Most Common Types of Ants and How to Get Rid of Them

There are all sorts of insects that can invade our home and while some may be harmless they can still cause hygiene issues and discomfort such as itching and skin problems. Others are not so harmless and can cause pretty serious problems through their bites. Having any sort of insect infestation can also cause embarrassment for households, particularly if and when they have visitors. This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with how to get rid of certain infestations and to consider using a professional pest control company to get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

One type of infestation that you may be struggling with is an ant infestation. The thing to bear in mind about these insects is that there are various different common types of ants, so the treatment and steps that you take may be dependent upon the type of ants they are. For instance, some of the common types of ants you may encounter include black ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, and flying ants. So, let’s take a look at some of these common types of ants, how to identify whether there is an infestation in your home, and what steps you need to take.

Black ants

fire ants

The little black ants that we often see teeming around outdoors are very common. Each colony can have thousands of ants, so as you can imagine an infestation can be a huge problem. They tend to live outside and build their nests under the soil, under stones and rocks, or in cracked wood. However, they can also cause an infestation indoors by building their nests in cracks and crevices in the walls. Once the infestation takes place, it can cause a real issue with ants crawling around all over the place and trying to get to the food.

While these ants may be small, they can reproduce quickly and this means that colonies can grow very rapidly. This creates a further problem for those with an infestation in the home, which is why it is vital to take steps as early on as possible to get the issue sorted out without delay. Some of the signs that indicate your home may be infested with ants include actually seeing the ants crawling around or seeing them going in and out of cracks in the walls, skirting boards, and floors.

In order to address an ant infestation, there are products that you can purchase such as sprays and powders designed to kill black ants. However, you also need to address the issue of the cracks through which the ants have gained access and built their nest. Hiring a pest control company will enable a thorough inspection to be performed and treatment to be administered. The company will then also provide you with advice in relation to stopping the problem from reoccurring.

Fire ants

While black ants are either black or brown in color, fire ants have a red hue. The colonies can be huge, with some containing literally hundreds of thousands of insects. They tend to prefer dry, warm areas with plenty of sun and avoid areas where there is a lot of shade. It can be very difficult to keep any infestation under control because of the size of the colonies, which is why early action is so important.

Another thing to remember about fire ants is that their stings can cause a lot of pain and could, in some cases, even be fatal. Some people can experience severe reactions after being bitten by a fire ant and this could lead to serious consequences and should be treated as quickly as possible via emergency medics. The stings can also cause serious irritation and can lead to red bumps, scarring, nausea, itching, increased perspiration, and more.

Because of the danger that fire ants can pose in terms of health coupled with the challenges of controlling an infestation, the most appropriate step would be to get in touch with a pest control company y as soon as you realize that there is an infestation. This will enable experts to inspect your home both inside and out so that appropriate action can be taken to bring the infestation under control.

Carpenter ants

carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are much larger than other variations of this insect and they can be black, reddish, or yellowish in color, although black is the most common. These ants like to set up home in wood that is decaying and hollow and they will do this both indoors and outdoors. They are able to create grooves into wood and they work hard to keep these very smooth. You can often tell you have a carpenter ant infestation because you will see a mixture of dead ants and wood shavings around the areas where they are nesting.

If there is wood that is damp and moist in your home, this could be a big attraction for these ants. In terms of colonies, there are both parent colonies where a queen is present and satellite ones that are formed when the parent one becomes too large. These insects like to feast on human food such as meat and sweet things. You may notice them searching for food around your home, which is another sign of an infestation.

The problems that can occur when it comes to this type of ant infestation makes it all the more important to speak to a pest control company. While you can look out for the signs of infestation, controlling these ants can be difficult so expert treatment is often required. However, you can help to keep future infestations at bay by filling in cracks and crevices where they would normally gain entry.

Flying ants

Flying ants are amongst the most annoying of the common ant variations because of their ability to fly and get around with ease. The aim of these male and female ants is to reproduce and they can be seen in their droves during the summer months. The numbers within the swarm of flying ants can be high and this can cause a real problem for people both directly outside and inside the home. They can get into the home through doors and windows that are left open and depending on the ant type, they can cause damage to your home and can even sting and cause health issues.

When it comes to getting rid of flying ants, you need to make sure that you keep your doors and windows either closed or with netting/mesh to stop them from getting in. In addition, you should look for cracks and crevices in the home where they may be able to gain entry and deal with those. You can also seek advice and help from a pest control company if you have a serious infestation that you are struggling with.

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