectively with your followers to increase your online presence. This means posting regularly with things like pictures from real pest control jobs, links to your blog posts, pest control tips and pest-related quizzes, all of which can drive traffic to your page and increase customer interaction.

7. Set up a YouTube channel

Short, informative videos can be a highly effective way to engage potential new customers. Set up a YouTube channel for your company and post new content regularly to generate leads.

How-to videos, pest control demo videos and Q&A videos can all help you to connect with your target audience, increase your company’s visibility and directing traffic to your company website.

And with more and more people preferring video to text-based branded content, this could be a great way to reach those who hang out on the platform.

8. Set up a Google My Business listing

Google My Business is a tool that businesses can use to manage their online presence on Google search and Google Maps. This can make your company more discoverable in search engine results and helps potential new customers to find important information like your contact details and business profile.

Google My Business is free and easy to use, and can help to generate new pest control leads for your company. So, if you don’t already have a listing, set one up today!

9. Claim your local search listings and set up company profiles in online directories

If you are managing your local business listings yourself, you’ll need to claim them. When you claim a listing online, this verifies the validity of your business and your ownership of it. It also verifies that you are authorized to manage your pest control business online.

You may also set up company profiles in online directories (such as Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor and others) to boost your business’s credibility and visibility.

10. Work with a performance marketing network

If your marketing skills are so-so, it may benefit you to work with a performance marketing network, such as Arroyo Media.

Their expertise can help to give your marketing efforts a professional edge, attracting more customers to your pest control business.

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11. Boost your online reputation

Positive reviews from previous customers is a sure way to improve the reputation and credibility of your pest control company.

Encourage customers to leave reviews by automating the process using their contact details, so you’re more likely to get feedback.

A slew of positive reviews recommends your services to others and makes it easier for potential new customers to trust your brand and therefore hire you.

12. Use email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to boost pest control sales by reaching out directly to potential customers.

Create an email list on your website and send out newsletters, promotions and other pest control marketing content to keep clients engaged. But don’t overdo it – no-one likes to be spammed with marketing emails every other day.

13. Create original content

Do some research on what your customer base is most likely to be interested in, and create original content to meet their requirements.

Infographics and white papers can both be used to deliver relevant and interesting content to potential customers and can help generate leads for your company.

14. Invest in PPC advertising

PPC (or Pay Per Click) advertising is a method of online marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their adverts is clicked on. This can be used to advertise your pest control company on Google Ads or Facebook, making your business more visible online.

PPC advertising essentially buys visits to your website, helping to drive up your web traffic and potentially generate new leads for your company.

What you can do in the real world

15. Advertise on local TV channels and radio stations

Online marketing is a huge part of selling pest control services, but don’t forget to advertise in the real world, too! TV and radio are key marketing platforms, and both can be used to reach out to your local community.

Place adverts on local channels and radio stations to improve your company’s visibility and make your brand more recognizable, and to generate leads among those who are less likely to use the internet when seeking pest control services.

16. Set up a referral program

Show your customers you appreciate them and generate new leads in one easy step! Referral programs can encourage customers to recommend your services to others by offering them a reward if they do so.

For example, the Terminix Referral Plan offers customers a $25 discount on their services every time they refer a friend to the company.

Referral programs can not only help to generate new leads for your pest control business but can also encourage repeat custom from previous clients.

They can also increase local trust in your brand, as a referral is basically a recommendation of your services.

17. Offer discounts to your current customers

Attracting new customers is one thing, but keeping them is quite another. Repeat business is great for your company, as it improves your company’s image and confirms that your services are trustworthy and effective.

One way to keep customers around is by offering discounts on your services. Customers are far less likely to look elsewhere if they can get a great deal on services that they know they can rely on.

18. Set up a publicity stunt

Nothing puts your business on the map like media coverage, so come up with a publicity stunt to get your business seen.

One way to do this is to set up a Guinness World Record, so get thinking about pest control-related records you can break. Truly Nolen, for example, has managed this not once, but twice, and hold the record for the world’s largest fumigation tent and the world’s largest mouse trap!

Not a fan of world records? Tou can think of other highly-publicised spectacles that will get the name of your pest control business out there. Really, the sky’s the limit here.

19. Make your own product

Increase the recognition of your company by creating your own, unique product to advertise your brand.

Alternatively, you can put your pest control company logo on an existing product (for example, Catchmaster offers Digital Custom Glue Boards that can be emblazoned with your brand name).

You could even collaborate with a local manufacturer to create a pest control (or pet control-adjacent) product that bears your company name.

However you choose to do it, associating your company name with a pest control product can improve local recognition of your brand, helping to generate new leads for your business.

20. Sponsor a local sports team or event

Sporting events can draw large crowds, making them a perfect place to advertise your pest control company among the local community. Look for local sports teams or events to sponsor, so when the local community gathers your brand name will be at the centre stage.

This is also when your company mascot comes into play, as a loveable character will attract more attention and improve your visibility.

Getting involved in local events can also help to foster a sense of trust in your brand and lead people to associate your business with community care and support.

21. Create resources for kids

Kids don’t hire pest control companies, but they can help to market your brand! Creating games and resources for kids can bring your company name into more homes and may generate new leads for your business.

This is a common practice among successful pest control companies. For example, Gunter Pest Management has printable colouring pages, Orkin has games for kids and Rose Pest Solutions has plenty of bug craft and costume ideas.

22. Educate people about pest control

Spread the word about pest control (and your company) by organising educational events in your area.

Pest control courses can help to improve local awareness of the importance of effective pest management and demonstrate how your services can help people in the community. School visits can also be used to reach children and educate them about the value of safe and effective pest control.

Making sure that people know about your company and how your services can benefit them is a reliable way to generate new leads in your local community.

23. Collaborate with other local business and share leads

Joining forces with other businesses in your area can allow you to mutually boost one another’s revenue and generate new leads for your company.

Good businesses to partner with as a pest control company include handyman services, local constructors and HVAC companies. Make sure to share leads with business to increase your discoverability within your local community.

24. Be creative!

There are thousands of ways to get your brand name out there, and the more memorable your methods, the better! Think of fun and unique ways to advertise your pest control company in your local community to create a talking point and improve recognition of your brand.

A good way to do this is to play into your own interests.

If you love running, find a local charity race and enter members from your company wearing fun, memorable costumes. If you’re big on community support, find a local charitable organisation to help out with. Or, if you have a thing for vintage cars, buy one, brand it, and enter it into a local car show.

The more things you can do to improve your company’s visibility, the better – so, get creative with your advertising!

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