Does Bleach Kill Maggots Instantly? Find Out Now!

Are you freaking seeing the maggots in your home because of garbage or dirt? You may be wondering how you can get rid of many pesky maggots on Earth! 

You must have been using bleach for the longest time to do dishes and use it in toilets. With all of us being aware of the cleaning effects of bleach, it’s high time that now we should start using bleach to kill maggots and prevent maggot infestations.

We’ve got all the information you need so you can ensure a maggot-free environment.

How long does it take for bleach solution to kill maggots?

Bleach spray kills maggots in thirty minutes. You need to mix equal parts of bleach and boiling hot water to make a solution to get rid of the maggots. 

If the maggots are in garbage cans, you may cover the bin after pouring in the solution, making it easier to kill the maggots and prevent future infestations.

How to get rid of maggots with bleach? (Step-by-step guide)

Step One: Get your equipment ready

To indulge in some maggot control, you’ll need the right equipment. You will need a metal bowl, water, bleach, and willpower.

Step Two: Prepare Your Bleach Solution

Mix equal parts of water and bleach in your metal bowl, and mix it with a metal spoon. Ensure the water is hot (or warm) and that you do not touch the bleach with your bare hands. Wait until this effective maggot killer solution sits and be ready to eliminate your maggot problems.

How to get rid of maggots with bleachPlease be careful while pouring the bleach and while mixing the solution. Bleach is a strong chemical and can burn you if you are not careful.

Step Three: Pour Away

Pour the bleach solution onto or into the container where the maggots are present. If it is a trash bin, pour the solution all over the bin’s opening. 

Make sure that your solution has covered the contents of the bin. If unsatisfied, repeat the first two steps, make more of your bleach solution, and pour more into the maggot infested area.

Step Four: Cover the Bin

Cover the BinAfter you’ve poured the solution, you may cover the bin so the solution can work its magic and let maggots die. You will have to wait thirty minutes or so for the process to be effective.

Step Five: Empty the Bin

You may empty the bin into a plastic trash bag and tie a knot. Now your bin is empty and ready for a clean-up.

Step Six: Clean the Bin

You may add more bleach to give the bin a good wash so that it is not rife with dead maggots once it fills up again.

Alternatives to bleach for pest control


This is an all-rounder household product that is a cure for several things. Apart from using it in condiments and cooking, you can use it as an alternative to bleach. In addition, you can use vinegar for pest control by mixing equal parts of vinegar in hot water. 

Allow this mixture to sit well for a few minutes, and then apply it over your fields to get rid of and prevent maggots. The acidic smell of vinegar removes maggot infestations. In addition, using vinegar repels flies and prevents the pests from reproducing.

You can use this method regularly to eliminate all the maggots and other pests from the garbage bin. Vinegar also kills pests in the larval stage and gets rid of maggots and all bacterial activity from trash cans.  


Ammonia is also an effective way to kill and control pests. You need to pour one cup of ammonia over the surface of the bins or patio where you feel there is a heavy infestation of pests. After a few minutes, you can clean the entire surface and get rid of pests completely. 


Alternatives to bleach for pest control SaltSalt is the common product available in our household because it is used in cooking. However, salt is also an effective way to kill pests. It is an effective and potent way to kill maggots.

  • You can mix salt with lime, making it a perfect natural solution for killing maggots. 
  • You can mix equal parts of salt with calcium hydroxide. Next, sprinkle this mixture over the maggots. You will get rid of pests. 

Use an Insecticide

  • Insect repellant or insecticide like pyrethrum helps in killing flies. You can also use dish soap which can serve as an insect repellant. It comes with borax which serves as an active ingredient, helps in killing eggs. 
  • You can also use dog shampoo, which contains permethrin that kills scabies and lice. It is effective against maggots also. You can dilute this shampoo with four water parts and one part shampoo.
  • Bug sprays also kill maggots instantly. 
  • Apart from the chemical insecticides, you can also use fly traps, which help get rid of stubborn creatures.
  • You can completely eradicate the pests using electric insert killers. Electric traps also use UV light to attract pests.
  • You can also use glue traps for trapping all pests before they can even lay eggs.  

Carburetor Cleaner

Carburetor cleaner comes with chemicals that are powerful for killing maggots. It is toxic and powerful to kill maggots. Mix a cup of carburetor cleaner with 2 water gallons, making it an effective choice for getting rid of maggots. 

You can use less of this cleaning agent for a trash can. Apply carburetor cleaner over the trash leading to fumes, which helps kill maggots. 

All-Purpose Cleaners

Household cleaners serve as an effective way of killing in the form of insecticides. You can mix four water parts with one cleaning solution part. Next, pour this solution over maggots.

You can also use toilet cleaners to kill pests. 

Other maggot killers

You can also use antiperspirants or hairsprays, making it an effective choice to kill maggots. 

You can also use boiling water to kill the pests – it is an effective method to eliminate all pests. You can mix boiling water with vinegar to get rid of stubborn pests.

Aerosol sprays also feature a solution having a pyrethrum.

How to prevent maggot infestation? 

  • Clean the trash bins thoroughly and regularly. Seal it with a lid so pests cannot find their way. 
  • If you have any trash bags in your home, make sure they are tied up 
  • If you have any pet food in your home, wash the food dish regularly. The dish should also be covered when it is not in use. Maggots can begin to breed in your pet’s food if the dish isn’t cleaned regularly and if the food is not replaced after some time. 


Are maggots dangerous?

Maggots are life-threatening if they feed off the tissues of living organisms, be it humans or animals. 

Where do maggots come from?

Maggots come from the larva of houseflies. They are usually cream or white.

Conclusion – Is bleach a good solution for maggot infestation? 

Bleach is a good solution for a maggot infestation because it helps quickly get rid of the maggots. It gets rid of the pests and helps clean the container where the pests were present. The bleach solution can be used to clean the container after the dead pests are discarded.

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