Mosquito fogger types

When it comes to mosquito foggers they are one of the best and most efficient way how to combat different insects but mostly mosquitoes to be able to enjoy nice and mosquito free time outdoors. But even mosquito foggers have a few different types so that you are able to choose the method of dispersing the insecticide fog that is most suitable to you.

aerosol foggerThe types of foggers that are the easiest to use and buy are aerosol mosquito foggers. The upside for these foggers is that they are inexpensive and you don’t need any additional equipment to use these devices. They usually come in aerosol or spray form in small cans that resemble spray deodorant or some other type of spray. The insecticide that comes out of these cans is in fog or mist like form. These kind of mosquito aerosols are best used for low bushes and tree branches as well as areas that are smaller in size, because they don’t contain as much of the insecticide as other foggers do and the fog created by the aerosol isn’t as dense or as wide as it is for other type of foggers.

propane foggerThe next type of mosquito fogger is the propane one. These foggers operate with the help of propane tank hence the name propane fogger. How this kind of fogger works is the propane produces the necessary power of the fogger and when it is ignited with a flame it will turn the insecticide into dense and powerful fog. Therefore the propane fogger is suitable for large areas as well as bigger trees, bushes and other greenery. And because the fogger uses the propane to produce the fog you are able to freely walk around any area and you can even take the fogger to a campsite, picnic or any other area that you want to be mosquito and insect free but that doesn’t offer electricity.

electric foggerSpeaking of electricity the next type of mosquito fogger is the electric fogger. Instead of propane it uses electricity to generate the necessary heat and turn the insecticide into fog so you need to plug this fogger into power outlet to be able to use it. For some people that is a big downside because you have to drag that electricity cable along, but on the upside you won’t need to buy propane tanks and as long as you have electricity you will be able to fog your surrounding and live mosquito free. The electric fogger similarly to the propane fogger produces very dense and big cloud of insecticide induced fog that you can use on trees, bushes, flowers, in your yard, on your porch or anywhere else to get rid of mosquitoes as well as other insects.

ULV foggerAnd the last buy definitely not least type of fogger is the ULV fogger. ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume fogger. The difference from regular foggers is that these ULV foggers produce spray with much smaller insecticide droplets (form 5 to 50 microns in diameter). This allows the fogger to generate much more uniform fog that will cover any area fully and without an exception kill and further repel any insects. Because the spray of this fogger is so thick, it also is more concentrated so the fog will be stronger and better at is job. They usually are powered by electricity and can be used in any outdoors or indoors setting that needs to be ridded of insects or mosquitoes.

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