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Other purposes of mosquito foggers

Mosquito foggers are one of the most efficient way how to get rid of mosquitoes and many other pests, however, fogging your area with a mosquito fogger to get rid of your unwanted pest guests isn’t the only way you can use a fogger, because a fogger is a quite versatile device. So let’s see some of the other purposes of mosquito foggers that you can utilize to get the most out of your fogger.

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Use foggers in greenhouses?

Mosquitoes don’t only live in backyards, they tend to also like the environment of greenhouses. But is it safe and healthy to use mosquito foggers in these greenhouses? And if so what are benefits of doing so? Lest find the answers to these questions!

Insecticide explained

Mosquito foggers are super-efficient way of killing mosquitoes and overall enjoying time outside without getting mosquito bites. But to use a mosquito fogger you need not only the device itself but also insecticide that will actually be the thing that kills and repels the mosquitoes. But what exactly is insecticide and what it is made out of?

When is the best time to fog

Mosquito fogger is a device that is used to repeal or terminate insects, mostly mosquitoes from backyard, garden, patio and other areas. After you have discovered areas around your house where mosquitoes are living, next thing is to choose the most effective time for fogging. There are few important things to note about when it’s best to fog and when you should avoid fogging for safety or efficiency reasons.