Soap is an essential part of our lives because soap is the thing that will clean off all of the dust, sweat, and dirt that we accumulate during the day. But did you know that there is soap that also doubles as mosquito repellents? Well now you do, but the question is, do these mosquito soaps really work or are they a simple marketing trick, a placebo effect type object, that only makes us think that it repels mosquitoes and helps us survive the summer free of mosquito bites?

Many think that mosquito repellent soap really doesn’t work and is a trick, but the truth is that there are some mosquito soaps that actually work and do a pretty great job at repelling mosquitoes for a quite long time – up to a full day if you use them in the morning. Of course, there might be some mosquito soaps on the market, that don’t do anything, but there also are those that are really efficient.

Most mosquito repellent soaps feature may natural ingredients such as different oils that are natural mosquito repellents. For example, common mosquito soap ingredients are citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, menthol oil, and calendula, that all are proven to have a scent that the mosquitoes don’t like. But because many of these essential oils also have different properties, such as anti-inflammatory and healing properties, then these soaps will not only repel mosquitoes but will relieve the itching and pain from older insect bites, which always is a bonus, because we all know how annoying and itching are mosquito bites. And the natural oils and ingredients also mean that the scent of the soap is pleasant and is not overpowering like it might be with some artificially made soap.

The only thing about these soaps is that, because they usually are made with natural herbs and oils, they might be quite expensive, especially if you compare the price of a regular bar of soap and mosquito bar of soap, so be ready to invest a little money but in return enjoy outdoors without having to deal with mosquitoes and their bites.

You should use these soaps before you are planning to go and spend time outdoors, meaning before picnics, outdoors work, outdoor parties and it’s recommended to use the soap in the morning so that the scent from the soap is fresh on your skin what works the best.

The best soaps that actually work are: