Fall Mosquito Protection Tips

Most people think that mosquitoes are active only during the summer. The truth is that if the fall is warm enough, they might stick around for the majority of the autumn season. Even though a mosquito-free state is really hard to achieve, there are many things you can do to not only avoid mosquitoes but to also get rid of most of them. This will ensure that you can enjoy a mosquito-free fall.

As weird as it might seem, mosquitoes tend to be even more active in the early fall than they are in the summer. In the fall, the weather is cooler but it’s still warm. This means mosquitoes can hunt for blood day and night. Observations show that in the fall, mosquitoes might even bite humans more.

With the Zika virus and other mosquito-disease threats out there, even though summer is ending, it might be smart to keep avoiding mosquito bites and combating mosquitoes. So, if you need a little fall refresher as to how you can do that, keep on reading.

Outdoors Mosquito Control

Use mosquito control measures in your backyard for even greater assurance that you won’t get mosquito bites. We usually associate fall with colder weather and spending the majority of our time indoors. But early fall is the perfect time for backyard bonfires and barbecues since the temperatures aren’t scorching hot but aren’t uncomfortably cold either.


There are a couple of different things you can do to make sure that mosquitoes won’t bother you. First, you can use a mosquito fogger to spray your backyard with insecticide. That will keep the mosquitoes away for a long time. Just make sure that you thoroughly fog the perimeter of your backyard so that the mosquitoes stay away from your yard.

On top of that, things like dumping and turning over any objects that might collect rainwater might be a good idea. This will keep mosquitoes from breeding near your backyard. Clearing the leaves out of your rain gutters will also keep mosquitoes from breeding there so you’ll have fewer mosquitoes to repel.

Mosquito-Proof Clothing

Fall is the perfect time to really step up your mosquito-proof clothing game. Since the weather is cooler, you’ll probably be wearing more layers anyway. Layering your clothing can be a great way to distance yourself from mosquitoes. This keeps them from biting you and possibly infecting you with one of the many diseases they can carry.

Make sure that you cover yourself, leaving as little exposed skin as possible. But you also need to make sure you’re wearing fabrics that aren’t mosquito friendly. Thicker fabrics, like leather, woven nylon, and polyester, are great options.

It’s virtually impossible for mosquitoes to poke their proboscises through these fabrics and get to your skin. If your clothes are lighter colors, this will be an added bonus since mosquitoes prefer biting people wearing dark-colored clothing.

Mosquito Repellent

The next step in protecting yourself from mosquitoes during fall is to always use some type of mosquito spray. This will ensure that the mosquitoes can’t find you and so can’t bite you either. Mosquito repellents essentially work like invisibility cloaks against mosquitoes. They mask us the ways mosquitoes sense us, and if they can’t see us, they can’t bite us.

As for what type of repellent you should be using, that’s really up to you. Just make sure that if you’re using one that contains DEET, it should have around 20% DEET. If you’re using a natural spray, look for one that contains lemon eucalyptus oil.

More importantly, don’t forget to reapply your repellent every few hours. Make sure you read the label since most mosquito sprays usually don’t last longer than 1 to 2 hours. If you reapply regularly, you should be set in terms of mosquito protection.

We hope that these fall mosquito protection and control tips help you in the fight against mosquitoes so that you can enjoy the fall season without itchy mosquito bites.


Roger Middleton

I feel like every fall I run into a bad problem with either my son or daughter receiving a lot of mosquito bites. I liked that you had pointed out that mosquito control in the backyard could be important because in early fall time is spent in the backyard very often. I think I’ll look into having a professional come out and spray my backyard this year just to make sure my family and I can still enjoy our backyard this fall.

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