Ideas for homemade mosquito trap DIY

Mosquito and insect repellents often contain different artificial ingredients which can be harmful to humans and animals. Industrially made mosquito traps can cost a fortune. On top of that those mosquito traps which are using natural resources not always seem to work and keep those pesky insects at bay. Luckily, there are plenty of different techniques and ways how you can make your own DIY homemade mosquito traps, mosquito repellents and other different products aimed at reducing the mosquito number in your house or backyard. But, as there are many different approaches and possible recipes for DIY mosquito traps, let’s look at a few of the simplest ways how you can create your own mosquito trap.

Mosquito traps are devices which attract mosquitoes, trapping them until they die or dehydrate. Mosquito traps don’t repel insect but attract them and kill them. Therefore you need to use ingredients which are going to be pleasant and will draw them in. So here are some of the best, easiest and most efficient mosquito traps that you can DIY yourself.

homemade mosquito trap

Trick mosquitoes into drowning

The simplest and easiest mosquito trap would be taking a bucket or any other container, filling it with water and adding a detergent to it. As mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay their eggs in, they will be attracted to the water body which you’ve provided. But due to the fact that you added detergent to the water, it will have no surface tension and mosquitoes will drown. And, you can increase the efficiency of this mosquito trap even more by aiming any light source to the water, as mosquitoes are also highly attracted to light.

Plastic bottle mosquito trap

This DIY mosquito trap is one of the most well-known and used techniques. You will need either 1.5-liter or 2-liter plastic bottle, water, sugar, and yeast. Cut off the bottle approximately in half and create something similar to a funnel. Mix the water with sugar, which will create a mosquito attractant, and pour it into the bottle. Add the yeast that will create carbon dioxide, which especially attracts mosquitoes and wrap the funnel-like molding with a black cloth. Mosquitoes will be highly attracted to the sugar water and yeast and will find their way into the funnel, but because of the small opening and black cloth mosquitoes will be unable to find their way out.


And lastly, if you are one who likes to make things and are willing to invest a little more money in your DIY projects, here is a mosquito trap which is going to require some effort but will be extremely efficient. You will need a fan, fine wire mesh cloth and isopropyl alcohol aka rubbing alcohol. You attach the wire mesh to the fan and treat it with the rubbing alcohol. It works similarly to spider webs, mosquitoes are caught into the mesh and die as they cannot get out. While the alcohol concentration speeds up the process, killing mosquitoes immediately.

All in all, there are plenty of different ways how you can try to decrease the number of mosquitoes in your backyard and even in your house using materials and resources found around your house. Some methods require more effort, and some traps can be created within seconds. But all of them have proved to work well and results will be seen by using all of these DIY homemade mosquito traps.

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