What are Cold Foggers

Cold fogger is a device that is used to fight a pest problem and to get rid of molds and unpleasant odors indoors, and to eliminate insects such as mosquitoes outdoors. The most popular type of cold foggers is ULV fogger.

Droplet sizes of different Mosquito Foggers and Repellents

The droplet size of different mosquito fogging devices as well as mosquito repellents differs a lot. The size of particles have important role on what type of insects they are efficient. We have compared the particle size of aerosol sprays, thermal foggers and ULV foggers and gathered information of what are the most effective size for particles to terminate different types of insects.

ULV fogger operation

When it comes to foggers Ultra Low Volume foggers or ULV foggers for short are one of the best option to choose, because these foggers are able to produce much finer mist than any propane or electric foggers therefore they can be used outdoors and indoors for many different applications from mosquito control up to even disinfection.

Mosquito fogger types

When it comes to mosquito foggers they are one of the best and most efficient way how to combat different insects but mostly mosquitoes to be able to enjoy nice and mosquito free time outdoors. But even mosquito foggers have a few different types so that you are able to choose the method of dispersing the insecticide fog that is most suitable to you.