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  • Category – Cold fogger
  • Type – ULV fogger
  • Manufacturer – Fogmaster
  • Particle size – 15-40 microns
  • Weight – 5 pounds (2 kg)
  • Dimensions – 10×4.5×11 inches (25x11x28 cm)
  • Material – Plastic
  • Capacity of container – 1/4 gallons (0.95 liters)
  • Flex hose – No
  • Motor – ¼ HP, 120VAC or 240VAC
  • Spray distance – 10 feet (3 m)
  • Output – adjustable from 0–4 oz (0-118 ml) per minute
  • Solutions – Water and Oil based
  • Warranty – 1 year


Fogmaster Jr. by Fogmaster company is a compact, general usage ULV fogger that can be used for all sorts of works, starting from removing unpleasant odors and molds from indoor places, to treating stains, mist plants and foliage and also to spray insecticide to fight a mosquito problem. As manufacturer states, this fogger is for those jobs for which an industrial fogger is too large and hand sprayer is too small, to which we can fully relate. This fogger comes in 120VAC and 240VAC models and can be used with both water and oil based solutions.


When compared to other ULV foggers or industrial propane foggers, Fogmaster Jr. 5330 looks very small and compact fogger. It is equipped with just a ¼ gallon (0.95 liter) small solution tank, which compared to more common 0.8 gallon (3 liter) ULV tanks may seem a way too small and may need a frequent refilling. But actually this cold fogger is very efficient and economical, as you can fog quite a large area just with one tank. The discharge rate of the fogger can be adjusted from 0–4 oz (0-118 ml) per minute, which will allow to fog for approx. 8 minutes at full rate, and you probably won’t need to fog at full flow rate. The air compressor is being powered by a ¼ HP, 120VAC or 240VAC motor. The fogger can output particles in size from 15-40 microns. Particle size can be adjusted by controlling the flow rate of the fogger. Smaller flow rate will output smaller particles closer to 15 micron range, while higher flow rate will output larger particles up to 40 micron range.

As mentioned above, the solution container of Fogmaster Jr. 5330 can hold up to ¼ gallons (950 ml) of fogging solution, but you can also get a larger solution container of 0.5 gallons (1.9 l). The solution tank, same as the whole unit is made from plastic materials. The base and nozzle are made from nylon and solution tank is made from a polyethylene, which can store all sorts of fogging chemicals and is easy to clean, same as you will find on many other cold and thermal foggers.

fogmaster jr fogger with larger and smaller tank

Fogmaster Jr. with 1.9 l and 950 ml tanks

The fogger has got a convenient handle on top of the body, to make the fogger easy to carry around when fogging. On top of the handle there is an on/off switch and on the front there is a flow adjustment valve. On the back of the handle you will find a power cord, which in opposite to other ULV foggers is quite long in 9 feet (2.7 m) length.

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Fogging with this device is very easy. The tool is light and easy to hold into hand. As mentioned above, Fogmaster Jr. 5330 fogger can be used with both oil and water based solutions. The solution tank can be simply detached from the body of the fogger by turning it around. The fogging solution can be poured into the opening on top of the tank. To power the fogger plug it into an electric socket. If you need to fog a larger outdoor area, you can plug the fogger into an extension cord made for outdoor usage. When the fogger has been plugged into electricity you can turn it on by sliding an on/off switch on the top of the handle. To adjust the flow rate and particle size the fogger outputs turn the valve, which is located on top of the nozzle. The spray range of Fogmaster Jr. 5330 is approx 10 feet (3 m), but it depends on different factors such as weather conditions outside, type of the fogging solution and the flow rate you have set.

The fogger is going to output solution in range from wet fog to a fine mist, so it can be used for all sorts of fogging tasks, from getting rid or unpleasant odors, stains and molds indoors, or misting flowers and plants, to using it for spraying insecticides and pesticides to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects in your backyard. We really like the lightness and ease of use of this fogger, however we found that the engine of such small fogger is very loud, so if loud noise is a problem in the area you will use the fogger, you may want to look at other type of foggers.

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