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InsectCop Reviews: Keep Mosquitoes Away With Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice

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Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice is natural, effective, long-lasting and easy-to-use way to keep mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and other pests out of your backyard!



  • You will need a sprayer to apply
  • Garlicky smell when you first apply it
  • Must be reapplied every 3 weeks or so

There’s never been a better time to enjoy your backyard! But unfortunately with warm weather also comes mosquitoes.

Tired of all these plagues and pestilence, we decided to test out Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice – an all-natural product that promises to rid our yards of mosquitoes, ticks, and other annoying backyard pests.

Our independent review is 100% unbiased – our only goal is to bring you the complete lowdown on Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice!

There’s already a fair bit of information about this product out there, but none as comprehensive as our review. Our goal was to cover every aspect of the product, so you can make a fully-informed choice about the best way to keep your yard pest-free this summer.

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice: The Basics

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is an all-natural repellent spray that claims to keep your yard mosquito-free for up to 3 weeks.

Produced in the US, MNMJ is a concentrated liquid product designed to be diluted and sprayed over your lawn, shrubs, and any other backyard vegetation.

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is a 100% natural, non-toxic product that’s totally safe to use around children and pets. It’s also bird, bee, butterfly, and ladybug-friendly, so it won’t drive away beneficial bugs or upset the balance of your backyard ecosystem.

Finally, MNMJ is non-staining, and won’t ruin your clothes if you spill it.

The story behind Nature’s Mosquito Juice

As Denny Hansen, the co-founder of Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice explains, it all started when his partner Jamie Slocum was looking for a way to control mosquitoes in his home state of Minnesota. “After many recipes and samples, Jamie came across a garlic and cedar mixture. Over the summer he shared his initial recipe by applying it to my yard. And much to my surprise it worked great.”

It worked to great, in fact, that they went on to strike a deal with Lawn Pros who added the Mamma Nature’s Mosquito Juice as an additional service for their customers then under the name Ideal Mosquito Control. First just in Minnesota but later all across the US. And when people started calling wanting to use their product on their own, Jamie and Denny decided to set up a website and sell the product directly to their customers.

And both Denny and Jamie are very excited for the future since they’re already “looking to add many more products that are both safe and effective.” And we’re excited, too! Because, if this product is any indication, whatever they come up with next will also be fantastic!

Value for money

One 8oz bottle of Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice will cover 6000-8000 feet of yard, with a single application lasting for up to 3 weeks.

Realistically, this means you will probably have to make several applications (and, therefore, buy several bottles) of the product to see you through the summer.

This need to continuously reapply (and re-buy) the product makes it less cost-effective than other backyard repellents. However, many of MNMJ’s customers consider this a small price to pay for the unbeatable safety of using an all-natural product.

Packaging and materials

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice comes packaged in 8oz, plastic bottles. The clean and simple design of the lime-green label clearly spells out the ingredients and instructions for use and has a cute little doodle of a deceased mosquito to let you know what they’re all about.

The liquid

The active ingredients of Mama Nature’s Insect Juice are all-natural. The majority of the product (75.41%) is made up of garlic juice; the rest is corn oil (19.95%), cedarwood oil (3.34%), citric acid (0.38%), potassium sorbate (0.15%) and soapbark (0.77%).

The juice itself is orange-brown in color and, unsurprisingly, smells of garlic. However, the odor isn’t overpowering and fades away within a few minutes of application.

Application safety

The beauty of Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is that, unlike most insect-repellent products, it’s made of 100% natural, non-toxic ingredients. This makes it completely safe to use in your backyard, even around children and pets.

Once you’ve applied the spray, you can return to your backyard straight away; there’s no need to close off the area until the product has dried.

If you spill any of the liquid on your skin, simply rinse it away with water. Avoid extended contact with the skin, as irritation can occur if the product isn’t rinsed off (especially in individuals with sensitive skin).

As with all other household products, you should also avoid getting it in your eyes as this may cause irritation.

First aid

If you get Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice in your eyes or on your skin, simply rinse the area with clean water.

The gentle, natural formulation of MNMJ means you’re very unlikely to suffer any ill effects from accidentally inhaling or ingesting the product. However, if this does happen and you start to feel unwell, contact a doctor.

Storage and disposal

Store this product in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.

Refills aren’t available so, once the bottle is empty, dispose of it in the trash or recycle it, if possible.

How does Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice work?

The key player in Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is the garlic juice, which is an effective natural mosquito repellent. Studies have shown that garlic is also toxic to mosquito eggs, and treatment can prevent over 70% of them from hatching.

Meanwhile, the cedar oil also kills mosquito larvae when applied to standing water.

The dual insecticidal and repellent properties of MNMJ can deal with mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle and is also effective against ticks, fleas, and gnats.

These effects last for up to three weeks after each application of Mama Nature Mosquito Juice spray.

How to use Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice

When should you apply Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice?

The best time of year to apply Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice depends on the climate in your area.

If you live in a northern climate, for example, the people at MNMJ recommend starting your treatment in May, and continuing until the middle of September or until the first hard frost – whichever comes first! This means you’ll need to make a total of 7 applications of Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice per year.

The spray won’t be effective if it gets rained on immediately after application, as this will wash away the product. Therefore, you should hold off treatment if rain is predicted within the next 24-48 hours. If it has rained recently, wait at least 4 hours before spraying to allow the excess moisture to dry up.

How should you apply Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice?

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice can be applied in four easy steps:

  1. First, shake the bottle thoroughly.
  2. Next, tip the whole bottle into your sprayer and mix it with one gallon of water.
  3. Shake the sprayer well the ensure the Mosquito Juice and water are thoroughly combined.
  4. Spray your lawn, shrubs, and tree canopies with the concoction. To do this, start at one end of your yard and walk back and forth, basically ‘painting’ your yard with the spray.

And that’s it! The product is very easy to use and can be applied with any hand pump, battery-operated or backpack sprayer you have to hand.

Where should you apply Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice?

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice can be applied in any outdoor area including backyards, landscapes, patios, and campsites. It can be sprayed on lawns, shrubs, tree canopies, mulch, and standing water – anywhere mosquitoes might breed or rest!

This product may deter mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, and fleas, but it’s completely safe to use around other, beneficial insect species. In fact, MNMJ is partnered with the Pollinator Partnership in their mission to promote the health of pollinators, which are critical for our global ecosystems and food production.

According to Hansen: “The Pollinator Partnership is the largest non-profit organization to help pollinators and their environment. And a portion of each sale goes to this great organization to help their efforts.”

Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is also safe to use around aquatic life, birds, and flowers.

When used to treat standing water (where mosquitoes lay their eggs) it can create a barrier that kills mosquito larvae. It shouldn’t however, be poured into fish ponds or sprayed directly onto bees or butterflies.

This product also won’t stain your patio, pavers, or foundations. However, keep in mind that it’s not effective as a repellent on tougher surfaces, like cement, tents, garden furniture, etc. “The corn oil in our product adheres to the grass, tree canopies, bushes, shrubs, and flowers. However, it will quickly wash off solid surfaces such as tents, walls, cement, docks or hardscape.” So it might not be worth it to waist this great product by spraying it on hard surfaces.

How long does Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice last?

As Hansen points out, by using the pesticide-free Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice “you are relying on the smell of the garlic and cedar oils to keep the pest away.” So, the product will keep you mosquito-free will be for as long as the mosquitoes can sense the garlic odor. That is, for up to three weeks after each application.

For maximum effectiveness, make sure to reapply the Mosquito Juice every 18-21 days.

It may also need to be reapplied if it rains heavily within 48 hours of application, as this could wash away the spray.

After 48 hours with no rain, the effectiveness of the product will be able to withstand 2-3 moderate rain showers. However, “if you get heavy rains for 3 to 4 days it can wash away some of the product and we would encourage you to apply sooner, say in 15 days to keep the boundary strong, so no new mosquitoes come to your yard.” So in case of extended periods of heavy rainfall, make sure to reapply the product.

And for effective treatment, you should also avoid watering your garden for 24 hours after application.

How effective is Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice?

Very! After your initial application, you should notice an immediate reduction in mosquito numbers.

If you continue reapplying the product within 18-21 days of each application, the number of mosquitoes in your yard will drop even further.

Like most natural products, MNMJ requires more frequent reapplication than sprays that contain chemical insecticides. However, for many people, this is outweighed by the benefits of using a safe, non-toxic product in their yard.

And Hansen supports these claims: “Once you apply, we say you will see a reduction of 75% with mosquitoes. And since it’s not a chemical, you’re not killing anything, but creating a chemical barrier repellent. The mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and gnats have a 10,000 times better sense of smell than humans, so they leave and don’t come back if you keep to a schedule of applying every 18-21 days.”

Other tips for using Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice

One 8oz bottle of Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice will cover an area of 6000-8000 feet.

Photo credit: Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice

It’s also completely safe to spray on all types of plants. And you don’t even have to worry about it damaging plants with lighter foliage such as ferns. Because, since the primary ingredient in the Mamma Nature’s Mosquito Juice is garlic, there is no chance in it burning more sensitive plants as sprays that contain essential oils sometimes do.

Being a natural, non-toxic formulation, it is suitable for use on edible crops and is easy to wash off produce.

The official recommendation from MNMJ is to re-apply the spray every 18-21 days. However, you’ll know when it’s time to repeat the treatment when you see the mosquitoes starting to return.

You don’t need to close off your backyard after treatment, though it’s advisable to let the spray dry before walking out on your lawn. This allows time for the garlic smell to dissipate – once it’s dry, it won’t get on your shoes! The drying time will vary but typically will take 2-3 hours.

If you spill the product on your clothes, rinse them first with water before washing them as usual.

And fun fact: some of the Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice customers have said that it even works as deer and geese deterrent. Hansen says that since “both of these pests do not like the taste of the garlic, many spray their gardens to keep the deer from eating all their plants and others will spray the grass beside their lakefronts to keep the geese from sticking around.” So if you’re dealing with deer or geese, you might want to try this natural spray for that as well.


Looking for something to keep mosquitoes out of your yard, but that's also natural and easy to use? That's where Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice comes in! This mosquito repellent concentrate is made with natural ingredients that are capable of repelling all kinds of pests including mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, and fleas. And since its effects last for up to 3 weeks, it's as convenient as it is efficient.


Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice is one of the most effective all-natural insect repellent products out there. This concoction of carefully-selected botanicals harnesses the anti-mosquito power of garlic juice and cedarwood oil, a potent combination that can rid your yard of pests for up to three weeks.

Not only does MNMJ repel mosquitoes, but it also kills their larvae and eggs. This successfully breaks their reproduction cycle and, if used continuously, can reduce your mosquito numbers to almost non-existent levels.

This spray is not only ridiculously easy to apply but also 100% safe to use at home. It contains all plant-based ingredients and is non-toxic to humans, pets, bees, butterflies, fish, and birds. This means you can apply it to your yard with total abandon, leaving you to enjoy your evenings blissfully bite-free.

Frequently asked questions

Garlic juice (75.41%), corn oil (19.95%), cedarwood oil (3.34%), citric acid (0.38%), potassium sorbate (0.15%) and soapbark (0.77%).

Yes, the Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice mosquito repellent concentrate is completely safe for pollinators. They have even partnered with Pollinator Partnership (P2) in their mission to promote the health of pollinators, which are critical for our global ecosystems and food production.

Yes. All of the ingredients in Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice are natural, non-toxic, and safe to use around children and pets.

Yes. After one application of Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice, you will notice an immediate reduction in mosquito numbers of about 75%. If you continue reapplying the product within 18-21 days of each application, your mosquito numbers will drop even further.

Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice repels mosquitoes, gnats, fleas and ticks.

Although the Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice was not designed to keep away ants, and other insects, the high concentration of garlic juice in the product might help with keeping away more than just mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and fleas.

According to the co-founder of Mama Nature’s Mosquito Juice Denny Hansen: Spiders are tougher because they hide around the house, cement or docks and our products don't adhere to those surfaces. So, it might initially work when you apply it, but it wears off in the rain.

For the best results, you should re-apply Mama Nature's Mosquito Juice every 18-21 days.


Karen Singer

Can it be used inside the home? Is it safe for senior citizens and will it smell up the house? I am being bitten alive and am at my wits end as I am spending my first summer in Florida due to Covid.


    You should read this article to learn about your options to get rid of them. As for the product, it’s supposed to be used outdoors. Since it’s natural, it shouldn’t be harmful to health (unless you have specific allergies). Though, the smell would likely be very strong in such environments.

Vince Nguyen

will this product stain or harm artifical turf.


    We’re not sure about artificial turf specifically, but the product is generally non-staining and safe for clothes, patios, etc. So it would likely be safe for your artificial turf as well.

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