Mosquito Repellent Clothing

Mosquitoes are very irritating and even threatening to our health, since they may carry such diseases as Zika virus, West Nile virus and malaria, which is the most widespread. And these mosquito-borne diseases can not only cause serious health issues but can even cause death. So people tend try the most unbelievable and even unthinkable ways how to keep them away. But among these methods, people also have found some that are very efficient, like mosquito repellent clothing, which is a less popular, but nonetheless effective mosquito repelling technique.

Mosquito repellent clothing is great because you don’t have to apply toxic insect repellents directly on your skin. Instead, they are worked into the clothing items. Which is also customized for outdoor activities, meaning that they are perfect for things like camping, hiking and exercising outdoors and you will feel comfortable and protected while doing these activities. And, don’t worry about washing them, because they are designed to last you up to seventy washes. But, since more and more companies have introduced mosquito repellent clothing it is hard to find the most efficient clothing item, so here is a list of five items which are going to really work and keep the mosquitoes away.

UV Buff with Insect Shield


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The UV Buff headwear is a perfect choice as it has many purposes and it can be worn in twelve different ways. It is great because you will not need to spray your hair with a bug spray, ruin your haircut, and spend a lot of time shampooing the products out of your hair. It is very practical, but at the same time also stylish, as the UV Buff comes in four different bright designs. And, as you might suspect from the name of the product, it also blocks sun rays and protects you from UV rays.

ExOfficio Bugs Away Purdom Vented Hiker Socks

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Our ankles and area around our foot seem to be the target of every mosquito. Even if we spray bug sprays all over our bodies and legs, they seem to find their way to our ankles. But, the Ex Officio Bugs Away vented socks will not only cover our feet and ankles but they have an insect repellent worked into the fabric that is unpleasant to most of the bugs and insects, including ticks, protecting you from them.

White Sierra Pants

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Since it is advised to always wear long-sleeved shirts and pants for a full coverage effect, and protection, you might want to buy mosquito repellent pants. And the White Sierra ones are great for camping, hiking and even for the evening around the campfire. They are stylish and fit great, with pockets to hold store your ID, keys and other important items. Overall a great choice for camping and hiking as these pants not only provide mosquito repelling technology but also protection.

Haeleum Men’s Faran T-shirt

Mosquito clothing
This Haeleum Men’s Faran T-shirt is a favorite choice for many athletes and trek teams, which have to travel to rainforest regions, where there is a large concentration of mosquitoes and the spread of mosquito-borne diseases is extremely high. The technology of this t-shirt fabric is what makes the product so popular. It is made from moisture-wicking and fast drying materials that will keep you dry and cool even in hot regions. Also, similarly to the first product, the t-shirt provides sun protection, as it is made for hotter regions and dessert-like weather. And, of course, these shirts feature an Insect Shield Technology that efficiently repels insects.

Koppen Zuma Rocks Shirt

Mosquito repellent clothing
The Koppen Zuma Rocks Shirt is similar to the Healeum shirt, but its design is more for everyday wear. If the Haeleum Men’s Faran T-shirt was designed for physical activities and sports, then this shirt is made for outings which may require a bit more formal attire. In summer there are many parties and different outdoor activities during which you want to be protected from mosquitoes but at the same time look presentable. And this shirt is the perfect choice for that. The button-up style will look great, while the successful No Fly Zone technology will keep away not only mosquitoes but also flies, ticks, chiggers, ants and even midges.

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