How to Properly Use Bed Bug Powder

Insects such as bed bugs can cause huge issues in homes, as they live in colonies that can contain huge numbers. Because they do not venture out into the open, it can be very difficult to detect them but they can still cause huge issues in your home and garden. In the spring and summer, these pests can be particularly troublesome and they, therefore, have to be dealt with swiftly. You can get various different types of bed bug treatments that you can use in your home as well as access to professional pest control companies that can come out and treat your home.

Pests such as bedbugs can also spread with ease. For instance, if you have these bugs present in your home, you need to ensure you follow some rules such as not just moving to another room or putting belongings into someone else’s home. This is because the bed bugs can be transported from the affected room into other rooms in your home or even other people’s houses if you take your belongings there. In many cases, you may not even realize that you have an infestation until it is too late, by which time the damage may already have been done.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

It is pretty easy to identify when you have bed bugs. These little critters feast on your blood as you sleep, so you may notice blood spots on your bedding. They can also cause skin issues such as rashes, which stem from reactions to the bed bug bites. In addition, you may notice black spots on the bedding, which can indicate fecal matter from the bed bugs.

Of course, it is natural for people to panic and feels disgusted when they realize that they have bed bugs. However, it is important to remember that this type of infestation is extremely common and there are now various products that you can use in order to get rid of them. You will need to focus on getting rid of potentially infested clutter by sealing in bags and putting in the disposal. For items that you want to keep such as clothing and soft toys, you need to make sure that they are properly washing along with bedding and curtains. They can then be sealed up and placed in another room once you are sure that they are not affected by the bed bugs any longer.

Using bed bug powder to get rid of these pests

One of the things that you can do if you have bed bugs is to use a special powder that is able to get rid of the infestation. This is certainly far cheaper than calling in the exterminators and it is pretty simple to use. There are various different types of being bug powder that you can use in order to rid your home of these pests but it is important that you use it properly in order to get the desired result, which is to eliminate the bed bugs.

Bed bug powders have become amongst the most common solutions used in households over the years. This is because they are affordable, effective, and very easy to use. However, you need to make sure you familiarize yourself with how to – and how not to – use these powders. Of course, bed bug powders will all come with their own instructions and directions with regards to their usage. However, people sometimes ignore these and do their own thing.

What you need to avoid

One thing you should avoid is sprinkling the bed bug powders all over your room including the carpets. These powders are nowhere near as effective in open areas and when bugs come into contact with powder all around the room it can still take them a day or two to be affected. In the meantime, you are left with lots of mess to clean up and it is not the safest solution if you have kids or pets in the home.

Using the powder in the most effective way

If you want to use the bed bug powder in the most effective way, what you should be focusing on is the cracks and crevices through which these bed bugs are gaining access. This could include cracks and gaps in skirting boards and floorboards, which are common areas from which these bugs are able to gain access. All you have to do is apply the powder into these cracks and crevices as best you can. You will find that some bed bug powders come with a nozzle that is built in, which makes application far easier into these tiny spaces. Once the powder has been applied to the areas it is able to settle so that it is at its most effective.

You should then move onto areas such as around door frames, cracks in walls, and wooden furniture. Again, these are common access areas for insects and it is therefore essential that you use the bed bug powder in these areas as well. If you are worried about bed bugs that have gained access to the inside of walls and are therefore traveling from one room to another, you can also remove the faceplate from your electrical sockets and switches and apply powder inside the walls. Just make sure that you do not get powder into the electrical outlet while you are doing this. You need to also apply powder to the inside of wooden furniture, so you may have to consider taking it apart so that you can get to the affected areas. Make sure you do not miss out on other problem areas such as the folds on soft furniture, window frames, and even wall hangings.

The simple solution

As long as you use it correctly and apply it to the right areas, bed bug powder can provide a very simple and effective solution to help rid your home of these pests. You can then sleep far more easily at night in the knowledge that you don’t have a colony of bugs waiting to indulge the minute you go to sleep.



How often should I apply bed bug powder?


    Powders are residual, so you won’t need to apply them all the time. If we take Diatomaceous Earth powder, it will stay effective until you sweep it off, as long as it stays dry. Or Delta Dust, which can last up to 8 months.

Keith Belknap

Is it safe to apply the powder in the bedroom and be able to sleep in that room or is it dangerous


    Most of them will be harmless to humans, though, we suggest checking the label of the specific product just in case. Also, since bed bugs are attracted by the carbon dioxide emitted by humans, it might even be suggested to be in the room to lure the bugs out of their hiding places so they can come in contact with the product.

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