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One of the most popular questions regarding mosquitoes we get is how long do mosquitoes actually live, because there are many myths and untrue facts out there about what is the average lifetime of mosquitoes. So I am here to answer your questions and to explain how long do mosquitoes live.

One of the most common assumptions about mosquito lifetime is that they live only about a week, and although this I true in some cases, the largest part of mosquitoes tend to live longer than that. Because there is around 3,500 different mosquito species in the world and they have been around for millions of years, each mosquito species have not only developed physical differences, but also differences in how long they live, so actually you cannot definitively say how long do mosquitoes live, but there as an average approximate trend in mosquito life cycles that I will tell you about so keep on reading.

It is true that mosquitoes spend their first 10 days in the water, because water is the environment mosquito females lay their eggs and the environment mosquitoes need to develop. Basically any kind of water will do as long as this water will stand still and won’t be flushed away in the span of these 10 days. During the time mosquitoes spend in the water they develop from eggs to larvae which in time change into adult mosquitoes.

Once the mosquitoes have emerged from their cocoons and have developed into full adults, all bets are off and each mosquito will live as long as they can manage. And although female mosquitoes have longer life cycles – in good conditions they can live up to a few months even – because they are the mosquitoes that attack humans and suck our blood, they usually end up having much shorter life cycle. Male mosquitoes on the other hand, although don’t attack humans and mainly feed on flower nectar and juice, on average live about 10 days, although these 10 days is usually maximum for male mosquitoes and it is usually closer to 7 days which could be the reason why this stereotype that all mosquitoes live only a week have emerged.

Another stereotype regarding mosquitoes is that most of them die in the fall and don’t live through the winter. And again although male mosquitoes do die soon after breeding and they don’t survive the winter, there are mosquito species of whom female mosquitoes live through the winter and then once the spring and warm weather comes, they rush to get blood so that they could produce new eggs and new mosquitoes. These female mosquitoes will live up to even 6 months with the hibernation period in between.

So you can say that in perfect conditions most female mosquitoes would live about 6 to 8 weeks, with the exception of those mosquito species that do hibernate in the winter but male mosquitoes have only about 10 days from emerging from the cocoon to enjoy some sweet flower nectar, breed and leave behind new mosquitoes.


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