Mosquito Net

What is a mosquito net

A mosquito net is a special type of net designed to protect people (usually sleeping) from mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquito nets are very simple in their design, but they offer a lot of protection, especially in third world countries, against disease-carrying vectors such as malaria mosquito. Mosquito nets not only can protect you from mosquitoes that carry diseases, but also from the annoying feeling waking up in the morning and finding many red mosquito bites on your skin. There are various types of mosquito nets, ones that can be used indoors over the bed and those that can be used outdoors either to protect different parts of the body such as head tents, to a shed or tent made from mosquito net that can protect you and your kids while they are playing outdoors.

How it works

The working principle of a mosquito net is as simple as it looks. The net is made with very small holes, usually at 1 mm or smaller depending on what type of insects it needs to protect from, so these holes are large enough to let air through but small enough to not let mosquitoes or other insects fly through the net. Mosquito nets are made from various materials such as polyester, cotton, and others. In areas with large mosquito population or in areas with a high risk of getting mosquito-borne diseases mosquito nets are often treated with insecticide or mosquito repellents to increase their effectiveness. These nets can be treated either with synthetics insecticides that not only repel but also kill mosquitoes or with simple mosquito repellents. The effect of these nets can last from few days to months depending on the type of insecticide used and how often they are washed, which means that you either will need to purchase a new mosquito net or reapply the insecticide or repellent to the net.

How to use it

The usage of a mosquito net is simple. Just place the net over the area you are sleeping keeping in mind a few things:

  • Make sure the net fully covers all areas of the bed, so mosquitoes cannot get into the net from under or trough top of the net.
  • Check if mosquito net does not have any holes through which a mosquito might fly trough.
  • If net has got a zipper close it to the end, so mosquitoes cannot fly in trough it.
  • Net must be wide enough, so your skin does not touch the side of the net when sleeping, because holes of the net are small enough so that mosquitoes cannot fly trough, but they can still put trunk trough the net and bite you.

Mosquito net can be hung on the ceiling to over the bed. They can also be installed on doors and windows, so mosquitoes cannot get in from outside. Also, remember that thicker mosquito nets won’t let as much air through, so it can get hot in the summer sleeping under the net. In this case, place a fan next to the net or make sure your room has got a working air condition to make your sleep under the net comfortable.

Mosquito net products

The most popular mosquito net types are ones that are hung over the bed to protect the person sleeping under the net from mosquitoes. But there are also some other mosquito net products, so we have made a list of the most popular mosquito net products:

  • Mosquito bed nets of different types such as 4 corner mosquito net, round net, pyramid-shaped net, and others.
  • Indoor mosquito nets also called mosquito screens that cover windows and doors, so mosquitoes from outside cannot get inside a house.
  • Travel nets and mosquito net tents, which look similar to regular tents, but uses a mosquito net as a cover over the tent.
  • Hammock mosquito net, where the whole hammock is made as a mosquito net, or net is used as a cover for hammock.
  • Head tents – hats with a mosquito net around that protects face and neck from mosquito bites.
  • Stroller mosquito nets that you can place over a stroller to protect your child from mosquito bites.
  • Other mosquito net product we have not mentioned in this list.

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