How to Control Spiders in Your Home

You’ll find spiders almost anywhere, especially in homes. They’re among the most common types of insects. Having spiders doesn’t mean that you have an unclean house or poor hygiene, even though they might gather near food crumbs.

Whether you like it or not, spiders are a natural part of life and greatly contribute to the circle of life. But they can be irritating or worrisome, particularly as spider control can be tricky sometimes. Nobody really wants them around, except for those who keep them as pets. Some people have a morbid fear of spiders and won’t enter any house if even the tiniest spiders are around.

So, how can you control their movement in and out of your house, especially as the weather starts getting chilly? Here are some of the best ways to keep spiders outdoors, where they belong.

Declutter your exterior walls

Many species of spiders enjoy hanging out on trees, leaves, wood stacks, and other piles of objects. They like dark, enclosed, and sometimes warm spaces. So, if you have shrubbery or tree branches that are too close to the exterior walls of your home, you may receive unwanted spider visits.

If you want to reduce the chances of this happening, trim back your branches and shrubs. If you have stacks of wood or stored objects placed close to the walls, sort them out and remove them completely. These will greatly decrease the chances of spiders entering your home.

Constantly clean your house

As we mentioned before, having spiders in your house doesn’t necessarily mean that your house is dirty. Clean houses still have spiders. But a constant and thorough cleaning can go a long way towards getting rid of spiders.

Not just cleaning, but also making sure that there are no unnecessary piles of objects lying around. If you must keep objects, plastic containers are a better choice than cardboard or wooden storage containers.

It’s much more difficult—or sometimes impossible—for spiders to get into plastic containers than it is for them to get into containers made of different materials. Doing this will help your home stand a better chance of being unattractive to spiders.

Use essential oils or vinegar

You’ve probably tried spring cleaning to keep spiders out of your house, but it may not have worked. Well, this happens, but don’t let it discourage you.

Did you use either essential oils or vinegar? The oils repel spiders because they dislike strong smells. You might already have some of these oils around your house, like tea tree oil or peppermint oil. Just get an empty spray bottle and fill it with a good amount of water.

Add about 15 drops of whichever essential oil you choose, shake it well, and spray it around your house occasionally. To ensure that this method remains effective, alternate between different types of oil. You don’t want the spiders to adapt to one scent.

If you choose to use vinegar, fill a spray bottle with 50% water and 50% vinegar. Shake it and spray the mixture in every nook and cranny where you’ve seen spiders around your house. Vinegar is highly acidic and completely repels different pests and insects, including spiders. But make sure you avoid finished wood surfaces because the acid in vinegar could mar them.

Turn off the lights

As simple as this may sound, it works. Spiders aren’t necessarily attracted to light themselves. But lights do attract a wide variety of insects, some of which spiders regularly feed on.

If the are lights on around your house, especially at night, attracting insects, spiders won’t be far behind. So turn off the lights if you can to reduce the chances of spiders—and other insects—coming in. Even though they love the dark, if there’s nothing to prey on, your home won’t be very attractive to them.

Remember that garlic can help

Many vampire movies have made garlic popular as the antidote to these supernatural blood drinkers. Garlic is well known for its highly pungent smell. There is why a good number of non-imaginary creatures don’t like it, including spiders. 

You can either throw some cloves around your home or blend them and mix them with water in a bottle to spray in the corners of your house. This may be one of the least used spider repellent methods because of the strong smell. Garlic doesn’t diffuse easily, but it’s one of the safest and surest ways to keep spiders away.

Keep them away with diatomaceous earth

There are many commercially made sprays and powders that you can employ to keep spiders out of your home. Not all of them are poisonous, if your health and eco-friendliness worry you. Apart from the sprays which you could make at home, others are readily available in shops, which are kid and pet safe.

You can also get diatomaceous earth. Bed bugs aren’t the only critters that this naturally-occurring powder repels. Other insects, like fleas, ticks, and spiders, shy away from any environment that has a perimeter of it. If you’ve been looking to kill spiders or just keep them away, this is a great and natural way. It’s long lasting and completely safe.

Use citrus peels

Spiders detest anything that has to do with citrus because, like vinegar, it’s acidic. If throwing oranges and lemons around your house seems like too dramatic of a way to ward off spiders, you could use peels instead. Leave them in strategic corners of the house or rub them on different surfaces and walls—if they won’t leave stains.

Be sure to replace the old peels with fresh ones every day or so to make sure the strong citrus scent remains and keeps spiders out.


All the tips listed above are natural. So, they pose no harm to you, your family, your pets, and in some cases, even spiders. Even though this list isn’t exhaustive, it includes some amazing ways to keep your home spider free. 

You don’t have to live with spiders or entertain them as a necessary evil. You also don’t have to go on a spider-killing spree. If you follow some of these tips, in no time at all, your home will be free from these unwanted pests.



This great information. I like the natural ingredients for fighting back insects. I will definitely try some of them. Thank you

miguel marquez

Are moth balls good for repelling spiders?


    Yes, they have shown good results in repelling spiders.

Deb McDonald

Tried and true method is to gather chestnuts in the fall, toss them around problem areas. They set off a gas that spitters detest! When I was young a boyfriend put them in his work Van ( he was a gardener) unfortunately I was sitting in it at the time as spiders fell from every nook and cranny! Sufficed to say I exited quickly!


Osage oranges (aka horse apple, hedge apple) placed around the house also deter spiders. I miss being in southern Michigan, where we could just pick them up alongside the road in the Fall.

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