How to Use a Roach Bomb for Your House

Cockroaches, the world’s most despised insect, are also one of mankind’s most troublesome pests. Roaches have lived side-by-side with people throughout human history and, today, invade more homes around the globe than any other insect.

But it’s not just their long, spiny legs, wide flat bodies or waving antennae that should send a shiver down your spine. Roaches are filthy creatures who spend much of their time hanging out in sewers and drains, covering their bodies with harmful bacteria. They then walk this bacteria around your home, contaminating food, utensils and preparation areas. This can be an extreme health hazard for anyone living nearby; roaches have been found to carry diseases such as salmonella, E.coli, and pneumonia.

Cockroaches are also a major source of allergens, which is bad news for asthmatics. The feces and skin cases these critters scatter throughout your home have been found to exacerbate asthma and trigger attacks in sufferers. Besides threatening the health of you and your family, roaches can also kick up a stink in your home. Their foul musty odor may be unnoticeable at first but, as the population increases, will quickly become unbearable.

It’s unsurprising that most people want to be rid of their roaches as soon as they realize they have an infestation. Given that these insects can breed with lightning speed it is vital that the problem is tackled quickly and effectively. One way to eliminate roaches from your house is with a roach bomb or total release fogger, a device that releases pesticides into your home. But how do you use a roach fogger?

What is a roach bomb?

Total release foggers, or bug bombs, are aerosols that release a pesticide product into your home. The pesticide then settles over every surface in the house, fumigating the area and effectively killing roaches.

How to use a roach bomb: step by step

  • Step 1: Choosing your roach bomb: Choosing the appropriate roach bomb for your house is important, as over-fogging your rooms can present a fire hazard. The type of roach bomb you need will depend on the size of the area to be fumigated. Measure your rooms and study the product carefully to make sure you have the right one!
  • Step 2: Open all cupboard, cabinet and closet doors: Roaches will often hide out in enclosed spaces, such as cupboards, Making sure you open all doors before activating your roach bomb will allow the chemicals to settle inside, leaving your roaches no place to hide!
  • Step 3: Take protective measures: Take care to completely cover all food items, toys, clothes, food preparation areas, electronics, and waxed surfaces before you activate your roach bomb. The pesticides can damage fabrics and furniture, while food will be rendered inedible.
  • Step 4: Close all windows and doors: To maximize the effectiveness of your roach bomb, make sure you close all doors and windows. This will contain the pesticide, stopping it from escaping your home and allowing it to thoroughly permeate your rooms.
  • Step 5: Switch off the air con, fans, and heaters: This will allow the pesticide to settle evenly on all surfaces, without being blown around by air currents.
  • Step 6: Turn off all flames, including pilot lights: Roach bombs contain flammable chemicals and can present a fire hazard. It is, therefore, crucially important to make sure there are no naked flames in your house before you activate the aerosol.
  • Step 7: Placing your bug bomb: Place your roach bomb on top of a tall stool, chair or table in the center of the room you want to treat. To prevent the fogger from staining the area underneath it, place the canister on top of a few sheets of newspaper.
  • Step 8: Evacuate the house: Evacuate everyone, including pets, from the house before you activate your roach bomb. Once you have activated your bug bomb, leave the house immediately.
  • Step 9: Wait, then ventilate: Once you’ve set off your roach bomb, keep everyone out of the house for at least 4 hours. Check the instructions on your fogger for more information, as some bug bombs require a longer evacuation period. When you return to your house, ventilate it immediately. Open all the windows and doors before quickly leaving again. Wait outside for at least another 30 minutes while the fumes dissipate.

Safety precautions

Total release foggers contain pesticides which can be injurious to human health. It is, therefore, important to minimize your exposure to these chemicals when using a roach bomb in your house. So what safety precautions do you need to take before using a fogger in your home?


  • Use more roach bombs than necessary: Using several roach bombs in the same room can lead to a build-up of flammable vapors.
  • Use foggers in small, enclosed spaces: Setting off your roach bomb inside small, enclosed space, such as a cupboard or cabinet, may cause the product to explode.
  • Return to your house until it’s safe to do so: Stay out of your house until the full waiting period has elapsed. You can find this information on the label of your roach bomb.


  • Keep roach bombs away from naked flames: The vapors released by roach bombs can be flammable. To avoid any risk of fire, make sure any and all flames are extinguished before you activate your fogger.
  • Follow directions carefully: Always study the label carefully when choosing a roach bomb for your home. Different foggers are designed to be used in different sized areas and can lead to a build-up of flammable vapors if used in too small a space.
  • Ventilate your house thoroughly: Open all windows and doors to ventilate your house thoroughly after using a roach bomb. Don’t re-enter your house until all the fumes have dissipated.

Roach bombs can be an effective way to remove pests from your house, but only if used correctly and safely! Find out how to bomb for roaches before you activate your fogger, taking care to choose the appropriate one for your needs. Always follow instructions and safety measures to the letter for the best results.

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