Mosquito control future – coffe

Mosquito control nowadays has become a concern of many people, because every year there are more and more mosquitoes and they carry worse and worse diseases. Thats why mosquito control specialists need to find new ways to more efficiently fight these insects. And although new chemicals might be the next big thing in mosquito control, there might be some other and more natural way of controlling the mosquitoes – coffee.

We use coffee as a way to wake ourselves up, to give ourselves a boost of energy or as just a tasty drink, because coffee is quite universal drink. But did you know that coffee actually is also a great mosquito repellent?

Yes indeed mosquitoes find coffee very toxic especially coffee with some cream and sugar in it which is the way most people prefer to drink their java. Mosquito species that are particularly not found of coffee goes by the name of Aedes albopictus or commonly known as Asian tiger mosquitoes which is great because this is one of the most popular mosquito specie that can be found all over the world from USA to Europe and the Tropics and Asian tiger mosquitoes are also known to carry viruses such as Yellow fever, Dengue fever and Chikungunya fever which if not treated can leave lasting effects on our health or in some extreme cases even kill us.

Usually first thought when it comes to mosquito control is to buy and use some kind of insecticide, because many people think that it might be the most efficient way to control these pests. But unfortunately soon that might not be true anymore because mosquitoes too like humans evolve and with time will grow immune to most insecticides, that is why it is so important to search for new ways to control mosquitoes without using insecticides or pesticides. Also another concern with insecticides is that they are quite chemical meaning that they aren’t the best to humans as well as our pets and other animals. And if large areas are sprayed with insecticide you can never be sure that the insecticide doesn’t seep into groundwater or any similar area that might contaminate our food, water or the environment we live in.

Thankfully scientists start to test coffee as insect repellent more and more and have found that this substance have promising future in mosquito repellent business. Since 2003 many scientist have run experiments and have found that coffee efficiently kills mosquito larvae, but they still need to find a suitable mechanism how to best distribute the coffee concoction to affect grown mosquitoes too, because as of now they have a coffee based liquid that although kills mosquitoes, it needs to be distributed everywhere including water which isn’t really the best option. Once this problem will be solved coffee could become the next big thing in mosquito control and we will be able to replace chemical and toxic repellents with natural repellent that is based of many peoples favorite drink – coffee.


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