How to protect your dog from ticks

Pets roam in and out of the house all the time. And this can cause them to catch a tick or two during their outdoor adventures. One of the most common types of dog ticks is known to reproduce and multiply 100 times in just a couple of days. On top of that, they then settle inside your home and can even latch onto you and your loved ones. So it is crucial that you know how to protect your dog from ticks, so they don’t become a bother to you as well.

Prevention is always a great idea when it comes to ticks. You should be especially aware of measures to protect your dog from ticks during the summer when ticks are the most active. So below we have listed a few preventive measures, including some natural methods that you can use to protect your pups from ticks.

Tick Collars

Tick collars special type of collars infused with pesticides that are released onto your dog’s skin to prevent ticks from coming near your pup. These collars are extremely safe and will not adversely affect your dog in any way. However, there are a few downsides to tick collars.

Firstly, tick collars can be used to preventing ticks, not fleas and therefore will not help if your pet has fleas. And secondly, tick collars do not start working immediately. They need an entire day to become effective. Yet on the upside, they last up to 3 months, are very easy to use and you do not have to remove the collar even when your pup goes for a swim. So overall tick collars are an inexpensive and convenient way of providing tick protection for dogs.

Spot on tick medicine

Tick spot treatment is a topical tick medication for dogs that you can rub on your dogs for long-lasting tick prevention. This medication prevents both fleas and ticks. Once applied the medicine seeps into the sweat glands of your dog and then is released over a span of several weeks when your dog sweats, keeping fleas and ticks away from your pup for an extended period of time. Additionally, these tick spot treatments are waterproof so you can bathe your dog and let them go swimming without worrying about the tick medication becoming ineffective. Just reapply the tick medication every month or so and you will be able to keep your dog safe from fleas and ticks.

Tick shampoos

If you don’t want to use tick meds for dogs or dog tick collars then tick prevention shampoo is another convenient method to not only prevent your dog from catching fleas and ticks but to also kill the ones already living in the fur of your pet. What’s more tick shampoos not only kill the pests but also clean your dog like regular shampoos? You can use these as any regular pet shampoo. Lather it on and wash it off from your dog with water after a few minutes.

There are several kinds of dog tick shampoos available on the market. Choose the one that suits your dog best or consults your vet for recommendations of a good tick shampoo. Because it is an inexpensive yet efficient method to kill and prevent your dog from fleas and ticks.

Tick protection sprays

Tick spray is a mostly short-term solution for prevention of ticks. If you are only visiting tick-infested areas with your dog for a short period of time and you need a less permanent solution to the problem, tick protection sprays are great for that. These sprays can be easily sprayed on your pet and you can carry them with you anywhere you go. Just know that they do not have a very long lasting effect so you might have to spray them on multiple times a week. But it is a great tick prevention option for things like camping and hiking. And the best part is that these sprays not only protect your dogs from fleas and ticks but also help kill the ones that have already set up shop in your pup’s fur. A convenient and portable option, the best tick prevention solution on the go.

However, while there are these chemical-based tick prevention options, there also are some chemical-free remedies and tick protection methods out there. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

Tick powders

A combination of herbs turned into a powder can be used to treat wounds left by fleas and ticks and also prevent the pests from attacking your dog again. The herbs usually used to make these powders are dried Neem tree leaves and yarrow (a herb found in a sunflower plant). There are many recipes found online for this natural tick remedy for dogs. Or you can even buy them in some stores because natural herb tick powders are becoming more and more popular way to combat ticks on dogs.

Essential oils

If you do not want to spray your dog with chemicals because they might damage your pups fur or cause an allergic reaction, you can use essential oil treatment on your pup. Mix a few drops of rose geranium oil and almond oil and dab it on your dog’s neck and behind the ears. The concoction will not only help ward off ticks but also smells really good. Just make sure to do your research before you add any other ingredient to your essential oil dog tick treatment because some essential oils are toxic for pets.

Natural sprays

Natural sprays are milder but also an effective alternative to chemical dog tick treatments. These natural sprays are very easy to make at home. Cut a lemon into four and put the pieces in a jar. Pour boiling water over the lemon and let it soak for few hours. Then once the water has cooled pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it all over your dog except your pups face. This should take care of ticks and keep them away from your dog in no-time.

Dietary preventive measures

On top of that, there also are a few changes you can make to your dog’s diet to prevent ticks from feasting on his blood. Garlic helps to keep the ticks away from your pup since ticks hate the smell of garlic. So once your pup consumes garlic he will emit it through his skin and successfully scare away the ticks and other insects too. However, please make sure that you give garlic to your pup in controlled amounts as too much garlic can cause anemia in dogs.

Another dietary supplement that is great for repelling ticks is apple cider vinegar. This makes the dog’s blood more acidic, causing ticks to stay away from the dog’s blood. But again, make sure to not add more than 2 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar to your dog’s food or water. As any more will do more harm than good!

Ticks can quickly become a serious problem for you and your pet so you must take serious steps to prevent them from attacking your dog. Yet before following any of these above-mentioned methods, chemical or not, you should consult your vet first because each dog has different needs and requirements. So a veterinary consultation will go a long way in helping you keep your pet healthy while also protecting him from ticks.

A few more things that you can do to prevent a tick infestation is to spray your garden and backyard with pesticides the ticks don’t become a problem in the first place. For most dogs are like family members. So we should be consistent in treating them for a tick. Otherwise, they will be in pain. And nobody likes to see their family member in pain.

We hope that you found this information useful and that it will help you to protect your dog from ticks. Please share this with your fellow dog owners so that they too can benefit from these tips and keep their pets healthy and feeling good!


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