Black Flag 190095 fogger review

The Black Flag company is known for their insecticide products that terminates all kinds of insects and pests, but they have also made an insect fogging device – Black Flag 190095. This is a thermal fogger that heats up the insecticide to produce dense fog cloud that terminates any mosquito that comes in the range of the fog. The fogger needs a propane cylinder to work.

Bonide Mosq Out Insect Fogger review

This Bonide Mosq Out 554 mosquito fogger is a thermal fogger that heats up insecticide and sprays it out as a fog. This insect fogger can be used to terminate all kind of insects and pests starting from mosquitoes and flies, to bugs, gnats, wasps and other type of insects that are not welcomed in your yard or house. Just fill the container with appropriate insecticide and start fogging.