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Accessories are the thing that adds value to any object and mosquito foggers are no different, because with good mosquito fogger accessories such as fogger straps, timers and other trinkets they can become not only great way to eliminate and exterminate mosquitoes but also a great help in other tasks such as disinfecting spaces, eliminating odors or other insects and pests.

Insect fogger strap might seem like an unimportant thing because it is just a piece of fabric, but actually a comfortable and durable strap can make all the difference. Fogger straps are used when operating heavier and bigger foggers, a lot of the times these foggers are commercial grade, but straps can also be attached to regular home-use foggers. The strap helps you support the fogger and work with it much easier, especially when you first start using the fogger and its liquid tank is full. There are straps that goes on your shoulder and ones that goes cross-body depending on your preference, but I would recommend the cross-body strap because it distributes the weight better therefore not putting so much strain on your hands or back. If you are having problems of fogging for a long time due to the fogger weight or back pain for example, I really recommend looking into purchasing a fogger strap to help you.

fogger hose

Another accessory that is more common among ULV or Ultra Low Volume foggers is fogger hose. Many times these hoses come with the foggers, but still they can break or be damaged pretty easily so a backup hose is always useful. Mosquito fogger hose is useful tool for precision, because it lets you point the insecticide spray more directly to a particular area. It is also useful for reaching hard-to-reach places such as higher tree foliage, deeper cracks and thicker bushes. Because mosquitoes tend to like to hide exactly in these kind of places with a hose you will be able to thoroughly spray everything and make sure that you have eliminated all the mosquitoes. If your fogger doesn’t come with a hose you can also always purchase one and mount it on, so that your fogger becomes even better at killing mosquitoes.

fogger timer

Foggers that are more commercial grade and are not meant to be carried around but set in one place can be used in conjunction with a timer that allows you to fog particular area whether it is a room, garage or an outdoor space for time of your choosing. This way you can place the fogger in your designated space, turn it on, set the timer and leave to do other things while the fogger spreads the fog and does its job no matter if it is killing mosquitoes, getting rid of odor or controlling other insects. That will give you extra time to do other chores or simply relax while you still are benefiting your space and yourself.

fogging insecticide

And of course an accessory that isn’t really an accessory but more a necessity is insecticide. That is one of the main components for a fogger to work, but more about all different insecticides you can read in our insecticide review section and in InsectCop advice section.

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