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We all know what a mosquito is – a little creature that makes annoying buzzing noise and tend to ruin our time outdoors by biting us, but the name mosquito actually tends to be used in other contexts, too, not only to indicate the devices or treatments, that can kill mosquitoes like mosquito fogger for example. So let’s look at the word mosquito more closely.

  • The origins of the world mosquito can be traced to 16th century North America, more specifically to the year 1583.
  • The Spanish name for mosquitoes is “musketas” which translates to little fly.
  • The Spanish Americas used to call mosquitoes “zancudos” which to English translates as long-legged.
  • Before the term mosquitoes was born, English speaking Europeans called these insects “gants”, French used the word “Les Moucherons” or “Les cousins”, German people preferred to call them “Stechmucken” or “Schnacke”, Scandinavian’s use the words “myg” or “Myyga” to refer to mosquitoes, but the Greek term of mosquitoes is “konopus”.
  • Interestingly even famous authors like Aristotle wrote about mosquitoes. He referred to them as “empis” that in modern translations of the text is translates as Culex, which is one of many mosquito genes.
  • In countries like Australia and New Zealand the word mosquitoes is often shortened to Mozzies.
  • The word mosquito is also used to name a combat aircraft that was manufactured and used during Second World War. The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito was one of the fastest and most versatile British aircrafts from 1940 to about 1950.
  • Mosquito is also used in translations of Ancient Greek fables. For example the moral of “The Elephant and the Mosquito” is that you don’t have to be small to be powerful.
  • An electronic device that was made in 2005 to help stop young people from loitering is also called The Mosquito. It essentially is an alarm that emits a high frequency sound that many older people can’t hear, making it efficient to control teenagers and kids, so they don’t hang out in particular public places for longer periods of time, like in front of grocery stores and such.
  • The of course there is the famous quote from The Dalai Lama XIV, where the word mosquito is used, that goes like this: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
  • The word mosquito also is used in some popular songs. For example in chorus of Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” there is a line “A mosquito”, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs has a song called “Mosquito” and the Pearl Jam has a song called “Red Mosquito”.
  • And speaking about the word mosquito in popular culture, there even are movies, in which mosquito are an essential part of the plot of the movie. Like the popular “Jurassic park” movies, where at the beginning it was explained that they were able to create the dinosaurs from blood found in a mosquito that was capsulated in an amber, and there is a Sci-Fi horror movie called “Mosquito”, which was released in 1995 and directed by Gary Jones.

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