What are Thermal Foggers

A thermal fogger is a device that is used to terminate a pest problem in an outdoor area. There are two types of thermal foggers – gas foggers and electricity powered foggers. Thermal foggers are often used for mosquito control.

Fogger accessories – best moquito fogger equipment

Accessories are the thing that adds value to any object and mosquito foggers are no different, because with good mosquito fogger accessories such as fogger straps, timers and other trinkets they can become not only great way to eliminate and exterminate mosquitoes but also a great help in other tasks such as disinfecting spaces, eliminating odors or other insects and pests.

Droplet sizes of different Mosquito Foggers and Repellents

The droplet size of different mosquito fogging devices as well as mosquito repellents differs a lot. The size of particles have important role on what type of insects they are efficient. We have compared the particle size of aerosol sprays, thermal foggers and ULV foggers and gathered information of what are the most effective size for particles to terminate different types of insects.

Insecticide explained

Mosquito foggers are super-efficient way of killing mosquitoes and overall enjoying time outside without getting mosquito bites. But to use a mosquito fogger you need not only the device itself but also insecticide that will actually be the thing that kills and repels the mosquitoes. But what exactly is insecticide and what it is made out of?

Propane fogger safety & using tips

Propane foggers are one of the most efficient way how to get rid of mosquitoes in your garden, backyard, or even at a camping site or picnic site, because this kind of fogger is compact, you can use it anywhere thanks to the fact that it is powered by propane and it really is great at eliminating mosquitoes. But there are a few things that you should know about propane foggers to ensure your safety and safety to those around you. So here are tips for using a propane fogger safely and efficiently.

ULV fogger operation

When it comes to foggers Ultra Low Volume foggers or ULV foggers for short are one of the best option to choose, because these foggers are able to produce much finer mist than any propane or electric foggers therefore they can be used outdoors and indoors for many different applications from mosquito control up to even disinfection.

When is the best time to fog

Mosquito fogger is a device that is used to repeal or terminate insects, mostly mosquitoes from backyard, garden, patio and other areas. After you have discovered areas around your house where mosquitoes are living, next thing is to choose the most effective time for fogging. There are few important things to note about when it’s best to fog and when you should avoid fogging for safety or efficiency reasons.

Propane fogger parts

There are different types of foggers like electric or thermal fogger and each of these types have different parts suited for either cold or thermal fogging. Today we’ll look at propane foggers which are a subcategory of thermal foggers and find out from what parts they consist.