Mosquito-borne disease that threatens the World – Zika Virus

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Recently there have been many reports in the news about something called Zika virus spreading in South America and because there is an increase in cases when newborns are born with serious neurological problems this virus is linked as a possible cause for this problem. Although this virus was already known as one of many different mosquito-borne diseases is looks like it has mutated into a new and awful strand of it causing panic in South America. So I thought it would be wise to tell you more about this disease: what is it, what are the symptoms of it and how you can prevent it so that you are informed and ready if it spreads further.


Zika virus originally is a Flavivirus genus virus that causes mild illness that usually lasts for several days. The symptoms of this virus include fever, joint pain, rash and conjunctivitis or red eyes but it also isn’t uncommon for people to be sick with Zika virus and to be symptom-less. This virus first was discovered in 1947 in Zika forest in Uganda, hence the name of the virus, and then soon after in Nigeria and other African countries. But it wasn’t until 2007 when it was found in South Pacific island of Yap which is outside its natural epidemic area that it alerted scientists to the spread of the virus.

Since then the Zika virus has already seen outbreaks again in Africa as well as Asia and other regions of the world.


And it is no wonder that is has traveled all across the globe and now is threatening the Americas because the carrier of this virus is a mosquito species called Aedes aegypti or the yellow fever mosquito that is a mosquito species that can be found all over the world. However, the worst part is that it seems that on its way to South America the Zika virus have mutated and gained new threat level because many think that this virus is also responsible for the rise of birth defects in newborns called microcephaly which means that the babies are born with abnormally small brains causing development problems and even early death.

Unfortunately there also isn’t a vaccine that could prevent the virus and there even isn’t any specific medicine yet that dedicated to treating the symptoms of the regular strain of this virus not to mention the new one that causes microcephaly. Which means that the only way to ensure that you don’t get Zika virus is to prevent mosquitoes from biting you all together. No wonder some doctors in South America even advise women to postpone becoming pregnant right now because the threat of this virus affecting newborn.

Some of the best tips to prevent mosquito bites is to always use mosquito repellant, to wear light clothing that covers most of your body such as long sleeve shirts and long pants as well as use different mosquito nets and screens for the indoors spaces to ensure that the mosquitoes don’t get inside. But if you want to even further make sure that mosquitoes aren’t able to bite you can use a mosquito fogger that won’t allow the mosquitoes to come in the area you have fogged that way insuring that mosquitoes don’t come even close to you or your skin.

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