Does Bleach Kill Roaches: The Actual Truth About Bleach

Bleach is one of the best options to repel and kill cockroaches. Bleach solution is accessible to all and household bleach can be very effective against insect or rodent infestation.

In this article, you will learn how does bleach kill roaches, if every solution can be used to address the cockroach problem.

Does every bleach kill cockroaches equally? (Concentrate vs water mixture)

Using bleach to kill cockroaches is an efficient and cost-effective solution. Before we move on to how exactly you can handle cockroach infestation, let’s discuss what is bleach and why is it used to kill cockroaches.

What is bleach?

What is bleach?Bleach is a chemical compound that is often used to whiten or remove the color of different fibers. Bleach or in more technical terms Sodium hypochlorite is a solution made from reacting chlorine with a sodium hydroxide solution.

In daily life, bleach is used for disinfection purposes. According to Britannica, bleach works as a disinfectant because of its  microbicidal properties, and “Chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, and hydrogen peroxide are commonly used as bleaches.”

This is why bleach is often used to get rid of cockroaches. Its chemical composition makes it a very effective repellent that can fight cockroach infestation.

How does bleach kill cockroaches?

Keep in mind,  bleach does not always kill cockroaches. Roaches are resilient creatures and it takes dedication to take them down.  Bleach has a strong smell that repels a variety of bugs and insects including roaches. Therefore, if your goal is deterring roaches, bleach should be your number one solution.

Bleach can kill cockroaches only if cockroaches ingest bleach or drown in it. Remember, just a strong smell does not kill the bugs. While it is a very effective repellent, it cannot kill bugs without direct contact.

Bleach cannot be used as bait because it does not attract cockroaches. Using bleach to kill roaches requires planning and a careful approach because you want them to have direct contact with bleach solutions.

Concentrate VS Water Mixture

There are different types of bleach and not all of them are successful to kill roaches. When we are talking about types of bleach, we are discussing the potency of sodium hypochlorite in it.

Household laundry bleach contains on average 5.2% sodium hypochlorite. This concentration usually is very effective against cockroaches. It will create the smell that cockroaches hate drives them away.

Mixing bleach with water can be a good decision to repel insects and keep the overall cleanliness of your house while maintaining safety.

Concentrated bleach is the one you can use to immediately attack and kill roaches. This specific bleach contains 8.25% of sodium hypochlorite therefore, it is way more potent and more capable of killing insects including roaches.

However, using concentrated bleach is not easy. It can be very harmful, so it is better to mix bleach with water.

How does chlorine bleach kill cockroaches?

Chlorine bleach is created by mixing water with the chlorine-based compound sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine is usually used as a whitening, disinfecting, or cleaning agent in household products such as detergents, whiteners, and disinfectants. While chlorine gas is very dangerous, chlorine bleach is nowhere near as poisonous.

Chlorine bleach can kill cockroaches as a result of ingestion. Chlorine can destroy the cells in organic life. This means that if chlorine bleach is ingested in bugs, they will eventually die.

How to use bleach safely to kill cockroaches?

Killing roaches using bleach is a good method. However, bleach requires careful handling because it is highly toxic. If you have decided to solve your roach problems using bleach, then you must follow safety precautions and specific steps.

Step-by-step guide

  1. How to use bleach safely to kill cockroachesWash your hands carefully
  2. Put on plastic gloves and wash hands again to ensure high-level of disinfection
  3. Wear a face mask
  4. Wear goggles, especially if you have sensitive eyes
  5. Dilute bleach with water and spray the mix on surfaces where cockroaches may cross

With this guide, you will efficiently drive cockroaches away. However, if you want to kill them use bleach as a guide. Since its smell is very unpleasant for cockroaches you can spray the solution in a way that directs thems to roach traps. Roaches avoid the smell so you have a high chance of directing them towards your desired destination and killing them there.

Another way of killing cockroaches with bleach is to soak bread crumbs in the solution. Although, since cockroaches can smell the mix, you may not be successful in killing them.

Additionally, CDC advises never to mix bleach with other chemical disinfectants or cleaners. So, while a lot of people might recommend you to do it. It is not worth the risk. If you cannot solve the roach problem on your own, call a licensed exterminator.

Alternatives to bleach – get rid of roaches for good!

There are a lot of alternatives to bleach when it comes to killing cockroaches. Some of them are homemade or natural remedies, while others are chemical solutions that you can purchase.

Some of the most efficient alternatives include:

Boric Acid

get rid of roaches for goodBoric Acid is deadly for roaches. You can sprinkle the solution around the places where you have spotted roaches. If you can drizzle the mix directly on cockroaches, even better. Boric acid tends to stick to the insects a result of which the insects die very quickly. With boric acid, you may have your own DIY pest control project.

You can pour the mix into a spray bottle and sprinkle it in the spots where you have noticed a few roaches.

To ensure its efficiency spray the mix down the shower drain, pipes and cracks you find over the house.

Bleach: other alternatives

These commercial chemical solutions are very good alternatives to bleach:

Homemade solution ideas

A lot of pest control products are made with essential oils because their smell is unpleasant for roaches. To get rid of cockroaches, you can create your own solutions using different things that irritate cockroaches.

You can use the following things to take care of your own pest control:

  • Peppermint
  • Basil
  • Pine-sol
  • Thyme

You can mash the plants and mix them with water which can be sprayed on different surfaces. You will not wreak havoc on roaches with this method however, you will manage to scare away one or two roaches.

Can bleach cause any harm to humans, pets, or the environment?

Bleach can be quite harmful to humans as well as pets. Chemical fumes of bleach can form particles that may be harmful when inhaled by pets or humans.

Chlorine gas is highly irritating for the skin and eyes. If you accidentally drink bleach it may cause the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach irritation
  • Throat irritation

You must be especially careful if you are suffering from asthma because chlorine will have even bigger negative effects on your respiratory system.

Bleach effect on pets

If your pet licks bleach with high concentration, it may cause burning. Regular bleach does not have that severe outcome although it is very harmful as well. In pets being exposed to bleach may result in vomiting. Bleach poisoning in dogs can happen through inhalation as well as ingestion.

Bleach effect on the environment

Very often bleach ends up in the soil, water, and air. Whenever we use bleach we expose the environment to its compounds. Bleach releases compounds that react with organic matter in the air, water as well as soil. All these compounds have a harmful impact on wildlife. Through chlorine exposure, the whole food chain in nature is influenced by bleach.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to use bleach only when strictly necessary and generally move on to products that are safer.

Frequently asked questions

Does bleach kill cockroach eggs?

Yes, bleach can kill roach eggs, however overall it may not be very effective because it is extremely hard to find cockroach eggs. If you do find cockroach nests and eggs, use a bleach solution to kill them.

Will bleach keep the cockroaches away permanently?

Bleach can repel roaches quite effectively. While it may not be the best option to kill the cockroaches, it is very good repellent. You will need to use the solution regularly to keep these filthy insects away for good.

Keep in mind that you should not use bleach very often, it is not an everyday solution. Even household bleach can cause irritation, especially for people with respiratory problems.

Does bleach kill roaches on contact?

Bleach will end roach infestation if the solution ends up in the roach’s system as a result of ingestion. This means that cockroaches have to drink the bleach or drown in it.

Does bleach keep other bugs away?

Bleach is very effective for solving your pest problems. It not only deals with roaches but keeps other bugs away. Using bleach you can repel the following bugs:

  • Does bleach keep other bugs awayBed bugs
  • Mosquitos
  • Drain flies

Additionally, bleach can also kill and repel ants.

Conclusion – Is it worth killing cockroaches with bleach or should you use other alternatives?

Bleach when used correctly can kill cockroaches although it works way better as a repellent. Overall, bleach can be toxic for humans, pets as well as the whole environment. Hence, it would be better if you considered alternative products and solutions to handle your bugs and other cockroaches. If you are exposed to massive roach infestation, it would be best to contact pest control services and get the issue handled properly.

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